Actresses who got married in secret … one of them for money and another asked her husband to do a DNA test for his children when she gave birth to twins with him!

Secret marriage in the lives of stars and stars will be revealed soon, as the matter does not continue much in a framework of secrecy, especially with the distribution of communication websites, which encourage the stars to the details and scenes of their secret marriages to reveal and announce them.

Ahmed Ezz and Zina’s disputes, exposed his marriage to Angham, and the attempt to distort Ilham Shaheen caused by her ex-husband, Ezzat Kaddoura, and other marriages that were accidentally exposed.

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Safa Sultan The artist Safa Sultan denied the previous rumors that were spread about her during her career and emphasized that she had married twice in her life and not three times as on social media rumors, and among her marriages was one of them a secret marriage.

Safa Sultan has confirmed that her first marriage to Mr. Wassim Noureddine was Al-Jazaery, who is a general manager of Microsoft in the United States and is the father of her daughter, “Amly”. The Syrian Tariq Maraachli, and confirmed that he is nothing more than a colleague.

When she spoke about her second marriage experience, she revealed that she had secretly married a Jordanian man with an influential personality, and through that she expressed her deep remorse about it and said that the relationship she had with the second man had been in a love affair, but this love shocked her in the end.

Add in the same context: “I wronged myself when I agreed to this secret marriage, emphasizing that money is not enough to make life better.

Angham In the midst of artist Ahmed Ezz’s struggle with artist Zina over the issue of the descent of their children, Ezz El-Din and Zain El-Din, the wedding document of singer Angham van Ezz appeared, which was a shock and surprise to the public, especially after it became clear that this marriage was secret, and his order was hidden for years.To confront the two parties with their marriage contract, they were forced to explain the reasons for the silence of this to announce marriage, the most prominent of which was Angham’s desire to retain custody of her two sons, from her ex-husband, and not to neglect her by announcing her marriage.

Ahmed Ezz issued a nine-point statement at the time, explaining the reason why he hid his secret marriage to Angham, in which he said in a text that the contract was initially denied, and announced that it was Photoshop. is because the leaked image was merely a photocopy of it.

He added that Angham preferred to keep her marriage secret, to prevent her two children from being taken from her first husband, which prompted them to hide their case, noting that it was not necessary to go to every door to announce the marriage, and that those close to her were aware of all the details.

He stressed that when Ahmed Ezz denied his marriage to her, it was out of respect for his circumstances and did not deceive his fans, and she also denied at the time, and when the artist denied her marriage to Ahmed Ezz and her separation from him announced. at the time it was included in the contract, it was after her name was included in a subject that had nothing to do with her. near or far, inappropriate

Some have insisted that she is still Ahmed Ezz’s wife until now, which has caused her many problems, and she should have been refused to get rid of those controversies, and to announce to everyone that Ahmed Ezz is not a fraud is not and does not combine two women and does not deny what some dissatisfied people claim.

Nabila Ebeid Egyptian actress Nabila Ebeid secretly married diplomat Osama El-Baz, a political adviser to former president Hosni Mubarak, for nine years, during which she kept this news completely secret.

By asking Nabila Obeid in various programs about her opinion on the secret marriage, and whether she herself went through this experience, she denied and insisted that it was publicity, but in 2012, she announced with journalist Nishan that she secretly married Al-Baz for 9 years.

Nabila Obeid praised her relationship with Osama Al-Baz, who confirmed that she had been associated with him almost a decade before their divorce, noting that he had taught her many things in her life.

Elham Shaheen, the artist, Ilham Shaheen, secretly married Lebanese businessman Izzat Kaddoura, and in a daring and unusual move of hers, she had the infallibility in her hand.

Elham Shaheen agreed with Kaddoura to hide their marriage for one year so that his daughter would marry for fear of his position and social status. However, after the year was over, she found that their marriage was still secret, leaving her wondered. why, so Kaddoura replied to her that his daughter’s marriage was somewhat hampered.

Ilham Shaheen insisted on divorcing, and indeed signed the divorce document according to the infallibility she possessed, which the businessman regarded as an insult and an insult to his masculinity, and he tried to return to her and to marry her again so that he could obtain the infallibility. this time, but she completely refused.

In response to his consideration, Ilham Shaheen was subjected to an attempt to mutilate her face with firewater, but she survived this attempt, and by confronting her ex-husband, he told her that he was not responsible for this incident. , so Shaheen forgave him and remarked that she believed one of his family was behind the accident and not Kaddoura himself.

Zina is the main conflict between art stars over the proof of a secret marriage, during the past decade it was for the artist Zina, who, after the artist Ahmed Ezz denied her, and refused to prove the descent of his two children , she filed a divorce case in court in response to her consideration.

Ahmed Ezz has been denying his marriage to Zina for years, the courts are between them, and the public is following social media, until Zina was able to prove the descent of her two children through DNA, and their father Ahmed Ezz, who refused to Having taken a DNA test could prove the ancestry of her two children.

Ezz and Zina’s disputes still exist until now, as Ahmed Ezz insists on the way to the courts, and after the marriage is proved, the disputes still exist at the expense of the two children, Ezz El-Din and Zein El-Din, what was the fruit of this secret marriage.

Dancer Shams has been embroiled in controversy between popular singer Saad al-Saghir, after dancer Shams announced her secret marriage to her, and his refusal to acknowledge this marriage, after it caused her miscarriage and her uterus seriously. damaged.

Rasad al-Sagheer initially reacted to the case, but soon confirmed his marriage to Shams, pointing out that he hid the case from the press and media, for fear of the feelings of his first wife and mother of his children.

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