Darina El-Gendy to “Asharq Al-Awsat”: Follow-up on “Netflix” is nothing more than air bubbles

Darina El Gendy automatically steals the viewer’s attention when she appears in any drama. She chooses her roles carefully and masterfully, and is adapted to measure her free time. Her work outside Lebanon for more than 18 years forces her to take part in Lebanese and Arab dramas, as a guest of honor and nothing more. She told Asharq Al-Awsat: “The center of my life is Paris, where I also work in the field of acting. I also give special classes, ‘Master class’ in acting, even in different European countries. So you see me from a narrow door participate in local dramas so that it does not affect my work abroad.I emphasize the production company that I will be a guest of honor, but within a main focus of the series.Then they offer me the role, or I accept it first. ”

However, Darina El-Gendy’s appearance, as a guest of honor, does not diminish the brilliance of her performance, but on the contrary, her participation becomes an addition to the work. This is what the viewer feels when she follows her roles, as she enjoys a strong presence and charisma that must be imprinted in the memory of the spectator.

In the Ramadan 2022 season, Darina El-Gendy will appear in two dramas “Shadow” and “Blood of the Spirit”. They were indeed stuck by many threads of the two stories. In the first, she plays the role of a mysterious woman who makes her lawyer-husband famous, and then ends her life because she can not stand his falsehood. In the second, the role of “Um Saud” was presented, the woman who insisted on staying in the city of Raqqa after its occupation by ISIS, and their closure of the decoration salon she owned. She plays a vital role in a reality-inspired story.

The soldier said: “There is a big difference between the two characters, who attracted me to them to play them. This case is very important to me, as I do not like to repeat myself, and no matter how small the role, it does not prevent me from doing it if I am convinced. ”

Darina El-Gendy chooses her roles to be a guest of honor in Arab dramas

She starts talking about the character of “Umm Saud”, perhaps because she still portrays herself in one of the Lebanese regions to this day. She is stuck in her conscience, especially because she admires the personality of this woman who spreads joy and positive energy around her. In the context of her speech, she says: “This character exists and is a reality on the ground in Raqqa. The author of the work, Mohamed Hisham Obayya, weaved it beautifully and deduced its threads from research he had done on the ground. The director of the work, Kamila Abu Zekry, completed what Obayya started and translated it with her innovative camera.

Does the actor enjoy the role he is playing more than it is realistic? She responds: “Of course it affects the actor a lot, and I have had similar experiences. When the writer knows how to present the character in an interesting way, he is born rich and authentic, which helps the actor to perform well. The text of the work or paper as we call it in the world of acting, when integrated at a high style and level, is printed by the effort of the producer, writer and director, is reflected in elegance and pleasure in the actor, which brings together all the elements of success of the work.

Darina points out that she has been in the Raqqa area for many months before. She was filming the series “Tal Al-Ramad” in the late 1990’s, under the direction of Syrian director Najdat Anzour, so I got to know her better. “When I read the text (The Rising of the Soul), which contained small details about the streets and alleys of Raqqa, I recalled its atmosphere in my memory, which made me forget more about the character of (Um Saud). has.

Al-Jundi indicates that this character plays a key role in the work, which the viewer will discover in his upcoming episodes. She explains: “A close relationship will develop between her and Rouh, whose character embodies Menna Shalaby. And by the way, she is an excellent actress and has a really beautiful personality. ”

And what about her role in “Shadow” within the character of Dalal? She says: “Usually when a woman makes a man successful, she is the first target, to overthrow him. This is what happened to Dalal, the woman who made her husband Jalal (Abdel-Moneim Amayri) a well-known lawyer. And because she knows him well and has exposed his tricks, a strained relationship is born between them that ends dramatically. Dalal is a key to many puzzles. It’s true that her character is shrouded in mystery, but things will crystallize with the sequence of episodes.

Darina El-Gendy, known for her support of women, and as an activist who demands and works to ensure their human rights, plays two roles that indirectly support women. She says: “I am always interested in presenting characters that revolve around this framework, as I did not originally like flat roles, but I always long to play characters that challenge me, even if they are based on evil. The experiences and experiences I have enjoyed since the beginning of my career in 1976 have generated accumulations that I can benefit from in my work as an actress. The most important thing the actor should enjoy is to live out the character in his moment and attend with him when he embodies it. The feeling we have in these moments is what contributes to our creativity as actors. If the actor tries to think of the word or phrase he will say, he loses his credibility in acting, so he has to catch up on these moments to the end.

Soon the soldier enters the studios to take part in a foreign production of a French-American production. “It consists of two parts, and I play a key role in it, which I can not talk about now, due to conditions imposed on us by the producing company.” Are you in a business that consists of more than one season? She responds: “It is related to the intrigue of the work from the beginning. Designed and written based on more than one season, it means it is based on a solid dramatic composition, and built as required. But to think about presenting a second and third part of a work, after we have seen the success of the first part, I do not think it is right. ”

Speaking about what is lacking in Arabic drama in general, al-Jundi said: “There is no doubt that it is in a state of remarkable development. There are Lebanese producers contributing to this. Sadiq Al-Sabah is one of them, and I call him personally (Prince), because he has an amazing performance in production, and in how he collaborates with the actors and the work team as a whole. He also has a kind-hearted personality and treats everyone with remarkable elegance and decency, except that he is a professional product, which attracts you more to work with him. It also puts all the necessary capabilities at the disposal of the work team, which reflects positively on its productions. ”

And she continues: “On the other hand, what we lack in Lebanese drama is to have the necessary artistic culture. Being an actress and not studying acting is not a problem as long as you strive hard and hold training workshops. In the same way, the actor must have a good literary base that includes poetry and knowledge of all the arts, which generates for him an intellectual reservoir from which he can benefit from playing any character. ”

Al-Jundi believes that it is not enough to watch the work via (Netflix), because it is nothing more than air bubbles. It is more useful to see high-end literary and artistic theater works, and others that will provide the actor with a rich artistic culture. In her opinion, when an actor applauds himself, he is making a mistake. Humility and then humility, in addition to culture and insects to gain more experiences. There is a temporary fame similar to (popcorn) as it quickly disappears, as if its owner had entered the field to act out of greed for it, or out of love to raise money. That is my opinion on the matter, and I hope that those who do not want to strive will not enter this field from the beginning. ”

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