On charge of embezzlement of public money .. Referral of the Deputy Mayor of Zefta and 8 officials to a disciplinary hearing

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 April 2022 – 22:43 | Last update: Wednesday 27 April 2022 – 22:43

Attorney Ahmed Naim, the Attorney General in the Disciplinary Action Branch in Tanta, under the supervision of Adviser Abdullah Fattouh, Director of the Disciplinary Action Branch in Tanta, appointed the Deputy Chairman of the Zefta City Council and 8 others after the disciplinary hearing refer.

Investigations conducted by Adviser Mohamed Naguib Al-Sharqawi, Attorney General of the Administrative Prosecution in Al-Santa, have revealed the involvement of a leadership in Zifta City Council and 8 other officials in case 103 of 2022, namely: “Samir. p. M., head of the mechanical campaign at Zefta City Council, and Yousry. R. A, Vice President of City Council, and Mustafa. AM, a driver in the mechanical drive, and Muhammad. s. A, a driver with a mechanical drive, and Sobhi. a. Q “a driver with a mechanical drive, and” Ismail. a. A “driver with a mechanical drive,” said Mr. R. M, a driver with a mechanical drive, Issam. AS driver in the mechanical campaign, Nasser. F. M »driver with mechanical drive.

The administrative prosecution in Al-Santa ordered the establishment of a technical committee of the administrative authority, which prepared a report in which it concluded that the aforementioned accused had committed several offenses constituting criminal offenses.

The newspaper Al-Shorouk obtained an official copy of the disposal memorandum, from which it was established that the defendants had violated the requirements of their duties in the course of their work and had adopted conduct which was contrary to respect, duty and work.

The investigations indicated that the first accused spent and received 1360 liters of diesel in a monthly settlement of 8 and 9 of 2018 for tractor no. liters of diesel in the settlement of 5, 6 and 7 For the year 2020 for car no. “648 ASA” Although the car has been idle since 20 May 2020 to date, it has spent 160 liters of diesel, a month, and received 5 settlements for the year 2020 for car No. “5649 ASA” although the car It has been deactivated since 30 April 2020 to date, and it has spent and received 58 910 liters of diesel with collected receipts issued for Tariq Ghorab’s petrol, not with petrol, in violation of the instructions, laws and regulations governing the exchange of diesel for state cars, as stated in the statement of petrol and the photocopy of the attached receipts without bonuses. Petrol, and he stopped recording the fuel packs spent on cars and equipment in the mechanical campaign in the city council of Zefta running on diesel in the books prepared for this from February 2021 AD to the present.

The investigations said that the second accused failed to supervise the first offender, which led to his deterioration in the offenses mentioned above from item 1 to 11, and he participated with the first offender in receiving 58 910 liters of diesel with collected receipts released from him for Tariq Ghorab’s petrol, not with petrol, while the third defendant spent 2 Oil Seal, 2 cans of grease and a can of oil with permission to No. 512 on 23/5/2021 AD for the car number “5423 AS A”, which has been broken since 1/4/2021 AD to date, as set out in the papers.

She added that the fourth accused on 10/13/2021 a zippered paper no. 4 and a half nail with the exchange permission no. 128, and 4 assistant tires with an exchange permit number 127 on 10/13/2021 AD, for the motor number “5362 AS A” which has been out of service since the date of 10/6/2020 AD to date, as set out in the papers, while the fifth accused an air filter with the exchange permission No. 727 on 1 issued. / 6/2020 AD, for car no. 5427 AS A, which has been vacant until 30 April 2020 to date, as follows: set out in the papers.

And it added that on 10/5/2020 the sixth accused exchanged Calex with exchange permission 88, 6 internal and external tires 750/16 with exchange permission 69 on 28/9/2020, and a cylinder clutch, disc clutch and Bleat clutch with exchange permission no. 703 on 1/6/20202 for the car. No. “5648 AS” despite the car’s breakdown on 20/5/2020 to date, while the seventh defendant paid 2 hydraulic oil jerry cans with 78 permission to exchange on 2/9/2021, and 6 wheel bolts with 562 exchange permission on 9/3/2020 for the 553 charger despite the fact that the aforementioned charger has been deactivated since 16/7/2019, and the eighth accused Calex spends 24 volts with exchange permission no. 168 on 21/11/2020, and an air filter with drainage permission No. 92 on 10/5/2020 AD, and 2 Side Mirror with Exchange Permit No. 97 on 10/5/2020, for car no. 5427 AS, despite the fact that the car has been out of order since 30/4/2020.

And the ninth accused had on 1/6/2020 2 bales 6302 with drainage permission no. 717, a water filling with drainage permission 716, and a water filling set with drainage permission no. 712 paid out for tractor no. 716 despite the tractor’s malfunction. from 1/6/2020 to date as set out in the papers.

In the referral order and the indictment report, the Administrative Prosecution requested the President of the Disciplinary Court in Tanta to determine the next sitting to hold an urgent hearing for the accused.

And instructed to look at the continuation of the first (the campaign chief) and the second (the deputy head of the city council) in the tasks assigned to them or not, after the accusations against them have been proved, in the light of the disciplinary ruling issued, and the suspension of any fees belonging to Tariq Ghorab filling station in Zefta within the number of 58 910 liters of diesel The estimated amount is 397 642.50 pounds until the end of criminal investigations and disposal of papers.

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