Secrets of “Uncle Jameel” with Hamada Hilal in Al-Madah .. Scary Stories (Exclusive)

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After the brilliant success achieved by the artist Mahmoud Amer, in the embodiment of the character of “Uncle Jameel”, the uncle of the artist Hamada Hilal, this man of good morals, who goes through many situations during jobs, in the Al-Maddah series, the first part past Ramadan, expressed the artist Mahmoud Amer, He expressed his happiness with his participation in the second part of the series “Al-Maddah Ostoura Al-Wadi”, and he spoke about the events of the series and behind the scenes of the work, and “Ahl Masr” conducted a special interview with him.

Tell us about your dealings with artist Hamada Helal?

First, Hamada, one of the artists who loves their work very much and is keen that they present art in a respectful way and that it simplifies them. Hamada acts in the location as anyone who is not the star of the job, on the contrary, he treats with love as if he is a younger or older brother according to the age before him, he is not a selfish star, in some stars like to keep everything from skin to skin.No, he is very happy with any addition to anything, as long as it is in the context of the subject and the presence of the director, and this is my third work together with him. The legend of the valley. ” And I hope we continue like this, because Hamada has positive energy and joy in the location, and that is clear from the very nice reactions that make me happy throughout the Arab world.

How did the scenes work with the heroes of the work?

It was comfortable and joyful despite the fatigue. Sometimes it said that you worked 16 hours a day, but the state of love and the state of fruitful interaction between the members of the creative process that existed, it relieved one of any fatigue, and on the in the end, when you feel successful and the moment you reap the rewards of your labor, the audience will be satisfied.

Was he scared of the events of the series, especially since it was a little scary?

To be honest, while reading the episodes in some scenes, I personally caught on because the element of surprise in the events you see for the first time, and because of your experience as an artist, you see a picture and you read, some kind of momentary fear or instantaneous anxiety has occurred, but after that rescue I know it’s finally his book and it’s a series, and it’s events And there are characters that have dimensions, and the whole work is based on a drama, in which there is a struggle between good and evil, praiseworthy, a struggle between people and the jinn.

Did you expect the audience’s response to the second part of the praise?

I was expected, and I was more than one. I was confident of the resounding success. I was in the first part of Al-Madah before it was uncovered. I said Al-Madah the “black horse” in Ramadan and in one of the programs I said if I may say that Al-Madah will be the black horse last Ramadan, in Ramadan it will be the horse White, black, brown and be all colors, thank God, my feelings are true.

How did you prepare for your role?

In preparation for the role, I read the series as a whole, and since the character continues from the first part, the same specifications and the same nature of execution, unless this particular work was in many movements when the earth was burned and the harvest was burned and I saw my relationship with the other characters and the escalation of the event.

Is there a third part to praise after the success of the first and second part?

By God, I personally can not say it in a third part, and if all the people on social media wish it stayed in it for more than one reason, they say the work is respectful and there is no word out and work not what the good builds and replaces according to the opinions of the followers.I can not say in a third part, though I hope so.

Do you follow series in Ramadan and what do you think of it?

Due to the filming of the Al-Maddah series, I see nothing but excerpts from the series (Faten Amal Harbi, With the Dawn of the Spirit, Deviation, Tawba, Al-Kabeer Ui 6, Rania and Sakina), but not intensely no, so I can not judge the works in one way, I follow them, but if God wills, after Ramadan I will see them through the internet, I can see business by virtue of my profession.

In your opinion, the best comedy series of the year DA?

The best need of Akram Hosni, the “Maktoob Alia” series, and the artist Ahmed Makki, the “Al-Kabeer Onion Part Six” series. An artist doing a comic work that removes worry and sadness from the hearts of people.

The Al-Maddah series, the second part, witnesses a strong escalation in events, as it contains many decisive scenes, which capture the interest of Arab drama lovers, and drama followers interact with the events of the Al-Maddah make series, part two, through social networking sites, praising its events and story, making it top of the global search engines.

The story of the Al-Maddah 2 series, as part of the 2022 Ramadan series, revolves around a strange dream that Saber Al-Maddah has, which changes the course of his life, and when he tries to find an explanation for it. to seek, he found himself on the threshold of a war he would fight with the jinn.

Al-Maddah Series, Part Two

The series “Al-Maddah Legend of the Valley”, featuring a leading group of artists, Hamada Hilal, Heba Magdy, Kamal Abu Raya, Walaa Al-Sharif, Heidi Refaat, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, and the work directed by Ahmed Samir Farag, and written by Amin Jamal, Walid Abu Al-Majd.

The Al-Maddah series, Legend of the Valley, will be broadcast daily at 20:00 on mbc Egypt, and will be repeated at 12:00, and on mbc Egypt 2, daily at 23:00, and it will be at 17:00 is repeated nm.

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