Clyde Beasley’s Jail Journey to the King of Table Golf and the Millionaire’s Club

He spent 11 years in prison, from which he came up with a distinctive idea and a successful project, and turned into one of the most important catalysts of success in the world.

Clyde Beasley was not a good man, and everyone who knew him at the time acknowledged this fact.

Paisley was a criminal in every sense of the word as societies formally described.

It was therefore only natural that this kind of life would end up with him being sentenced to a full 11 years in prison on various charges, including drug and weapon possession, along with a list of other outrageous charges.

Long years of jail spent by the brown boy, the boring routine of jail, the cramped room, the feeling of being lost. A small TV for prisoners to watch a few channels.

He never thought that this cold night, when he was watching live golf, would change his life for the better later on.

A golf game that changes Clyde Beasley’s life

That night, Clyde Beasley eagerly spent his time watching a round of golf. Unfortunately, while watching this match, the weather was bad, so the match was canceled in the middle of it due to bad weather.

Paisley was so frustrated that he was a greedy fan of this game, and it took him some time and assured him some fun, which made him angry that the game stopped amidst all this loneliness he had experienced. At the height of his anger, however, an astonishing thought came to him, which made him stop getting angry and screaming and immersing himself in deep thoughts.

Clyde Beasley was an avid fan of two sports, golf and tennis.

And both sports are held in open arenas, and both of them during that period, news of the cancellation of their matches due to bad weather.

At the same time, it is impossible to cancel “table tennis” matches because they are played in indoor halls.

Clyde Beasley and a crazy question

He asked himself a crazy question whether the tennis game had turned into a miniature version of it, which is “table tennis”. Why can not you also make a smaller version of golf, which is played on the back of a table, in a covered hall, and it can not be canceled due to weather conditions.

What will we call it? It would surely be called Table Golf, and it would be something like a combination of golf and billiards?

There will be no bad weather, rain and hurricanes, the matches will be postponed in this case without a doubt!

Let’s try

It was initially a strange and seemingly absurd idea, but he believed in it, and devised designs for the game in his mind.

He asked for some paper and pens, started sketching his idea and started imagining and putting in the rules of the game in the table space and its boundaries.

Paisley spent 11 years in prison, after which he happily came out with his freedom, but this time he did not return to the world of crime. He came out of jail with an idea he is strongly convinced and seeks to implement.

After his release from prison, he immediately went to the nearest store that sold some tools and equipment, and bought everything that would help him draw and plan his finished idea.

These tools cost him about $ 200, he took them all back to his poor home, and started implementing them.

He spent long nights creating the first prototype of his fantasy game.

It seems that the long nights of imprisonment taught him long patience and perseverance to plan all the details.

Looks like he could do it

Paisley was actually able to build his first game model, and he tested it many times to make sure its rules held up well.

Then he went to call his friends to try it with him, tell him how nice it was, and help him find any holes in it.

The result was that everyone expressed his great admiration for her.

to break into the market

After Beasley made sure his game was good, effective and interesting and cute, the most difficult stage in the life of any new entrepreneurial idea began. Marketing the product, presenting it to the market, and starting to attract profits.

Paisley’s movements were considerate, as he went to all the gyms he had heard of and had not had. Sports clubs and amusement parks, like any other creative new product, have been met with constant rejection, ridicule and ridicule. Even many of them did not agree to just listen to the idea.

But one of them, a gym owner who listened to him, told him that he could only help him with one thing, and that was to advise him to take his game to one of the seasonal game shows that every time in Los Angeles. year.

The year was 2003, and Paisley himself went to the fair in hopes of finding someone who could finance him, adopt his game and bring it to market.

Among several companies, one design firm had a keen interest in its game and offered to tackle the idea, manufacture it and market it on a large scale.

The target price for a single game, its tools and accessories ranged from $ 150 to $ 700, depending on the size of the table, and the game’s features and tools.

success and distribution

Just two years after the Paisley game was released on the market, its sales reached $ 5 million, which turned the former prisoner “Clyde Paisley” the creator and founder of the game into a millionaire in just two years, after he from the life of crime and all his abilities focused on creativity and innovation.

Over the years, Paisley has become a well-known model of motivational speaker for youth and despair, traveling to all U.S. states to tell his story in the business world, and how he managed to turn from a prisoner into a successful and creative entrepreneur. to change.

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