International Monetary Fund policy kills people, experts say

Donduno, the greedy and ruthless trader, as described by the author Rabelais, as the worst thing in this era, which is the absence of humanity.In a strange scene, Banuruj grabbed that sheep and threw it into the sea.The other sheep stood in a majestic queue to play their part in jumping off the ship.Donduno went crazy and tried to stop the herd from jumping into the water, but his attempts were unsuccessful. The sheep’s belief in what they are doing is stronger than resisting, and out of strong greed, Donduno tried to capture the last sheep, hoping to save it, but the sheep’s determination brought them together to face that inevitable fate. to meet.

Although this story is a French legend, it unfortunately simulates the tragic reality experienced by the people of the so-called developing countries, or the countries of the third world. The loans offered by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to the rulers clinging to power are the same as the agreement made between the cunning and wicked Panoroj with the greedy and ruthless trader, for the fate of the sheep was the same as fate. of those oppressed peoples who fell into the mouths of the whales of the transnational capitalist corporations.

The catastrophic and criminal policies of these financial institutions would not have been hidden from anyone, but putting them on transparent paper placed on top of each other could be seen immediately.Maybe it would be like a heavy stone thrown into a silent pool becomes of surrender that moves successive waves of a sense of injustice and brings change.

The ugliness of these policies has aroused the feelings of some economists, who are originally from those who have close ties with these institutions and who have had enough of them, so we choose some of their statements.

Stiglitz, who served as vice president of the World Bank and head of his economic department, pointed out that the three pillars of the “Washington consensus” policies, which were seen as the magic solution to the financial and economic crises in the countries of the World Bank. global south, regardless of their types and causes, is austerity in spending and tax policy, and privatization. Due to the liberalization or openness of local markets and the financial market in particular, Stiglitz argued in his book “The Disappointments of Globalization” that these policies became absolute sanctuaries for the international financial institutions during that period, as they were automatic recipes were applied without regard to the economic context or its consequences on the ground.This led to disastrous results in many developing countries. The Fund insisted on privatization as soon as possible as a way to stimulate the private sector, which actually led to the squandering of public wealth and its concentration in the hands of groups and companies close to the ruling political classes that the manage privatization process, that is, without the state receiving any of the promised benefit from this process.

Larry Elliott wrote in The Guardian: “Of course, neither the World Bank nor the IMF acknowledge that their policies are the problem, even though researchers prove that these international institutions are in fact ‘the biggest poverty-makers in Africa.’ two institutions that take They are based in Washington, DC, the chief architect of the policy responsible for inequality and aggravation of poverty in the world, especially in Africa.

Former United Nations Development Program Officer Isabelle Gramberg described the policies that the Fund has imposed on member states, especially developing ones, which often lead to high unemployment, declining purchasing power and special food dependence. to the disintegration of production systems.She described these matters.In crime, considering that the International Monetary Fund is not only a participant in it, but that it is the maestro who manages a comprehensive system that funds money from the poor withdraw to spend a rich minority.

As the German expert Ernst Golf, professor of philosophy at the University of Pretoria described in his book “The International Monetary Fund is a superpower in the world arena”, his interventions are in fact more like the conquests of warring armies.

John Perkins said in his book The Economic Assassination of Nations, “The International Monetary Fund is one of the instruments of global corporations to build an empire that governs the world economy, destabilizes nations, and plunders and destroys the economies of developing nations. . “

These experts have described the extent of the tragedy caused by the financial institutions, but what is true and more powerful to describe the extent of the suffering is the life that people live every hour and every time, and Sudan is the best example. from the absolute response to the harsh prescriptions of the International Monetary Fund, while the state has raised its hand completely For all services, and to provide any form of support for basic goods and services, life has become a piece of hell that in flames rose, and all that was left was for people to eat each other! And this case is not just limited to Sudan and its people, but it is a general policy, and without you a report on the policy of the International Monetary Fund in Africa written by Herbert Gloshy: “The developing countries were not in able to pay the old money. loan accounts in 1980, the total debt of developing countries amounted to 567 billion dollars, And between 1980-1992, however, these countries paid $ 1662 billion, and due to the high account prices, the debt increased to $ 1419 billion, although they paid more than double the debt as payment, and their weakness also left a debt payable, and these countries were forced to take loans to pay the debts and prevent bankruptcy, as happened in Sudan and recently with the so-called bridge debt.

If Banuruj was malicious and cunning as he used the trick to take revenge on the person of Dondono, then the International Monetary Fund is cunning and more malicious because his economic program that imposes its disastrous results on the state, the people in general and not on the sheep, though the perseverance of the greedy trader led to his death, The clinging of these puppet rulers to rule led to the destruction of their people.

The policies of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and other international financial institutions are economic facades of the international system that seeks complete control over the people of the world. So its functional role is to implement these policies and follow the path of the international system.

At that time, we only had two choices. Either to succumb to the accomplished fact and be content to be an easy prey in the womb of capitalist societies, to save us and then swallow us, or to stand up for these policies. It is a good luck for Muslims, not for other oppressed peoples, that they have an economic system characterized by the correctness of its solutions, and they have a political system represented in the Khilafah that is capable of to face this international system. , and that God defends them.God defends those who believeAnd he assured them the victory.If you help God, He will help youThe Muslims have nothing but to move as fast as possible to save themselves with the victory of Islam.

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