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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 26 April 2022 [ ايتوس واير ]

Are you looking for the right gift for your friends and family during the Eid Al Fitr holiday? We encourage you to choose products that contribute to improving their quality of life, as investing in technology is primarily aimed at ensuring the best experiences for consumers. Choosing the right product can fundamentally change the lives of those who want to embrace smart solutions in their daily lives, whether it be improvements to their home office, upgrading their entertainment systems or adopting a healthy lifestyle. The technology used in the LG Electronics family of products is characterized by user-friendly and responsive designs, and is designed with social responsibility in mind so that users can spend their money on the right product, improve their productivity and think about the impact of their products. work on the environment in which they live.

Eid Al-Fitr offers “LG” to consumers in the United Arab Emirates

Gives the best gifts of technology across a wide range of LG products. LG smart devices are compatible with various everyday uses to suit the lifestyle of users throughout the year, and integrate seamlessly with the devices in your homes. Do not hesitate to present the perfect gift during Eid Al Fitr this year with the latest special offers from LG..

LG washer and dryer

Product Model: F20L2CRV2E2

Keep clothes elegant for longer occasions by prioritizing laundry care. This integrated LG washer and dryer offers groundbreaking technology that ensures convenient and easy-to-use cleaning solutions. Tissues receive proper care and deep cleaning, starting with a 29-minute quick cleansing cycle with TurboWash ™ All the way to a special set of washing programs.

Available from AED 5 498 at selected stores large and small.

Thin French by fridge InstaView

Product Model:GR-X29FTQEL

Although the family time we spend preparing delicious Ramadan meals is almost over, you can still get creative when preparing your daily meals. Choosing the right fridge makes the preparation of your meals an easy and enjoyable task, as refrigerators are designed with technology InstaView From “LG” to ensure the highest level of convenience for users. Simply double-click on the outer reflective glass on the right door to illuminate the fridge from the inside and see its contents without opening the door, which reduces the loss of cold air and keeps food fresh for long periods of time. Choosing a refrigerator with a thin French door allows household members to give a clear touch to their kitchen. The design of this refrigerator is an ultimate pleasure and offers additional space for storing small items or unpackaged ingredients, a pull-out shelf for food and beverages with vertical contents and a freezing system SpacePlus ™ Built-in refrigerator door.

Thin French by fridge InstaView Available at discounts during the Eid holidays, from AED 7 999 at selected stores large and small.

air purifier PuriCare from “LG”

Product Model:AS60GDWV0

Organizing the house means not only arranging the things we can see, but also controlling the pollutants we cannot see in our homes. Air purifiers contribute PuriCare From “LG” in providing a clean and healthy environment inside the house, thanks to the 360-degree air purification technology to catch pollutants and dust from every direction. This is the perfect device for every home, especially if you suffer from any allergies.

The LG 360 ° Vertical Air Purifier is available from AED 2 699 at select stores large and small.

portable air purifier 2.0 PuriCare from “LG”

Product Model: AP551AWFA

Portable air purifier PuriCare For those who care about their health while away from home, breathe easy and feel protected and at ease at the same time. Users of this device can breathe fairly easily thanks to the comprehensive filtration system through filters HEPA Filtering up to 99% of harmful particles for clean, fresh air. The portable is designed to seamlessly adjust to the shape of the face, reducing the possibility of air leaking around the nose and chin while you are comfortable with your daily routines.

portable air purifier 2.0 PuriCare From “LG” is available from 799 AED in a variety of large and small stores.

TV OLEDfrom “LG”

Product Model: OLED65C1 / OLED55C1

As we say goodbye to our favorite Ramadan programs soon, there will of course be many more series that will entertain family and friends through their home entertainment devices. They can enjoy the best visual effects with a TV OLED From LG, which takes advantage of its installed technology and smart updates via artificial intelligence algorithms for deep learning, to provide breathtaking images with the finest details and sound features that allow for various preferences to bring you closer to reality in a distinctive experience to dip. Self-illuminating pixels deliver beautiful, high-quality images and a wide range of design options, while the latest technology offers viewers an unparalleled immersive experience.

TV OLED 55-inch TV is available at AED 4 899 and 65-inch TV is available for a limited time at AED 7 699 in select retailers and stores.

LG screens

Products Model: 27UP65027MP400, 27GP750, 34WL500

Fans of electronic games can enjoy the chase while at home using the “LG” monitor, which is available in various models and sizes to perfectly suit everyone’s tastes. So whether you want to enhance your experience with electronic games through a screen UltraGear From “LG” or working on an innovative project using a screenLG UHD Today you can get clear and vivid images in high definition to fully enjoy your digital experience.

A variety of LG screens are available at a discount during the Eid holiday, from AED 663, at Jumbo Electronics, Sharaf DG and Imax stores.

About LG Electronics you

LG Electronics, Inc. is a world leader in technology innovation and consumer electronics, with a presence in almost every country in the world and more than 75,000 employees. The company consists of four business units, namely “Home Appliances & Air Solutions”, “Home Entertainment”, “Automotive Component Solutions” and “Business Solutions”. Together, they generated more than $ 56 billion in sales in 2020. The LG Corporation is a world leader in manufacturers of consumer and commercial products such as televisions, home appliances, air solutions, monitors, service robots and automotive components, as well as a high-end brand. LG SIGNATURE Products with artificial intelligence technology

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