How to design a luxury bedroom similar to a hotel suite

A good choice of materials, materials and colors is the starting point for designing a bedroom similar to a luxury hotel suite.

In this context, he looks at specific points to make the bedroom luxurious and comfortable, and he simulates time in it as a stay in a five-star hotel, so (Madam).

Modern design features associated with the luxury bedroom design include:

Use wood panels (or wallpaper) to cover the walls.

• To adopt the neutral or calm colors of the room, such as the shades of blue in general or any other color that expresses the personality of the occupant of the room.

• Refrain from choosing furniture and large accessories with ornaments, as in the classic style.

• Maintenance of the ceiling or (the fifth wall), as the engineer Al-Mansoori called, and the floors.

• Pay attention to the way in which the furniture is distributed, in a way that benefits as much as possible from the void, especially the place where the bed, the most important piece in the bedroom, is received.

• Achieving consistency between the room’s equipment, including the bed and its accessories, cupboards, tables, cupboards – if any – the bathroom and the sitting area.

In this context, the designer must find suitable solutions for anything that can create a feeling of discomfort in the place, such as bypassing the height of the ceiling by adding a long headboard that visually helps to reduce its height, and focus on balancing the space, as chaos is absent in the hotel room There are no unnecessary items on the table or side tables, and the secret of the convenience that hotel units send out in the same gas may be due to acceptance of neutral or earthy colors or shades of gray, away from the sharp colors.

clothing corner

The wardrobe corner of the master bedroom contains the shelf and glass cabinets, and places for storing accessories, perfume bottles, bags and shoes, and in this space the lighting plays the most prominent role, especially when it is spread around the mirrors, in addition to the hidden lighting spread between the shelves of the cupboards.

It is preferable that the clothing corner has an acceptable space, which enables the woman to move freely in it.

bathroom details

Attention to every detail of the bedroom is drawn to the bathroom to complete the luxury painting, and in this context it is not preferable for the bathroom door to look towards the entrance to the bedroom, with the importance of studying the space needs. , such as lighting, the way of distributing tools, and their number, knowing that the presence of the bath requires a Special arrangement, as well as if the occupant of the room requested to add an angle for ablution with low sinks add, with a careful study of the locations of pipes, wires, air conditioning openings and air inlets, and work to hide them, taking into account the decor of the walls and the quality of the floors.

One of the ideas that can be inspired by hotels with contemporary design is the glass bathroom that is open to the room, if some consider the aforementioned design as impractical, and it is useful to learn about new technologies in making the material that used in place, to ensure the most comfort and safety, such as anti-corrosion material To slip in certain places or anti-moisture.

However, marble pieces with different shapes and textures prevail in the luxurious bathrooms, which are provided with accessories and enriched with details, such as: hidden lighting, taking into account the harmony with the colors and materials of the bedroom.

private space

It is preferable to allocate a space in the bedroom to accommodate the occupants of its occupant, such as a quiet reading corner next to the window, and the corner is furnished with a comfortable chair, with armrests, and simple shelves for books , in addition to a corner for coffee and the preparation of soft drinks, near the session.

Quality bedding

The bed should have a size of 180 x 200 centimeters, and its back appears to be part of the wall, and extends over the entire latter, upholstered or covered with wallpaper. On the other hand, some prefer a bed that is emptied from the back so that the design work is focused on the wall at the back.

The bed’s complements, such as the mattress, pillows and the blanket, should be taken care of to think and plan, knowing that these items do not need to be replaced in the short term.

In this context, the choice is focused on soft, comfortable and luxurious materials, especially the American white cotton for the sheets, the cotton which is softer, with many wash times, and is suitable for all seasons of the year, indicating that the majority of hotels often choose the white color for sheets, towels and bathrobes.

On the side of the pillows, it is recommended to use more than one type, size and color for it, and then arrange it so that it emphasizes the clear contrast in the type of material and decorations, without flooding the bed with it.

In this context, pillows look luxurious, but they are not suitable for individuals suffering from allergies. In addition, pillows wrapped in natural silk or satin covers have benefits for the skin and hair, as they retain the latter’s moisture, and prevent the appearance. of wrinkles.

the lid

It maintains the neatness of the bed, and defines the character of the room, especially when choosing a luxurious one.In this regard, there are a range of suitable fabrics, such as: satin, silk, organza, hand-embroidered fabrics and embellished fabrics. with stones.

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