The decline in Saudi and Bahrain shares in Tuesday’s session … and the rise of the UAE’s financial markets

The Gulf stock exchanges fluctuated during today’s session, Tuesday, the middle of the week’s sessions, as the general index of the Saudi stock market “TASI” fell by 0.29%, losing 39.76 points to 13 503.49 points, and the general index of the Bahrain Financial Market fell by 0.42% and lost 8.68 points. To close at 2059.30 points, while the UAE markets rose, and the indicators of the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

Saudi Stock Exchange

The general stock market index “TASI”, with trading closing today, Tuesday, fell 0.29%, losing 39.76 points to close at 13503.49 points, while the parallel market index – growth increased by 0.57%. , gained 134.80 points, to close at the level of 23656.19 points, and the trading volume reached 158.5 million shares worth 8.01 billion riyal..

Six sectors in the Saudi stock market declined, led by banks by 1.62%, followed by the healthcare sector by 0.56%, followed by the luxury goods retail sector by 0.5%, then the public utilities sector by 0.46% , then the food retail sector by 0.34%, and finally the commodity sector Capitalism increased by 0.04%, while the property management and development sector increased by 1.91%, followed by the application and technology services sector by 1.73%, and thereafter the transport sector by 1.29%.

146 shares jumped during today’s trading session, led by “Enaya” share with 9.97%, then “Wafra” share with 9.90%, then “Amanah Insurance” share with 9.83%, and 58 shares fell, led by “Brouge Insurance” by 4.43%, Then the “Saudi Fransi” share by 4.21%, then the “Advanced” share by 3.43%, while the “Al-Rajhi” share at the top of the list of most active was by value and amounted to 1.1 billion Saudi riyals..

Bahraini Stock Exchange

While the general index of the Bahraini financial market fell, at trading today, Tuesday, it fell by 0.42%, losing 8.68 points, to close at 2059.30 points, and the trading volume has 5.3 million shares reached, with a value of 1.5 million Bahraini Dinars The shares of Bahrain Aluminum Company rose by 3.33%, then the real estate sector decreased by 26.51%, with the pressure of the shares of the Seef Real Estate Company which decreased by 1.18%, and the shares of Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company, Bahrain Islamic Bank, Bahrain National Holding Company by 6.02%, 2.56%, 0.47%, Straight.

While the financial sector rose at a growth rate of 13.03%, driven by the rise in the shares of Ithmaar Holding Company, GFH Financial Group and the National Bank of Bahrain by 3.45%, 2.81% and 0 respectively , 32%, has the telecommunications sector with a growth rate of 9.25%, driven by the rise in the share of Bahrain Telecommunications Company. Wired and Wireless – Batelco up 0.37%, and Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company share up 3.09%.

Kuwait Stock Exchange

While the indicators of the Kuwait Stock Exchange fluctuated, the general market index rose by 0.21% during today’s trading session, gaining 17.20 points, to close at the level of 8 346.98 points, and the first market index increased by 0.4% and won 36.89. points, to close at 9279.86 points, while the Main Market Index fell 0.47%, lost 30.60 points, to close at 6418.95 points, and the Major Index 50 fell 0.45%, losing 30.14 points to 6688.57 to close points. ..

The trading volume at the close of transactions amounted to approximately 218.5 million shares, with a value of 67.5 million Kuwaiti dinars, through the implementation of 13.5 thousand transactions. 6 sectors in the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange, led by energy, rose by 2.34%, followed by the basic materials sector by 0.9%, followed by the financial services sector by 0.64%, followed by the Industries and Real Estate sectors by 0 respectively , Decreased by 4% and 0.38% and finally the banking sector by 0.15%, while the technology sector decreased. with 4.93%, then the insurance sector with 0.65%, then the consumer goods sector with 0.53%, then the communications sector with 0.24%, then Consumer Services sector with 0.15%.

Dubai Stock Exchange

While the general index of the Dubai Financial Market rose, at the close of trading today, Tuesday, it rose 0.33%, rose 12.26 points to 3665.86 points, and the trading volume reached 100.7 million shares , with a value of 345.3 million dirhams. by implementing 4565 transactions for 30 shares.

Six sectors on the Dubai Stock Exchange rose, led by commodities by 9.94%, followed by the insurance sector by 1.15%, followed by the telecommunications sector by 1.06%, then the real estate sector by 0.53%, then the banking sector by 0.48%. , and finally the services sector by 0.2%, while the two sectors Transport, Investment and Financial Services decreased by 1.19% and 0.15% respectively.

15 shares rose on the Dubai Stock Exchange, led by the Emirates Refreshments Company by 15%, followed by the Dubai National Insurance and Hersurance Company by 14.06%, while 9 shares fell, led by the Air Arabia Company by 1.93% , when the Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company share – a security with 0.8%, and the share of Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Company was at the top of the list of the most traded shares, by value, with a volume of 9, 8 million notes, with a value of 71.8 million dirhams.

Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange

The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange’s FADAX 15 index traded up 0.004% today, Tuesday, up 93.76 points, to close at 10019.16 points, and the market capitalization rose on the level of 1,858 closed. trillion dirhams, and the trading volume was 207.7 million shares, with a value of 1.6 billion dirhams. By executing 11.4 thousand transactions.

Seven sectors on the Abu Dhabi stock exchange declined, led by basic materials by 3.36%, followed by industries by 1.02%, followed by the consumer goods sector by 0.99%, then the energy sector by 0.87% .

25 shares rose on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, led by the “Fujairah Cement Industries Company” by 15%, then the “National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain” by 5.26%, then the “Abu Dhabi National Building Materials Company” by 15% 4.37%, and 19 shares fell, led by The share of “Aram Group” by 8.08%, then the share of “Easy Lease Motorcycle Company” by 4.92%, then the share of “Race Al Khaimah National Bank “by 4.76%, while the share of” International Holding Company “was at the top of the list of the most active by value and amounted to 316.4 million dirhams.

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