Riaad Newspaper | Vision 2030 and stimulates intellectual creativity

Dr. Marzouq Al-Ruwais

With the effects of the so-called awakening period, which was the result of a large expansion of mono-content cultural production, which focused primarily on the religious aspect, which created a state of mind and mentality associated with Islamic civilization become, until we no longer have a clear definition of who a thinker with a human perspective is no more than a thinker with a perspective The Islamic, which is due to the absence of agreement of the nature of the content with the content similar to it in other cultures, since the definition of the thinker as first basis is connected to the universality of the idea without specifying its time and place Islamic intellectual currents, which are usually distorted due to fanaticism, and thus the abundance of intellectual production in that period, even if the idea was universal but accepted acceptance by different cultures t, which ultimately influenced the development of our cultural capital to be part of the global cultural scene.

Considering the diagnosis of the intellectual situation is necessary so that we can clarify our cultural reality, because the loss of cultural capital is one of the most important factors that brings society into a state of intellectual stagnation, which creates an intellectual climate. create what societies lose the ability to establish and build on the achievements of their predecessors, which they see as exceeding their competencies, and therefore The inability to continue the development of what these ancestors achieved, so that this cultural capital turn into a discouragement to keep up with current developments, or to shift to a mentality of feeling behind in the pace of civilizations to talk more about restoring glory or switching to a sense of self-burnout focus as to the side of the ambition to influence that exists today to influence it.

And because Vision 2030 was aware of this vital task, and to break this deadlock, it developed a plan to develop cultural capital as a key objective to raise the ceiling of ambition to achieve rather than limit global achievements. to become local to the limited time and place, by raising the standards of ideas to be comprehensive rather than specialized. , in addition to legalizing the aspect of self-immolation, to put an end to the dynamics of resistance that affect all projects that serve ambitions that are capable of maintaining fit with the global level, on the part of those who suffer to an inability to absorb the current, its diversity, depth and challenges, so the cultural capital development programs have varied, whether through the development of the environment Legally or organizationally, the most important of which is the establishment of a Ministry of Culture and the establishment of 11 are affiliated bodies, in addition to the award of a special program for the development of human capabilities, since capacity is the sole determinant of intellectual will, and it is the real embodiment. of the reality of downloading this vision to the ground.

The case of classical hegemony that dominates intellectual societies is a central factor in shaping the state of intellectual stagnation experienced by any society. The external environment, and the special method of transmitting ideas is a big part of shaping the strengthening of this matter, since the methods of transmitting ideas are linked to the time and place of their transmission, and that this method are a large part of the legacy of intellectual communities to each other; All of this actually slows down the development process that takes place in these societies, thus increasing the level of intellectual stagnation, to eventually become the process of creativity and innovation of a short-lived nature that feeds rapid financial returns, and therefore no longer comes down to the building an intellectual system rather than nurturing a sense of self-burnout or false self-inflation, so the intellectual community becomes circulating ideas because of their temporal and spatial connection without first being convinced of each other, which we in most observe. traditional societies Thus, real creativity is a false creativity that does not amount to stimulating the development of cultural capital.

The strategic axes of Vision 2030 are based on a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation. The vision thus drove creativity and innovation in various fields. Creativity and innovation on a cultural and economic level and the provision of space for creative opportunities regardless of their field. Perhaps what is related to the intellectual community is often linked to the cultural aspect. Since it is not easy to get out of the guise of classical hegemony, due to the association of this domination with concepts rooted in the cultural heritage, the interconnected societies knew each other, as this acquaintance was the nature of resistance. what aspects of creativity and innovation, which require rearrangement of papers and revision of the cultural heritage, whether or socially in a way that serves to build an intellectual community, encouraged by Vision 2030 by paying attention to the geographical heritage of the Kingdom even before Islam, such as e.g. takes care of the Al-Ula region with its cultural and historical depth, in addition to reorganizing the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in the right way and removing the classical hegemony circulating in the rituals of interaction within it. , and other measures to prevent a disturbance in a state of cultural stagnation.

The place is not a place to extend the narrative of the evidence that proves how Vision 2030 was able to break the state of intellectual stalemate we went through, and often the breaking of intellectual stalemate in its transitional phase is accompanied by a state of intellectual chaos that creates controversial auras, but Vision 2030 and to this day, has managed to organize this Chaos and the preservation of development, and so we take note of the change that the vision brought about on the intellectual system , as the strategic power of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 has created the vital field for the possibility of the emergence of a new cultural scene, we feel its foreshadowing of years ago, and we look at its creative manifestations in the coming years.

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