A director, a screenwriter and a retired artist clash with some scenes from the series “Blood El Soul”

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An artistic producer, and a retired artist, launched a sharp attack on some scenes of the series “Btolo al-Rouh”, which is shown daily, starting in the second half of the blessed month of Ramadan.

After the huge success of the series “Btolo Al-Ruh”, which started in the second half of Ramadan, the series is faced with many attacks and accusations, of which the series’ family is eager to take on some respond.

From the beginning of his presentation, the series “Bloo` Al-Rouh” has been accused of a serious charge of artistic theft from previous works, after art critic Magda Khairallah revealed through her version on the “Facebook” website that there is an agreement between this series and another foreigner named “Not without my daughter”, whose events around an American girl meet an Iranian classmate, and after their graduation he proposes a marriage with her , and some warn her against his ideas conflicting with hers, but she does not heed advice for his scientific superiority.

Attack on Soul Rising Scenes:

What is new in the attack on the series “Bloo ‘Al-Rouh” is that the producer and director Ahmed Abdel Basset launched sharp criticism of the series “Baloo’ Al-Rouh” due to the scene of applying the limit of flogging that presented by artist Ilham Shaheen in the fifth episode.

The fifth episode witnessed the artist’s first appearance, Ilham Shaheen, in the series “Baloo ‘Al-Rouh”, and she embodies the role of “Umm Jihad”, the commander of the Khansa Brigade, and the wife of ” Nassar Al “-Masry”, the Emir of the Army of Raqqa, and she came to implement God’s law and whipped a woman who violated Sharia in her opinion.

Where Abdul Basit, through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, published a publication in which he provided information on the conditions for the application of the punishment of flogging in general and on women, especially in Islamic Sharia, which the terrorist organization ISIS claims to apply, which happened at the scene.

In his publication, which came across a sharp contrast of opinions, artistic producer and director Ahmed Abdel Baset said: “They (Ilham Shaheen) and the donkey who wrote the story informed that the limit of sjor for women in the sitting position is. and the arm is stretched straight so as not to be exposed. the public flogging. He will be seriously killed, because the intention is to discipline him, not to kill, and the one who strikes does not raise his hand above his head so that the white of his armpits appears. ”

And the producer and director continued in his publication, “And he protects the deadly places of the body, and separates the lashes on his body, and this is determined by the honorable imams. And they said the donkey to the appropriate choose character for the role so that it would be convincing to the donkey who follows their work and believes it, because the donkey will never be persuaded by an actress who specializes in bedrooms to play Islamic role.

And know that the filming of this scene is not a service to the dramatic context, but rather a scene of objection to one of the limits of God. ”

The producer and director concluded his publication with “This scene deliberately showed alienation from God’s law and His pronouncements in the boundaries by alienating people from God’s boundaries. God spoke the truth when he described such things by saying: ) [النور: 19]”.

Abeer Al-Sharqawi attacks scenes in “Bloo ‘Al Soul”:

In turn, Egyptian artist Al-Natzla, Abeer Al-Sharqawi, also launched an attack on some scenes from the series “Bloo Al-Ruh”, also through her account, on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Where Mu’tazila artist Abeer Al-Sharqawi wrote a post in which he attacked the creators of the series, saying: “The family of the Hubal series with the rise of the soul. The consumption is stupid. “It’s not fair. We’re telling people about ISIS’s awareness that they’re betrayed, bribed and drank alcohol. People consider themselves mujahideen for God’s sake, and are ready to die at any moment.”

And she added, “We know they are wrong, ah, but they do not know that they consider themselves the true Muslim, and any one on their side is a flawed Muslim, so it is not reasonable for us to for “tell them not to drink. wine, what foolishness? It remains reasonable for the hero who considers himself a mujahid, who undergoes a raid another day, and he may be killed while he knows it.” He’s going to fetch wine and drink with him and his wife. Have mercy on us, Hubal. Lose money, God. “

Amour Mahmoud Yassin defends the rise of the soul:

While Egyptian screenwriter Amr Mahmoud Yassin defended the series “Baloo ‘Al-Rouh” and responded to the retired artist, Abeer Al-Sharqawi, through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, in response to Abeer Al- Sharqawi.

