Down Syndrome .. Challenges of those around you and targeted initiatives, though few, are a glimmer of hope and a beautiful gesture

Dima Al Daks

At a time when the world is beginning to seek to consolidate the participation and interaction of people with special needs in society and to support them psychologically, it is the responsibility of the parents to accept and accommodate the affected child and not to to hide for fear of the community’s words.

At the same time, people support and educate those around them about the need to prove the existence of people with special needs on the grounds that God did not create anything for nothing and that everything has a purpose and a purpose. is a test and no one has the right before Sharia and the law to reject them.

According to World Health Organization figures, about 3,000 to 5,000 children are born each year with Down syndrome, and this syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by abnormal cell division, leading to an increase in total or partial copies of chromosome 21, and it causes The extra genetic material alters growth and physical characteristics that characterize it.

Sarah Masha Jordan is a page on social media in which Mays Harfouche writes the diaries of her cousin Sarah, who has Down Syndrome. Mays; A pharmacist, currently .. for her love of volunteering, she works on writing medical content on a topic.Harfouche says: “Since the university days, before I touched on learning difficulties and people with needs, I have not missed a volunteer not. work, believe in the idea that God did not create any man in us for nothing, and every man gave it to him. God is a message to convey to people, a message of goodness … and the highest purpose in it is benevolence to all and provides goodness specifically to those who need it, whether children or the elderly.Who can provide good to others does not monopolize it for himself.

special attention

Mays Harfouche says: “The birth of my cousin Sarah with Down Syndrome was a test of God. About the rumors of false information about the syndrome.” And Harfouche continued: “Because my medical field has played a major role in providing psychological support to parents, and this in turn has increased the responsibility to understand the dimensions of the condition and the correct way to treat Down syndrome. to deal with, I read and sought early attention that makes a difference.A big deal in the matter, some people told me that we should deal with the injured half of his age, and it turned out to me that this talk is wrong, early attention makes a difference, and I loved the subject and increased my attachment to supporting my sister. Like Sarah when she found interest “we saw that her soul is beautiful” .

family support

Harfouche says: “We are like a family at home, as well as my sister and her husband. We were one hand in welcoming Sarah’s arrival. Since her birth she has been a source of love and many concepts in our lives. has changed for the most beautiful since her arrival. ”

And she continued: “Due to the lack of time at the moment there is no personal initiative, but it’s an idea above my priorities, and most of my time I work in addition to volunteering by increasing medical content. Online at the Mawdoo3 platform, and in return I leave no initiative without participating in it, Down Syndrome Especially those with special needs.


The pharmacist Harfouche added: “The purpose of my participation in this field is to increase awareness and acceptance among people towards people with special needs, especially the people who test God with a child with special needs. The surrounding community .. Honestly. said, I noticed that awareness is increasing, praise to God, but there is a percentage that is not considered small .. It bullies on social media.There are hundreds of positive comments.In contrast, a noticeable percentage of negative comments, for example , some write “we are afraid of them” or “they should not be among us.” “Or object to the publication of their photos, as it is not considered a small percentage who do not accept, deny and reject the integration of people with special needs into society, and that is the goal we are striving for. people want to convey that they are motivated and not disabled. ”

Interested parties

Harfouche says: “There is support from the relevant authorities, but I do not think that is sufficient; Because it does not reach all children, its presence is at least a glimmer of hope for greater future steps. At the moment, awareness has increased compared to the old days. Acceptance increased by integrating them and their participation, and from the parties supporting the “Nazik Hariri Center for Special Needs”, I loved their interest and their role in activating the participation of people with special needs. The “Joy Makers” team takes an initiative every season in which they house people with special needs and Down’s in particular, and these are beautiful gestures from them. ” And Harfouche continued: “I also noticed places that employ people with Down syndrome, such as beauty salons and restaurants, and in Zarqa, the Fair Fly restaurant, Daraghmeh and Bayan salon in Zarqa. Because of the relevant authorities only as far as the parents themselves accept, awareness must be in us before we go out to the community is possible, and then we move on to the topic of society. ”

Harfouche emphasized that God does not change the state of a people until they change what is in themselves, adding: “As a person, before I change society, I must raise awareness towards people with special needs and Down, I must believe in this idea and be convinced of it before I ask it of the community, the internet today.He removed the barriers, and the information became available to those who seek it.Each person is responsible for himself by first raising himself “The current awareness is not enough.” Ramadan initiatives.

Harfouche says: “Down syndrome is with us, our lives have meaning.” An initiative we participated in yesterday, and I accompany Sarah in all the initiatives in which she participates. Children there are like angels and the atmosphere is special and inspires hope and optimism, and I respect these initiatives and positive ideas that they spread among people about People with special needs, Down and Autism, and of course rejoice children, who increase their morale and their production increases, and this is proof that these initiatives are a difference, therefore we should not stop and keep giving, for all of us, because it is a joy that increases our faith in their power and that they are people of determination . ” challenges.

She continued: “In terms of challenges and obstacles, they are present, and psychologists are more than physical, because I believe this child is normal, just has an extra chromosome, and with early attention it will not differ from others. The words I heard about my cousin Sarah, who is two years old, he treated her like she was a year old, and when she turned 10, they treated her like 5 years old, but in reality is this talk absolutely not true and illogical.Early and that is what made the difference in Sarah’s case.People’s words are not true.You have to access the information yourself and verify it, and only take the information from specialists in it , so that you do not get distracted and do not get confused about the topic, because the easiest thing today is to spread false information because the search for the truth And correct information requires a person of insight that is not carried along by the opinion of the majority does not. ”

And pharmacist Mays Harfouche continued: “Similarly, stress affects performance negatively towards the child I am supposed to support, and honestly, unfortunately, there are many frustrated parties that we do not listen to and only take information from specialists to protect. the child of these problems. ” n model.

Finally, Harfouche confirmed to Al-Dustour that Sarah’s participation as a model in Daraghmeh reflects the interest of certain parties in society towards people with special needs, and she continued: “I consider it a clear and promising image. and a beautiful gesture. , and our love and support for Sarah springs from our whole hearts as it is a test of God. We love them more and we have more contact with them. It is true that they existed before, but we have heard from them from afar. Sarah was the reason that encouraged us to take part in these initiatives, to support people with special needs, and to get to know angels Other .. “.

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