Where to go in Dubai during Ramadan .. wonderful destinations not to be missed

The blessed month of Ramadan is marked by giving, benevolence, blessing, harmony, solidarity and communication as families, friends and loved ones gather at one table while Dubai abounds in its diverse destinations that dress in a Ramadan suit and during the holy month many events and activities inspired by the atmosphere of the holy month, as well as reflecting the authentic customs and traditions of the people UAE.

During Ramadan, visitors to Dubai can experience a unique experience that differs from other months, as the city is adorned with lights and decorations that reflect the Ramadan atmosphere, as well as enjoying many experiences, whether in tourist attractions, shopping malls, restaurants, Ramadan tents, breakfast tables and suhoor, reflecting the hospitality and diversity of international cuisine to suit different tastes, especially as Dubai houses more than 200 nationalities on its territory, in addition to the humanitarian initiatives launched this holy month.

To spend special times during Ramadan, the Department of Economics and Tourism in Dubai offers a list of a number of destinations and special activities in which it is enjoyable to meet with family and friends.

panoramic view

The Museum of the Future, characterized by its stunning architectural design, has finally opened its doors to all to begin a new chapter of exploration, knowledge and innovation. The museum’s focus is on various topics, including ecology, bio-engineering, outer space and transportation, with exhibits offering a comprehensive look at the future. The Museum of the Future is a unique cultural building, a center for future innovations and an indispensable destination.

The Mirfa Market in Deira Islands is Nakheel’s newest waterfront market, with 400 stores. The unique market caters to all consumers’ needs from rugs and spices to clothing and electronic devices in shops and kiosks run by local and international companies.

“Sky Views Dubai” at “The Address Sky View” is the latest entertainment destination in Dubai, which elevates the attractions to new levels. Adventure and excitement enthusiasts can experience the glass sledge and the edge walk on the 52nd and 53rd floors between the two towers of the Address Sky View Hotel, as well as the opportunity to test their courage and try the Sky Slide, which takes them from one Moves. floor to another at high speed and at an altitude of more than 219.2 meters above the ground.

Deep Dive Dubai is the deepest swimming pool in the world, offering scuba diving experiences, scuba diving and training courses for all levels under the supervision of a team of professionals that includes an elite of international divers. The destination invites divers of all levels to explore the underwater city, which includes deserted streets, an apartment, parking lot, classic video game consoles and many surprises.

The 52-storey View View at the Palm offers stunning panoramic views of the Palm Jumeirah and the landmarks of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf with its 240 meters tower height. Visitors can access the site directly from Nakheel Mall.

Global Village has announced the extension of its current season to May 7, giving visitors the opportunity to explore 26 pavilions and 3,500 platforms from various countries such as: India, Egypt, China and Spain. Guests can buy traditional crafts, enjoy a daily range of live entertainment, indulge in delicious dishes from more than 200 food destinations, or have an entertaining experience in wonderful games in the large amusement parks.

While Ski Dubai, the first indoor snow slope of its kind in the region, guarantees the highest levels of entertainment for all, as visitors can hone their snowboarding skills through five tracks of varying difficulty, as well as enjoy a wide range of amazing activities, skiing and sledding , the destination offers zip line experiences and the chance to meet penguins.

Between mountains and more

Situated in the Hajar Mountains, just a 90-minute drive from Dubai city center, Hatta offers the perfect getaway for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hatta is characterized by its unique natural beauty, making it a favorite choice for short vacations and a destination for photography and adventure lovers. Visitors can explore the biking trails, hike or try the lively zip line, or even connect with nature and kayak on Lake Hattadam.

You can also visit Al Qudra lakes and spend the most beautiful picnics in a distinctive natural atmosphere. Just a 30-minute drive from Dubai, this popular desert oasis is home to desert foxes and oryxes, and is home to more than 170 species of birds, including swans, geese, ducks, badia eagles and Asian herons.

For sports lovers

As for sports enthusiasts, they can visit Dubai Sports World at the Dubai World Trade Center, and experience a variety of sports activities suitable for all ages, indoors and air-conditioned courts, including football, basketball, cricket, badminton, and others.

And if you want to spend an evening full of fun, entertainment and sporting activities, you must visit the Top Golf Destination at the renowned Emirates Golf Club, and go through the most amazing golfing experiences while enjoying breathtaking views of the landmarks of Dubai. destination allows guests of all ages and skills to book private air-conditioned cabins.They have high-tech golf balls, which enable them to improve their skills while enjoying the most delicious snacks.

While the intensive fitness program “Bounce Fit” focuses on jumping exercises that protect the joints of the body from excessive pressure, which lasts for 60 minutes, which ensures the strengthening of all the muscles of the body and an increase in heart rate in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and fun.

Barry’s fitness center is growing in popularity in Dubai and focuses on high-intensity interval exercises that combine fitness and weight loss exercises. Group training sessions are organized under the supervision of specialized coaches, helping to burn up to 1,000 calories in just 60 minutes.

You can also visit the F45 Training Club, which is a global fitness community dedicated to innovative and high-intensity group workouts to achieve the desired results in a lively and fun atmosphere. The duration of the exercises is 45 minutes, and includes a mixture of high-intensity repetitive exercises and exercises that target different muscles, to ensure an increase in energy and vitality of the body.

Various activities

Join the “Super Sports Night Run” series of races on the 26th of this month, to learn more about the amazing night scenes in Dubai and its scenic landmarks from the famous Meydan Bridge. The event allows you to take part in races of three, five or 10 km, and gives you the opportunity to compete with your friends and other running enthusiasts before enjoying a delicious meal after the end of the race.

You can visit the Frost Market, hosted by the Dubai Police Academy Park, on weekends until 29 May. In its latest version, the market allows you to explore the numerous craft stalls and buy fresh organic produce, in addition to trying a variety of delicacies offered by the foodies during the Ripe Night Market.

Visitors can head to the Mall of the Emirates Theater next Saturday to attend the “Crazy Kitchen” show, presented by the two famous figures in the Emirates in the field of children’s entertainment, Magic Ville and Emma Quentin. The show ensures that children from four to eight years old spend a lot of fun and entertaining times with the Magic Elephant Comedy segments, which include the most beautiful songs and interactive activities.

■ The Museum of the Future forms a unique cultural building, a center for future innovations and a distinctive cultural landmark in the heart of the city.

• “Sky Views Dubai” at “The Address Sky View” is the latest entertainment destination that elevates the attractions to new levels.

• “The Ripe Market” will be hosted by Dubai Police Academy Park on weekends through May 29.

«Hatta» is characterized by its unique scenery, which makes it a favorite choice for short vacations and for lovers of adventure and photography.

• 3,500 East and West platforms are provided by Global Village to its visitors as the current season continues until the seventh of next May.

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