Marwan Al-Khater and the soul’s lament … I’m the one mourning over you, or are you the one mourning with me ?!

In a benevolent phenomenon we seldom find that a collection of poems after its departure was printed by a poet with the effort of his family, and how many poets or writers left us, and those who inherited, did not celebrate what he offered and do not pay attention to his published or unpublished inheritance, and I have spoken to a number of them, and I know others who have left a legacy and money, but who Slices has left him, have not a surplus found to spread it! And when I saw the volume of Lamentations of the Soul by the late poet Marwan Al-Khater, it came back to my memory with its calmness, gait, poetic and perseverance, and I found myself free to read it and read a volume enjoy what has not been published before.

Knowledge and testimony

The caretaker of the Diwan of his sons was eager to present an integrated image of the poet’s father, so he did not want to submit to him, and did not choose to give him free certificates, but preferred to give to the Diwan the poet’s friend, who is close to him in the journey of creativity and poetry, and whoever talks about the poet is better than the poet If he were a friend, loyal and knowledgeable? The introduction was written by his friend, the important poet Ali Kanaan, one of Syria’s great poets. Marwan Al-Khater was added to this class of poets who were poets of a stage in the late sixties and seventies wash. and few readers know the late Marwan Al-Khater, and placed him among the influential poets of this stage, for he would As far as the creators were concerned, they turned to life and daily work, and their creativity was far from the spotlight and the focus of attention. And the poet Marwan Al-Khater is one of three loved ones, who has a special place in my life because of the intimate communication between us in its spiritual and intellectual dimensions … “About these elegies, Canaan says:” The delicacy of his poetry and the eloquence of simplicity in his language made him beloved in every meeting and in every assembly. “In his sad poetic poem, Marwan expresses a stifling spiritual alienation, and he suffers from an Arab reality doomed to fragmentation, rivalry and emptiness.” In addition to the elegies of the soul in his soul and his family, the elegies of the soul were on the nation and its reality, and the poet points out that some elegies were written in Iraq during the 1995 siege, in addition to his mourning over his daughter Ilham , kidnapped by Al-Menun, as well as self-pity.

Self and spiritual concern

In his introduction, Canaan refers to Marwan Al-Khater’s suffering with his daughter Ilham’s illness and death in Mowasat Hospital, and he painted a moving picture of a coffee mug and a newspaper that Ilham carried for her father. Sad as if he was giving the world his joys in his daughter’s illness:

Inspiration, my daughter, whose absence
Above the possibility of the soul of absence
Do not be sad to leave without coming back
Hold on to the grave, the ground
Have mercy on our humiliating world
You and nostalgia
for this life
what did you die for
We are in our dead life
at its best

Marwan concludes his poem with his daughter, which is organized in the category of lament for boys and girls, and in this category of poetry we find the poet, that is, a poet, who is unable to present a desired image to set, since the incident is a tragedy, and it is part of it, so his poetry is colored with logic.

It came to me in the hand of a newspaper
and morning coffee
in her other hand
do you say dad
Is this a new poem?
I answer you the poem
And you are the soul in the poem
Laugh at me, leave me
I did what I started, but
Ilham traveled, what did she give back?
The poem was not completed

Grieve for self and soul

One morning in 2021, the poet Marwan Al-Khater quietly left us, and “the homeland” celebrated him, but Corona prevented the farewell from being appropriate for those who gave his creativity to original poetry, and made his effort to arts, culture and media, as if I were writing Marwan his lament for himself for a long time when he says:

And she sank
Your dream ship
or molten paint
It looked like broken features
I’m not long ago
No, I’m not living long
It has a beginning and an end
In an expanse of poetry and life he speaks to his heart, as if, after mourning his daughter and friends, he hopes to leave:
You who are in my bosom,
you know
He lost my patience
and speech
become an art
From the art of silence
mal en dom
You who are in my bosom,
Why do not you sleep a little?
As long as people sleep?

For nations and issues mourn

And here is Marwan Al-Khater calling for the siege of Baghdad, the victim

It’s okay if Baghdad falls
Or another capital falls
The price of sleeping on the couches of enemies
It’s good if you fold glory
In a metropolis or in a desert
We reprinted
Raise a love verse
Labni Sion
We have erased all the words of war
stay the best
The most beautiful and purest
those princes
Stay healthy
And we kept rejoicing, living, living, and no ..
It’s good when cities fall
And we became without a land
It’s okay if Baghdad falls
and other capital letters
That’s enough for us to protect the protected princes
Get closer to America as usual
To keep the ruler on top ..
Convicts issued

As long as these texts are, we find them warm and fresh because of their two decades of anticipation.It is poetry, but poetry is extremely exhausting, the voice of the poet trembling with weights like a prisoner whose weights were tied to his feet to prevents him from taking a step.

a hair journey

Marwan Al-Khater was known in the media for committing himself to his career for a long time, and poetry remained his passion and obsession, which is why he issued many collections of poetic works, in addition to anthology.

He was born in 1943 in Albukamal and worked as a teacher inside and outside Syria.

Worked at Radio Damascus.

He was a member of the Arab Writers’ Union.

His: The wounded whistle – voices in the audience of oppressed time – the national anthem of alienation – I fear you, so stay away – Euphrates songs.

This Diwan (Lamentations of the Soul) comes in honor of him after his departure, and he is the one for whom poetry was a dream.The dream to stay with the hair he wore all the time and time.

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