Golf wear is not just for the rich

The game of golf has special features that make it different from other types of other sports, especially with regard to the type of clothing suitable to play this game, which is distributed among the high class of society. But it turns out that this type of clothing is no longer just for the rich. Fashion experts have explained that the era in which sports clubs set up exact specifications for the clothes of their players is over, as golfers now have the opportunity to choose what they like from the different types of sportswear. However, most players still make sure they follow conservative rules when choosing golf attire.

classic look

“Most players prefer classic designs,” says Andreas Roze, a fashion expert from Frankfurt, Germany. Light cotton trousers, for example, can be coordinated with a shirt, or a polo shirt, in addition to wearing a light waistcoat. Since one can also count on this range as everyday wear, fashion experts ensure that golf wear fits very well with everyday outfits this season. Here, the occurrence expert in the German capital, Berlin, Bernhard Rotzel, records the conversation and says: “There have long been no intersections between the main trend of fashion and golf wear, and the demand for very elegant pieces of clothing that characterize the (preppy) look. , increases as the wearing of pants is widespread.The chino, the karo, and the vest with a V-cut.

This classic look appears in everyday wear, preferred by the upper class of American society, in the design lines that bear the signature of Ralph Lauren, for example, while the Tommy Hilfiger brand relies on some elements of the college look, such as a cardigan , chino pants, or a polo shirt with it Logos or a few extra pieces of fabric. Boss Greenz’s current tracksuit collection replaces the tracksuit jacket and blazer with purely functional clothing. Black, white, khaki and earth tones dominate the Nike Golfz brand.

Silent colors

German appearance expert Bernhard Rotzel added, “Golf fashion is usually characterized by colorful clothing, which is influenced by the American style, but the new trend testifies to an increasing dependence on calm colors.” In addition, the effect of functional clothing fashion in golf clothing is clearly visible, as there are padded and water-repellent jackets made of nylon, and elastic material and stretch material are used in abundance in golf fashion. These subtle changes in fashion trend can be seen through the golf posters, which are meant to appeal to aspiring golf enthusiasts. Golf is no longer just a recreational sport for the aristocracy of society, it is a type of sport that takes players very seriously.

The fashion for golf wear follows the same path as the modern fashion trends for everyday wear; Sportswear designers strive to make their models suitable for the field and everyday life. For example, Pradaz offers matte-toned hats and jackets that enhance the conservative feel, while emphasizing contrast through colorful patterned trousers. The brand also offers shoe models that maintain the classic look of golf shoes.

Industry standards

Regardless of the fashion of clothing, whether it is sporty, functional, classic or elegant, there are some practical things to consider when choosing golf clothing, as Julia Kramer, of the German Golf Association in Wiesbaden, advises that the shirts do not too tight to the body not to hinder Players when moving their arms and shoulders. Pants should also have pockets with enough space to hold certain golf items, such as golf balls, a scorecard or a small piece of plastic that holds the golf ball.

It should be noted that each golf club determines the type of clothing suitable for playing on its courses, and German expert Julia Kramer says, “Golf clothing has nothing to do with the official rules of golf practice or etiquette, but it is’ a matter left to each golf club to determine the nature of the clothing that players appear on its courses. “But the only thing to consider is that the clothing has a collar,” Bernhard Rötsel added.

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