Ezzat Al-Alayli is accused of killing Gamal Abdel Nasser. Therefore, his film with Nahid Al-Sharif was banned and Umm Kulthum supported him.

In the Bab El Shaariya neighborhood of Cairo on September 15, 1934, Ezzat Hassan Al-Alayli, who became famous after entering the field of acting as Ezzat Al-Alayli, was born from a father who worked as an accountant while his mother a housewife and he had five female sisters, “Ismat, Effat, Inayat, Najwat and Fatima.” In his childhood, he built a theater inside the apartment, and after his parents left, he allowed the neighbors to watch his performances and monologues for a “penny.” He expressed his zeal for art, theater and theater and followed the works of Youssef Wehbe and Najib Al-Rihani.

He was jailed for 3 months after attempted assassination of Gamal Abdel Nasser

In 1950, Izzat al-Alayli read an advertisement in front of a lawyer’s office in the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood, in which he voluntarily asked those who wanted to join the fedayeen in Ismailia to register their names to participate, so he decided to take part and went to Ismailia and contributed to the transfer of weapons to the fedayeen there. After an attempt to assassinate Gamal Abdel Nasser in the Mansheya area of ​​Alexandria in 1954, he was arrested and jailed for 3 months after it became clear that the lawyer who registered with him belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood had before he was later released. He considered the prison period important in his life, as he became acquainted with great thinkers and intellectuals, and then focused on his studies until graduating in 1960 from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. He started his life from Masebro and worked as a program developer to be able to take care of his sisters after the death of his father. The first program he participated in was “Journey.” Today ”during which he toured through various governors in Egypt.

The first opportunity to perform with Farid Al-Atrash and the beginning of his debut

Acting dream shadowHe leads and promotes Al-Alayli until he has the opportunity to appear in a few scenes in the movie “Message from an Unknown Woman”, presented by Farid Al-Atrash and Lubna Abdel Aziz, which drew attention to him . A year later, he participated in the film “Cairo”, an Egyptian-British co-production, after which he directed “The Spy”, “The Unknown Man”, “Sayed Al-Balti”, “Banat Camp”, “Qandil “offered. Umm Hashem “,” 3 Faces of Love “and the series” Eda “I will not die”.

The era of stars and the movie “The Land” with Youssef Chahine

In 1970 was the breakthrough to stardom and exclusivity, after appearing in the character of “Abdul Hadi” in the movie “The Land” in front of Mahmoud El-Meligy and Yahya Shaheen, and the film is considered a sign of Egyptian film . directed by Youssef Chahine. At that time, Ezzat Al-Alayli also played many leading roles, whether at the level of theater, theater and even television. Participated in the movie “Shelt Al-Anas”, “Afraid of Something”, “Shame, Lulu Eib”, “I Will Write Your Name on the Sand”, “Dawn Visitor”, “People and the Nile”, the play “Our Children in London”, the movie “Innocents” and the Algerian film “Al-Sayed Faber’s Mill”, “Don’t Los Me Alone”, “Who Should We Shoot”, “Al-Saqqa Matt”, “Shalat Al – Ans ”,“ Oh, time ”and“ The thief and the dogs ”series.
And he was at that point competing with Mahmoud Yassin to work with the stars, so he starred in “The Choice” with Soad Hosni, and “The Two-Faced” before Shadia, and he starred with Faten Hamama in the movie “No Consolation for Women.”

Bold movie banned

Despite most of his romantic and discreet personal roles, during his career he presented a film that was known for its daring title “Wolves that Don’t Eat Meat”, which was filmed in 1973, but it was forbidden to to show.

