Information technology is increasing every year with advances and many new programs

Computer science is one of the leading sciences of the branches related to engineering, and that science works on a wide interest in computer science and related technology, as it is considered to be the first type of computer that existed in the fully recognized sense , was during 1991, and several attempts began From 1936 by the scientist Alan Turing, and through this article we will talk about computer technology and its development in every detail.

computer science definition

There may be a question about computer science and what we mean by that, what is the science involved in developments in computers, from the beginning related to design and its principles until we reach the applications available in different fields.

It is also possible to take into account that the computer may play a role in all areas of life that exist around us, including financial applications, online trading systems and others, but you may not be aware of this as you even have a watch in your possession. hand is a simple and miniature type of computer.

Therefore, it does not consider or acknowledge the existence of a special definition of computer science, but we find the great and comprehensive interest that works to provide it.

Computer science has worked to pay attention to every simple detail within the computer, which is:

  • How a computer can work, and it is through that electricity to convert to what we see in our lives of images and also various video clips that appear very clearly on mobile devices.
  • The map of computer related devices and their applications, which are represented in the different applications, operations related to funds and their transportation, robotic aircraft and their administrative programs, programs as well as medical matters and their services.
  • The structural system of the various devices of the computer, which are considered to be the systems associated with Windows and its operation, and by which you can now read those types of lines.

What is the evolution of computer science?

As we mentioned earlier, the origins and beginnings of the first types of computers were during the year 1991, and some of the different models were relied upon, which may be the same as those relied on today.

The foundation of computer science is john von, an american, because he had the idea to store information as well as the various programs that were set up earlier.

For example, when a person clicks on one of the various icons associated with the opening of an image, we find that the processor is playing its role by extracting its own instructions in order to extract the required data.

The beginning of the origin of programming and its own languages ​​during the year 1950, thanks to many engineers and scientists specializing in it, and that programming relied on rules whose concept became clear and consisted of codes 0, 1 Het.

Note has many continuous developments due to the many problems it encounters during the conversion of programming languages ​​to numbers, hence the rise of the term compiler.

The beginning associated with these devices for the ability to come to light is when very high efficiency technologies existed, and the cost is much lower. Perhaps the best known of these technologies is the cathode ray, which is popular among students as they are taught in physics.

This technology and its capabilities work by converting different colors into some numbers so that the computer can represent them on the display screens.

The great credit is due to this technology to achieve what we are today of high and incredible accuracy that exists in the era of pixels, whose impact is certainly clearly seen during the great and amazing developments in the games that now exist , regardless of the simple possibilities that have existed since ancient times In the Atari games and others.

Then came the great and clear emergence of network science, through which information and data can be transmitted in simple and easy ways by various devices without any obstacles or problems.

Various fields of computer science

Computer science is considered as many and many fields, and the topics related to it are very overlapping and divided, and we will talk and explain the best known of these fields of computer science, including:

Programming is one of the most important computer sciences, due to its ability to access all fields and functions, as the vast majority of people who specialize in that science have a large and clear dependence on programming and its sciences.

And it’s not only that, but programming is one of the most important fields and also the most in demand in the labor market, and it’s thanks to the wide range of applications and tasks associated with it to the extent that all the different international companies need that science a lot.

There are many different terms that fall under the concept of programming, including application development, as well as software engineering, so it may not require you to get confused about these terms.

Programming can be defined as the process associated with the design and construction of many programs in order to enable the computer and its various devices to understand them correctly, including drawing and storing information.

These are simple things related to programming and its basics as it is a very broad field, if we explain it in detail we will need a lot of articles.

  • Graphic Sciences

The field of graphics and its various sciences related to graphics, as well as various images, is a type of matter that is very complex, and this field is considered as one of the pillars of computer science.

The people who are skilled and distinguished in this science make those around them greatly amazed by the deceptive methods they do and the skills and competencies they possess, which appear in a large and clear way during films related to animation, as well as the different sciences. of subpoena and designs.

It is not as effective when talking about the same people who are always working on the development and design of these programs, and since it is quite complex, there are many people who do these types of designs.

During these developments, certain basic issues are relied upon, including AutoCAD, engineering programs, as well as Photoshop.

This field also includes activities related to games and their development, as well as simulation programs, in addition to many modern technologies represented in augmented and virtual reality.

  • Network engineering field

It is one of the well known and leading fields to be able to communicate with different computers to work on the transfer of different information as well as data.

With this, we explained computer science in great and wide detail, in addition to the different fields associated with those sciences, as well as the amazing and astonishing developments that have taken place over the different centuries.

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