How did a British twin “dare” and set up a billion-dollar company?

  • Lydia Bernsmere Rollo
  • BBC

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Alexander and Oliver Kent Braham with their colleague and co-founder David Goethe

When twins Oliver and Alexander Kent Braham, 29, decided to rediscover one of the most traditional areas of finance – insurance – all they had to do was come up with a new idea, and the gym was ready to be the company’s headquarters.

“We were members of the Virgin Active Gymnasium, which had Wi-Fi, a coffee shop and a great location on The Strand,” says Oliver.

This is where Marshmallow Insurance was born, with the help of co-founder and chief technology officer David Gautier. They did not have capital or customers, but they knew they had a strong idea.

Their assumption was correct: by September 2021, the company had grown into a unicorn – meaning it was worth an estimated $ 1 billion (£ 727m) – making it the UK’s second black-owned unicorn.

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