Opening of the UAE Pavilion “Salt Water Cities” at “Expo Floriad 2022”

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His Excellency Jamal Al Musharrekh, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Commissioner-General of the State Pavilion at Expo Floriad 2022 “in the Netherlands, officially inaugurated the country’s pavilion under the title” Saltwater Cities: Where the Land ” Meet the sea “.

During its first participation in this exhibition, the UAE Pavilion will showcase the UAE’s efforts to overcome natural challenges, where water scarcity, high temperatures and saline soils make it difficult to achieve traditional gardening in a sustainable way. Saltwater cities tell the UAE’s unique journey full of determination and optimism and how The people of the UAE face the challenges of living between a desert and marine environment to grow prosperous and sustainable cities.

The “Salt Water Cities” exhibition embraces the natural environment of the UAE and celebrates the country’s innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs who are constantly exploring new ways to conserve marine biodiversity, encourage the responsible use of food and water and gain knowledge about innovations. and efforts to share. to achieve a more sustainable future.

His Excellency Jamal Al Musharrakh said that the story of the UAE is a story of ambition and determination instilled by the founding fathers and wise leadership who follow the same approach, and we are honored to have our first pavilion at Expo Florida 2022 as future sustainability offer. efforts are at the heart of our future aspirations at the local and global levels.

He added that the “Salt Water Cities” exhibition offers a real vision of how we exist with our environment by establishing circular bio-salt farming systems to encourage new innovations that address food and water security issues and make our cities more sustainable. and make resilient. By sharing the stories and knowledge of innovators and plants in the UAE, we hope to contribute to solutions that enable us all to build a better tomorrow for future generations. We are also proud to offer methods that match our efforts demonstrate in the development of greener cities. We look forward to establishing deeper ties with our friends participating in Expo Floriad and drawing inspiration from them for creative ideas that will contribute to creating solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

The UAE pavilion at Expo Floriad 2022 welcomes visitors with the saltwater garden, whose design was inspired by the bio-salt farming system in the UAE.

The exhibition also highlights the innovators, researchers and scientists in the UAE who are committed to conserving biodiversity and developing sustainable solutions to the challenges of food security, water and the environment.

The opening ceremony of the UAE pavilion was attended by the mayor of Almere, representatives of the Dutch government, representatives of the Floriad exhibition and the creators who contributed to the UAE pavilion in the exhibition, including the Dutch company Tilart, who the design worked. of the pavilion in partnership with Pragma Architectural Company in the UAE, which is responsible for the design of The Saltwater Park as well as representatives of the Dutch company Autual, which designs pieces, interior circulars and specialized architectural systems, uses and recycles innovative 3D printing technologies and material reuse.

Maya Jarrow, Director of Strategy at TELLART, said: “Innovators and academics in the UAE who are naturally looking for answers to global challenges are a source of inspiration for us, and we at TELLART are delighted to work with our friends from to contribute to the UAE. to the design of the pavilion, and we hope that visitors will feel that they have moved into the area of ​​the country. ” The Emirates during their visit to the Expo Floriad, where they truly live in a unique and charming setting where the desert meets the sea.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Culture and Youth is hosting the UAE Pavilion entitled “Salt Water Cities”. The design of the pavilion and the guest experience came as a result of a creative collaboration between the UAE and the Netherlands, where the Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation worked in the United Arab Emirates as a creative executive director and a company Pragma Architects in the Emirates and the Dutch company Teilhardt.

Teilhardt contributed to the design of the exhibition’s content and interior decoration, while Pragma designed the pavilion building and the garden, and Auctual Holland, a Dutch 3D printing company, printed the cluster wall around the garden of the UAE pavilion.

Visitors will learn about the stories of halophytic plants in the United Arab Emirates, which play an important role in the country’s environment and the greening of its cities, including Al-Kharizah (Salicornia), known as the “Hero of the Desert” for its endurance and a potential source of biofuels, and mangroves, known as “coastguards”. Which maintains entire ecosystems and defends shorelines and microalgae known as the “core of marine life”, which provides essential oxygen for aquatic life and is being investigated for its use as a possible alternative to palm oil along with seaweed known as “the lungs of us sea ​​”, which not only provides essential oxygen but also supports the underwater food chain and biodiversity.

Each of these plants is represented by a glass sculpture accompanied by visual media celebrating its unique beauty. Visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the innovators of scientists, academics and professionals in the UAE who are developing new technology-based solutions and create together to help preserve the natural environment and encourage more life.

Visitors to the pavilion embark on an immersive and multisensory journey that begins in the saltwater garden inspired by gardens in the UAE and protected by a 3D-printed wall of recycled plastic. The environment.

Before the journey ends, visitors enjoy a playful moment of contact with the world of saltwater plants, as an immersive installation using spatial sound, imagery and moving light transports them to a seagrass meadow that interacts with their presence.


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