Can not satisfy the Greg Norman LIV golf team bosses in Saudi Arabia

This is performance review season in corporate America, as employees congratulate good works or take shortcomings into account. If Greg Norman is prone to self-reflection (stay with me), he may be relieved that his Saudi-backed uniform does not meet such traditional standards in terms of performance, commercial viability, return on investment, or ethics.

Norman was announced as CEO of LIV Golf in October and has reviewed every public statement he has made since then, confirming a reputation that includes not only his inability to complete major tournaments, but also his inability to start them. It’s been going on since Saudi Arabia’s golf ambitions became the center of attention and all you will find is a return.

Those 12-18 events they published? Does not happen.

League format? Himself.

Elite team concept? no.

The best golfers in the world? Let’s hear it by Robert Garrigues.

A cool new product for the masses? see above.

Very: The first player on the PGA Tour requests permission to play in the Saudi tournament

What remains are eight lucrative tournaments with veterans no longer able to compete where it counts, professionals whose students may find it difficult to identify in the series, and amateurs whose group is portrayed as an appreciation for “game development” rather than an act of desperation. (Next stop: PGA Tour Champions!) In short, Norman serves a sticky dish full of nonsense and claims to be Buffy Bourguignon.

The only entertainment promised in this project is the late release of the great white pilot, whose tenure began with an interview in which he admired watching women eat in Saudi restaurants without borax. He later referred to the murder Washington Post Journalist Jamal Hachouchi. He said: “What happened to Hhogi was reprehensible. There is no man on this planet who does not agree with me, ”he may have forgotten that the guardian who ordered Hashoji’s separation with a jigsaw – the same one Norman pays for – may not agree with him. The fact that he followed this statement in “But …” is a very bad idea without mentioning the dilemmas in the heart of the hen he suggested.

Norman also showed the familiar touch with the Augusta National that defined his playing career there. “We respect the gentlemen and thought we would give it up before our announcements,” he said last week.

“… we thought we would give him up …”

Oh, to be Fred Ridley’s attentive servant when he read it in his morning coffee.

Norman’s latest appearance is a claim he could make with Swann at the 150th Open in St Andrews in July, not as a celebrity, but as a competitor. There’s a better chance our old Tom Morris will spoil it for once.

R&A throws champions from the past in the Open game up to age 60. Norman, 67, has not competed in the Major for 13 years, or any serious tournament in a decade. According to reports, he admitted that he is not going to participate in the playoffs, but will ask for a special invitation, which at least corresponds to his current belief that the “elite” fields are full of ancient bish-bish. R & A’s response carried the faint odor of an angry speaker as he had to take a weekend getaway to dispel the narcissistic delusion of a social media series flash: “Requirements for access to open status must be age 60 or younger . ” The last ten years to be excluded from fitness. It remains the way to open 150 and we have no plans for more exceptions. “

Norman’s disregard for established rules and morals may please employers, but even the Saudis must now be tired of the unpublished water tanker’s thirst, its unbalanced public comment, its peripheral vision and its unpopularity in the country. The locker room and her incredible ability to grab a defeat when a victory not only seems possible, but makes sense. Norman’s mood was often an onslaught in the last section of the big guys, but his superiors knew it was a band even before they could lift the ball in the air.

Tension is the basis of Norman Andrews’ imagination. Golf’s governing bodies are drawing lines against Saudi efforts to “sport wash” – and behind the PGA and DP world tours – in a subtle but unmistakable way. R&A previously awarded a place in the Open Championship to the Asian Tour silver medalist, but held out when the Saudis recently took over the track. The Augusta National invites all the former grand champions to the Masters as a concession, but somehow they lost the Norman title in 2022. Players made court by the Saudis will notice this shivering spirit, and only those who know they can not face major tournaments. be taken into account. get rid of.

Despite all the hype and promises of wealth, the Saudis must finally understand that their business is run by a man who is more inflated in the air than the Hindenburg, and he seems destined for the same fate, even even though he is subconsciously trying to impress the seductive. passengers on board. Those who have large breasts of their life in their garden are naturally immune to embarrassment. The people who entrusted his business with a billion dollars, not so much.

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