The eighties and continued stardom and the pinnacle of success

In the 1980s, Al-Alayli continued to sleep and remained the common denominator of many successful works, including “The Mighty”, “The Dirty Game”, “People of the Summit,” “Restricted Against Unknown,” “Al-Qadisiyah , “” Al-Majhoul, “” Man and Jinn, “and” The Tiran. ” “Al-Bandira”, “Daqqa Zar”, “The berries and the prophet”, “The last endeavor”, “The heirs”, “Do not destroy me with you”, “The cage of the harem”, “The virgin and three men “,” The cage of the harem “and” Patience in the salt waters, the pit of betrayal and the forest of men.
Among the series, “The Remaining of Time is an Hour”, “The Last Meeting”, “He Qal Al-Bahr”, “Bawabat Al-Metwally”, the radio series “Shatha Al-Andalus” and the series “Imam Al” -Tabari “.
In the 1990s, he continued to participate in works including the movie “An Explosion”, “Love Also Dies”, “Communication to Public Opinion”, “Execution of a Judge” and “Honey Night”, and appeared in his character, which he presented in the movie “The Egyptian Citizen”, with which he starred with Omar Sharif, and also participated in “The Innocent and the Executioner”, “Desouki Effendi in the Resort”, “The Road to Eilat “,” Kib al-Madina “, the series” Winds of Fear “,” Days of Wrath “,” Something in My Chest “,” The New Street “and” Dreams Deferred “and the play” Farewell, Beaks “.

The search for rest and a little business at the beginning of the third millennium

With the onset of the third millennium and the emergence of a new wave of film and drama, Al-Alayli’s villager participated in several works and enjoyed the greatest degree of comfort. Doctor “,” Meeting the Clouds “,” Shame, Doctor “,” Amanat Ya Layl “,” Autumn Beach “,” Al-Hassan Al-Basri “and” Mansourieh “.
In 2010 he participated in the series “The Community”, which achieved great success, and then in 2017 he presented the series “The Lovers Palace”, and in 2018 he participated in the film “Diamond Dust” and the series . “Family record” in 2019.

Filmmakers Youssef Chahine and Umm Kulthum supported him

After the movie “The Land”, Ezzat Al-Alayli also starred in many films by the late director Youssef Chahine, including the movie “The Choice” with Soad Hosni and the movie “Alexandria Les”, and he said about Shaheen that he ‘ a great madman with the spirit of a child and he is one of the important poets in the movie theater, and with his poetics managed to draw a picture The Egyptian and Arab man with all his pros and cons.
He revealed that Kawkab Al Sharq Umm Kulthum was supporting him when he was exposed to a state of great sadness, due to the attack on him after he showed one of his films, and she told him: “You think we Lord who put talent in you “will leave you”, to change the sadness immediately and decide to complete his artistic career.

The death of his wife disrupted the series “The Lovers Palace” and he was sad at home over the death of his cousin

Suddenly, in 2017, his sister’s son died, and it was at that time in a symposium when he heard of the news and had to leave her. His wife, Mrs Sanaa Al Hadidi, has died after a battle with illness, and she is the mother of his son, the doctor, “Mahmoud Al-Alayli”, who also starred in plays and media works, and starred in the lead role has. from the series “Tales of We Live It” and in the story “Girl of the Night” before Laila Elwi. His son was arrested on a charge of poor checks, but was released after reconciling with the person who filed a lawsuit against him.

A film about his autobiography and various honors

During his artistic career, Ezzat Al-Alayli won many honors, and in his honor of the National Theater, a film about his autobiography was produced by the National Center for Theater, Music and Folk Art. He received a Medal of Honor from the ART Festival and honors from the Oran Arab Film Festival, and was also honored by the Arab Film Oscar Festival and the Dubai Film Festival Award.

I’m sorry I had an interview with Mubarak

Ezzat Al-Alayel announced his regret that he had met former president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, under a delegation of artists, and said that after the January 25 revolution in 2011, he discovered that this meeting should beautify Mubarak’s image, and not , as he does not think, for the sake of reform and interest in art.

his death

The artistic community in Egypt was devastated by the death of Ezzat Al-Alayli on February 5, 2021, at the age of 86.
And the sad news was announced by his son, Mahmoud Al-Alayli, who wrote on his own account on the social networking site: “My father, the artist Izzat Al-Alayli, passed away this morning. The funeral prayer will be held after the afternoon prayer at Al-Marwa Mosque, next to Dreamland Hospital. “

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