Ted Rice talks about his first kite surfing

Ted Rice, of the Marble Brewery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is an avid surfer, golfer and windsurfer. Do you like water sports, but want more adventure? In the article below, Ted Rice explains what you need to get started on windsurfing.

Kite surfing uses a kite-controlled kite and a belt on a belt worn around the abdomen. Depending on the area, Ted Rice of Marble Brewery says it’s also called kite surfing and kite surfing, but whatever its name, it’s a road trip that will quickly become a favorite. Wherever windsurfing is possible, so can windsurfing.

This is especially useful for those who are comfortable in the open sea, Ted Rice explains, since flying the kite in certain patterns creates enough power to jump – and jump really high. Some kiteboarders (well, the benefits at least) can reach up to 60 feet and float hundreds of feet. This is serious broadcast time.

What also makes windsurfing attractive, according to Albuquerque’s Ted Rice, is that it’s easy to get started. Here’s what it takes to get ready for unparalleled water sports.


In general, kite surfing equipment is cheaper than kite surfing equipment. Kites with the necessary lines and tape are likely to cost around $ 950 to $ 1600, while panels range from $ 600 to $ 900. The jacket and belt cost about $ 150.

Ted Rice of Marble Brewery explains that it is possible to get some serious deals on kite surfing equipment by going for a used kit; Some sports enthusiasts say it can halve the total cost of equipment. However, be sure to check the age of the device. Never buy kite surfing equipment that is more than three years old.

Try a kite

Practice before you go kite surfing to fly a two- or four-line kite, especially if it has been a long time since you learned to fly a kite. Ted Rice of Marble Priory says that these kite training kites enable people to experiment and explore the flying skills needed for kite surfing and can also prevent damage to kite surfing equipment.

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Although windsurfing can be mastered with practice, it is still a very technical sport that requires professional training.

Ted Rice explains that some kite boarding techniques may seem counter-intuitive at first, so lessons will help you master basic concepts and avoid mistakes. Good lessons are the best way to ensure safety on the water.

Consider a lesson before you buy equipment just to make sure it fits properly. It is easy to find an affordable one day lesson that covers all the basics.

Those who want to practice afterwards should take additional lessons while buying the necessary equipment, and then after purchasing the equipment to get proper instructions for some of the equipment. The full course lasts from 3 days to a week.

Ted Rice of Marble Brewery says he always gets a lesson from someone who is certified to go windsurfing and someone who has trained himself. There are many reputable organizations offering lessons under the guidance of certified instructors, and there are many kite surfing camps around the world to find the best kite surfing instructors and people.

Some examples include Dare2Fly in the Dominican Republic or Heliophora off the coast of West Africa in Dakhla. Ted Rice of Marble Brewery says countries from Brazil and Sri Lanka to Egypt also have kite-burning camps.

As with other sports, do not make the mistake of thinking that you can learn windsurfing by watching videos. Yes, there are instructional lessons available online and some of them may provide good ideas before the first lesson, but never rely on a video to practice before climbing on the water.

What do you expect from the lessons?

Ted Rice of Marble Brewery explains that introductory classes cover everything needed to start the sport well. Lessons generally cover how to fly a kite on land, including control, launch and landing, kite flying on water, including relaunching and body towing, and how to get on board and ride efficiently.

Other topics covered include how to determine if an area offers suitable conditions for kite surfing, how to determine wind direction and strength, and general knowledge of currents, tides and potential water hazards.

Typically, windsurfers need about 10-12 hours of training before hitting the water.

Consider your fitness levels

Ted Rice of Albuquerque explains that windsurfing does not require exceptional physical condition or even tremendous muscle strength, but like most sports, it is best to have a good level of overall fitness. Helps with skill development, injury prevention and endurance on water and air.

Make sure all material is completed

A kite, board and belt are essential, but many recommend bringing a diving suit and life jacket while sailing. Some kiteboarding packages also include a leash, backpack and pump, but even a standard board will include a board handle, foot straps and fins.

Make sure everything is fine before you go to the beach. Did you lose an item? Do not wave with kite.

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