A new partnership between Trump and the Saudis on golf courses

The Daily Telegraph reported that Donald Trump’s Doral Stadium in Miami will host the Saudi Finals League, whose prize money is estimated at fifty million dollars, which certainly leaves any chance left for the Open Championship to return. to Turnberry will end. it is owned by the former US president. .

And the newspaper, in its report compiled by its boxing correspondent James Corrigan, revealed that an official announcement will be made next week, while “Live Golf” – the entity run by Greg Norman who runs the kingdom ‘s attempt to lead follows. the male game – completes the preparation of details for his course The Eight, which costs $ 225 million, starts seven weeks later in London.

The tournament was expected to take place October 28-31 in Saudi Arabia itself, but the choice fell on Trump National Doral with the blessing of the seventy-five-year-old owner, who may have been impressed by Leif’s decision to raise $ 3. to spend. billion within three years if that is what is needed to secure a foothold in these elite circles.

The third Live League will also take place at the end of October at Trump Stadium in Bedminster, although it will strengthen the relationship and cause controversy.

Seeing the Saudi sheiks while Trump is handing out lavish cash prizes will surely be enough to make golf stacks sweat, and it will surely be taken into account by R&A.

That would be bad news for Turnberry – the traditionally open match between Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus – and bad news for Britain’s top league, a well-informed source claimed, at the beloved Ayrshire.

They said: “It’s not going to happen in Trump’s life, not if he’s going to give the Saudis his platform. It’s because R&A is on the side of traditional tours.”

Trump would welcome his first men’s major league in Bedminster next month, but after sweeping Capitol Hill 15 months ago, the United States Professional Golfers Association decided to move the game to Tulsa. By removing Doral from the World Golf Championships, Trump is effectively eliminated, but Liv gives him the kiss of life in the golf world.

Insiders call the relationship “the ashes of the eagle”, in light of recent reports in the United States revealing that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has granted Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, $ 2 billion to invest in the private equity company he founded with capital of $ 2.5 billion.

As this latest revelation finds its way into newspaper headlines, television programs and possibly the Senate itself, it may not be the best time to announce a deepening of cooperation between the two parties.

On Monday, the next Marda site will be on the horizon, when PGA members who want to come to London must apply for permits. The 54-hole competition boasts $ 25 million in prize money, making it the most generous competition ever organized.

The Liv series will take root in America for four competitions from July to September, before a visit to Bangkok and then to Jeddah, before reaching the grand finale at the $ 50 million Trump National Doral.

This means that five of the eight LEAF events will take place in the United States, reflecting where Saudi Arabia’s priorities are and which, of course, pose a direct challenge to the PGA Championship.

Al-Douri’s relocation to the United States is causing a state of resentment given Trump’s relationship with it and the failure of the previous presidency to not only make trouble with the Saudis after the assassination of US-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but also to increase U.S. arms sales to the country.

One source claimed that PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan was assured of strong political support when needed, but that it would likely end up in the courts rather than the Oval Office.

Much has been said, and much will be said, about the relatively poor performance of the Centurion race and the identities of the 48 men who will take part in the first competition.

So far, only six members of the Dubai-based tournament and one PGA member – Robert Garrig, number 1043 in the world – have officially applied, but others will follow. As long as the numbers, and above all the names, are not good, you can expect Monahan to keep his powder dry and give permission, and he will do the same at the headquarters in Wentworth despite the opportunity taking place on their front porch. .

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