Midad Technology launches the “NipMist” Ultrasound Nicotine Delivery Device after undergoing an extensive series of consumer trials

An innovative alternative to smoking tobacco that is free of harmful and disease-causing chemicals associated with smoking is now available in the state

The results of laboratory studies conducted by health regulators in the UK and the European Union did not detect traces of carcinogenic chemicals.

Dubai United Arab Emirates: Midad Technology, the UAE technology company, has launched an alternative solution for smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes, free of detectable carcinogens, according to a series of independent tests conducted by elite medical experts in the United Kingdom and the United States is.

KneippMist, a new innovation now available in the UAE, uses patented ultrasound technology to convert a liquid containing nicotine used in pharmaceutical products into a mist – unlike other electronic nicotine delivery systems, and other low-risk alternatives to tobacco smoke, which relies on electronic heating elements such as heated coils to convert e-liquid into vapor.

Studies in the United Kingdom and the United States have shown that the lack of heat leaves no detectable traces of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, two carcinogenic chemicals found in tobacco smoke and e-liquid vapor. Research also did not detect any effects of eight other compounds that are major causes of smoking-related diseases and other disease states.

“Although nicotine is addictive, it is known to separate from heat that it reduces levels of harm,” said Mohammed Al Shaiba Al Mazrouei, CEO of Midad Technology. “NipMist is the first ultrasonic alternative to tobacco smoke. Registered under the EU Tobacco Products Directive and the UK’s Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency and produces no detectable carcinogens including formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has noted that e-cigarettes expose their users to lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to tobacco, and that their health benefits outweigh the risks that may arise from new users, especially the younger generation.

On the other hand, most e-cigarettes release formaldehyde due to heating (about 20 micrograms per 10 breaths compared to 120 micrograms released by conventional cigarettes), which represents a serious gap that the Kneipmist device has overcome thanks to its patented atomizer technology.

Madad Technology recently announced a $ 150 million investment in ultrasound technology to support progress in smoking cessation and other medical treatments, in addition to research focused on other sectors. Al Mazrouei added: “By reducing harmful heat-related chemicals in conventional and e-cigarettes, we are working to reduce potential harm and improve the health of current tobacco smokers who consume nicotine.”

Al Mazrouei continued: “We are also eager to offer our full support for efforts to reduce the amount of nicotine in tobacco and alternative products, which explains our reduction in the dose of nicotine in e-liquid capsules (Sonics) used by a ‘NipMist’ device is equivalent to half the dose of nicotine in regular e-cigarettes. We also offer a variety of different nicotine levels, as well as nicotine-free capsules. “

Users must be at least 18 years old and provide proof of age to use the Kneipmist device, as they are required to activate the device online.

KnibMist capsules come with a built-in chip to protect against counterfeit or counterfeit products, which helps prevent the device from being used to consume unauthorized capsules and e-liquids.

On top of that, the “NipMist” device comes with built-in “Bluetooth” technology to enable users to pair it with a dedicated mobile application to help them monitor and reduce nicotine consumption levels. The “NipMist” application is the first application of its kind approved by the “Apple App Store” and “Google Play Store” in the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Al Mazrouei concluded: “We always encourage the reduction of nicotine consumption, but we realize the difficulty of quitting smoking. Hence the importance of the reliable smoking experience provided by the” NipMist “technology, which is the least potential harm and is likely to make a qualitative leap for millions of smokers around the world. “

After obtaining the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology license, “NipMist” products are now available for purchase through the Website. nebmist.com In Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi.


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Thanks to extensive investment in research and development activities over the past four years, the company’s Health Technology division has achieved significant breakthroughs and reached unprecedented heights in inhalation mist delivery systems based on patented ultrasound technology, in medical and recreational applications. The company is also working on technology development under the umbrella of its divisions for health, biotechnology, financial and energy management.

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