The most beautiful birthday wishes for the dearest people

The most beautiful birthday wishes for the dearest people

We celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones as an expression of our joy for their presence in our lives, so we decided to dedicate this article to offer you the most beautiful birthday greetings Dearest.

birthday greetings

  • Happy birthday, Lord always joy fills your life, Lord always happiness fills your face Happy new year.
  • I pray that on your birthday, may God give you everything you wish for a happy birthday.
  • I hurried in front of well-wishers to wish you every birthday happy birthday and you are happy.
  • May God surround you with the breeze of grace, the fragrance of forgiveness and the calmness of love. Prosperous New Year.
  • I wish God to illuminate your life with His light as you were the source of goodness and happiness for all of us .. Happy Birthday.
  • Today is your birthday and everyone is happy for you and from the bottom of my heart I pray for you, may the Lord bless you and give you a long life.
  • Happy birthday my dear .. every year and you are my favorite people to my heart.
  • On the best days of this month, I wanted to be the first and congratulate you on your birthday. Happy New Year, my dear friend,
    I pray to God to help you with what you want.
  • On your birthday, everyone around you is happy and happy, and we pray to God to prolong your life. Happy New Year.
  • We share this day for many years, and I promise to stay by your side for years to come, and I pray to God to grant you a long life, and to give you what you want .. Happy New Year , my dearest my heart.
  • Happy New Year, and I ask God to be with you with His light, and to bless you with a lasting smile that does not leave this beautiful face … and to give you happiness and excellence.
  • May God forgive you what was in your sin, and your blessing in your life and health .. and grant you the blessings that satisfy you .. and happy birthday.
  • May God bless you in your lifetime..and bless your children and preserve them for you.P Happy New Year.

2021 birthday greetings in English

  • I look forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Enjoy a fantastic birthday
  • Even though I missed your birthday by a mile, hope you celebrated it with a smile
  • Happy Birthday! Enjoy a wonderful time, with memories that will keep you going all year long
  • May every glowing candle on your birthday cake turn into a wish that will come true. Happy birthday
  • Years ago, on this day, a kind and generous man was born. I’m proud to be my best friend. Happy Birthday.
  • Wish your birthday is a super-special one, filled with surprises, happiness and fun
  • Friends may come and friends may go, but you my friend, you are awesome brother. Happy birthday to your partner
  • I cherish our time together. Having a friend like you is the best gift! Enjoy a wonderful birthday
  • Impossible to forget this day that he was born as a best friend is the most important day for me, every year and it goes well with you.

birthday wishes for my daughter

  • Today I grew up a year my daughter and every year I grow up I feel joy and happiness Happy Birthday.
  • Every year, happiness, goodness and blessing accompany you from year to year, O sweetness of the eye and the heart.
  • I give you my daughter on your birthday, with all the scent of jasmine, jasmine, rose and blossom, and with everything that combines musk, basil, old and amber, I give you the best wishes and happiness with the occasion of your birthday .
  • On your birthday, my beautiful daughter, there is no joy more beautiful than the joy of seeing you.
  • My beautiful daughter, the spoiled princess, you are my butterfly, you are my life and the light of my heart, you are the light that has spread around me,
    may keep your goods safe for us.
  • On your birthday, I thank you for all the love you have given me over these years,
    I thank you for the beautiful feeling of motherhood that my dear daughter gave me.
  • I hurry everyone to tell you every year my daughter and you are happy and beautiful, I hurry everyone because no one in this world will love you as much as I love you, and no one deserves to have it for you in front of me do not say.
  • On your birthday, my beautiful daughter, there is no joy more beautiful than the joy of seeing you.
  • I only saw happiness in my life when you came, and I did not see the magic of a person in my life like your magic in my world, the day of your coming is the happiest and most beautiful day of my life, my darling and dear daughter.
  • With the taste of berries and the scent of old, I wish you happiness with your wonderful birthday .. Enjoy this special day, my beautiful.
My sister’s birthday greetings
  • I hear the sound of birds singing and the sound of the sea and waves dancing I saw the sun smile How happy I am on this day and how happy I am every year on your sister’s birthday and you are in the every year best and you are beautiful and happy birthday.
  • I pray to God on your birthday to increase your life and increase your health every year and you are doing well.
  • Hours pass to announce my love for the most precious thing close to my heart that I had with all appreciation and respect for my sister
    Happy Birthday Darling.
  • The birth of the happiness of the world and the joy of people on a day like today, a beautiful year my sister came to your heart, every year and you are the eternal joy of the world, every year and you are ‘ a thousand good, the merciful bless you for long and happy years.
  • May God make your days here and rejoice in you, and I wish God to keep you all healthy and happy birthday.
  • Today is my sister’s birthday, my girlfriend and myself, with whom I breathe, every year and it’s going well with you, my love.
  • A sweet year is similar to the beauty of your face and the purification of your heart, every year and your years are more beautiful, oh sweeter than your old year.
  • Every year and you are well, my dearest and friendliest sister, congratulations on your birthday. I ask God Almighty to bless you in this new year with joy, happiness and comfort. Your birthday is the most precious holiday in my life, my love. birthday, beautiful.
  • The good days have started since you came to this world, and they will be more beautiful when your birthday comes, this day is one of the most beautiful days.
  • O pure heart, beautiful soul, dearest people, every year and you are a thousand good, and my destiny for many years filled with joy and success, every year and you are a source of love and a source of tenderness, God made that smile that does not disappear with us all the time.
Birthday greetings for loved ones
  • Today is two holidays for me because you are close to my heart and more precious than my eyes. Every year you are a thousand good.
  • O beloved of the soul, how I would like to write your beautiful name on my heart, but I’m afraid my heart bothers you with the sound of its beats. Prosperous new year.
  • Every year and you are healthy every year and you are always the most precious to my heart.
  • I give you the sweetest aromatic gifts, the sweetest necklace from me, and every year and you are my happy birthday present.
  • Today is one of those special days. Today is the birthday of the most beautiful and kindest human being in the universe. Happy New Year, my love.
  • You are far, your heart is far, and your mind is far, but I certainly love you and wish you a happy Eid.
  • O morning birds, rejoice, and O stars of heaven, abide in the sky and do not sink.
  • Happy Birthday
    And every year and you are good, my sweetest and most precious heart.
  • To the one who took the smile and pressed it on my sadness, to the one who taught me the engineering of the phrase and broke the boundaries of my pen to you, I send before all people my congratulations on your Happy New Year.
Happy birthday dear friend
  • I will not say happy new year, but I will say you are good for every year, happy new year, if God wills.
  • My friend, every year and you are always in good health, every year and you are in the best condition, every year and you are doing well.
  • I greet you, my dearest friends, and my days with you are all Eid.
  • Happy birthday my only friend.
  • Today embraces my friend’s birthday, I wish him good luck and happy new year.
  • The birthday of a good heart, the birthday of the most beautiful friend in the world, every year and you are good, and wish you a million years of good and happiness, so God willing, every year and you are good, honey.
  • The holiday is complete on your birthday, my friend. Every year you are near me, and a year of goodness and happiness for you.
  • Today is the birthday of my best friend. I pray to God for a long life in health and happiness. May all your hopes come true, O most beautiful of the moon.
  • It’s enough for me for my whole life that you’re my friend, a friend of the years, a friend of the sweet moment every day, every year and it’s going well with you, Cindy.

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