Pal Sport | The late Salah Al-Taamari and Faisal Al-Husseini Stadium

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The homeland lost yesterday, Saturday, the leader, fighter and seasoned politician, Major General Salah Al-Tamari, the former Minister of Youth and Sports between 2003-2005.

In 1995, during the reign of his prime minister, Dr. Azmi Al-Shaabi, and in collaboration with the Director-General of the Department of Youth and Sports, Haj Nabil Abu Omar, may God have mercy on him, the Ministry of Youth and Sports restored the stadium, furnished its rocky floor with improved soil and an amphitheater built on the west side and below it a number of rooms The stadium is surrounded by a wall of The other three sides and the erection of pillars and a fence over this fence, so that the stadium was approved by the Soccer Association and ‘ a few official matches were held on it.

The stadium remained in its state for many years without follow-up or maintenance, and some of the stadium rooms remained open, encouraging drug addicts to use it to sell and use drugs, and large forces of the Israeli police from time to time time struck the stadium rooms, especially if they knew there were Jewish addicts inside.

I remember being delegated by the Jerusalem Clubs Association in 2004 to monitor a youth match between Abu Dis and Silwan teams. To take some pictures of this sleeping young man, and between halves of the match, I toured through the open rooms and saw the effects of drug abuse and intoxicants lying on the floor of one of the rooms, so I took some pictures. Unfortunately, the young man fell asleep due to his drug use.

I printed the pictures on paper (we did not know the digital cameras at the time) and presented them to the direct officials in the Jerusalem directorate, as I was an employee there to do the necessary, and it turns out that he did not could not reach out. a decision by the ministry’s leadership, and a month after that incident, I published a press release with photos in a sports magazine. It was issued by the Jerusalem Clubs Association, in which I was editor, along with my colleagues, Rasim Abdel Wahed and Samir Ghaith.

After the publication and distribution of that issue of the magazine, and while I was at the head of my work in the Jerusalem Directorate, I was surprised by the arrival of the entire leadership of the Ministry to the headquarters of the Directorate in Al-Ram , led by His Excellency, the then Minister of Youth and Sport, Salah Al-Taamari, may God have mercy on him, the Assistant Secretary Jamal Muhaisen, may God have mercy on him, and the Director General of the Ministry Rabiha Diab, may God be merciful to her, and a number One of the senior officials to investigate the press release published in the Bond’s magazine, and when the minister asked about the name of the person who wrote and published the report, I replied that I’m the one who published the report and wrote it, and I invite you all to go to the site and see the condition of the stadium, the stadium and the rooms, and we did indeed the lands went into the stadium And the stadium toured rooms, which seemed clean and free from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, were surprised and even shocked by the new reality in which the rooms were, and I realized that the purpose was to deny what I have published and to punish me for this slander. .

Minister Salah al-Ta’mari, a great national leader, a seasoned military and political leader who took part in the battle of Karama, the leader of the lions and the leader of the Ansar camp in southern Lebanon, noticed that the cleaning of the rooms was very recent, so some officials looked at me as if they were telling me what you are talking about in your fatal report? I do not hide that I felt some fear for my future career, but the shrewdness and wisdom of Minister Al-Taamari manifested and spoiled what he had planned for me when he issued his decision to immediately says you have to do one of two things, either close the open rooms with bricks or put guards (guards) on the facility, so I escaped punishment, thank God.

This wise and responsible decision in dealing with sports media and the sports press again attracted attention and placed it on this important and strategic stadium, and after a few years it led to a large sports facility known today as (Martyr Faisal Al-Husseini Stadium)), as after a short period of that visit a Decision was issued to designate colleague Muhammad Ziyad Sub Laban (Abu Iyad) to accept the duties of the stadium manager and start the process to complete the project to build a football stadium To follow up the engineering plans of the project, while the Football Association delegated to Brother Badr Makki, the Secretary of the Federation and the Director of Information in the Ministry to join the project team close, which was the link with the International Federation, and later I was transferred from the Directorate to the stadium, and the four of us worked on all the details and matters related to the establishment to follow up from a football stadium. The colleague, Muhammad Ziyad, called him and streamed into the martyr’s stadium. Faisal Al-Husseini, and place a sign with this name above the door of the first rooms of the stadium out of his own pocket, until FIFA A, in coordination with the Ministry and the Union, by weeding the stadium take and build an amphitheater and headquarters for the Palestinian Football Association, and the four of us continued to follow the progress of the project until the new election for the Union in 2008, so each of us returned to our previous workplace, and to speak the rest, if God wills …

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