In his reply, Amr Mahmoud Yassin said: “Allow me to disagree with you on the idea that wine is forbidden in Islam, so it is impossible for ISIS to drink alcohol? Ok, and burning prisoners is not forbidden in Islam The big crime: murder, arson, or drinking alcohol?

He continued, “Can you tell me here, no, what is their wrong and false understanding of religion? Well, why did you exclude their misunderstanding of the issue of wine drinking? Can they not think that wine is what was taken from only grapes and dates, and what else is not wine? Wrong? It is not possible.In ISIS they benefit financially? Is not it permissible that they are hypocritical? It is not permissible for them to be deceived, and in the case of the series, it is not permissible for anyone to drink it. ”

Amr Mahmoud Yassin concluded: “If it will gradually restore his wife to him? Are they prophets, for example, because they do not make mistakes? These are criminals who are stubborn. How can I imagine that it is impossible to weaken? in the face of his instincts, and he originally surrendered himself to Satan with his actions? These people kill innocent women, children and the elderly. He is excluded from drinking wine. The biggest problem this series has faced, is that some people treat ISIS as representative of Muslims! It is a disaster in itself. “

Abeer Al-Sharqawi responds to Amr Mahmoud Yassin:

Then the retired artist, Abeer Al-Sharqawi, responded with a message on Mahmoud Yassin’s opinion, about her opinion she first wrote about the series and the scenes of alcohol, in the context of the mutual conversation between them about the logic of the events of the series “Baloo ‘Al-Ruh”, which is shown during the current month of Ramadan.

In her reply to Amr Mahmoud Yassin, Abeer Al-Shaqawi said: “My reply to Amr Mahmoud Yassin. First, Amr, I know the first. They burned the prisoners. Well, they have logic … They said the pilot will throw Napalm burning at ISIS so that he would burn them. They analyzed this act themselves. “

And Abeer Al-Sharqawi added, justifying the actions of those who belong to ISIS: “Secondly, when they are killed, and you certainly understand that well, they are killed in the name of religion, which means that they understand that they are right, and therefore their name is not killed for them, but his name is Jihad for God’s sake. “

She concluded her response to Amr Mahmoud Yassin: “You and I know that they are in clear error and that they are on falsehood, but they think they are the only ones on the straight path. Whoever understands himself on this path is not possibly not while he is going to kill to drink alcohol which is not possible. ”

Soul Rising Series:

The series “Bloo Al-Rouh” with Menna Shalaby, Ilham Shaheen, Ahmed Al-Saadani, Mohamed Hatem, Diamond Bou Abboud, Adel Karam and a group of art stars in the lead roles.

The series reveals how far the terrorist groups are from the true teachings of the Islamic religion, and reveals what ISIS was doing, in which Ilham Shaheen plays a leading role in the terrorist organization ISIS, and is based on recruiting girls to join the organization. to close.

The Soul Series entered the Ramadan Marathon, starting Saturday, April 16, which coincides with the 15th of the blessed Ramadan, as the first episodes of the Soul Series were shown, to enter the competition within 36 series, which is the total number of all. Egyptian Ramadan 2022 series, which is shown on Egyptian and Arab satellite channels, and platforms Electronic broadcasts such as Shahid Watch It networks and others, but it consists of only 15 episodes. The series addresses the issue of terrorism and revolves around an electronic engineer who is forced by circumstances to be among the members of a terrorist organization.

The series “Baloo ‘Al-Rouh” will continue to air daily on the “MBC Egypt” screen at 9:00 pm, and will be repeated on “MBC Egypt 2” at 11:00 pm, until the end of the current month of Ramadan.

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