The development of Egypt Post … 50 years of success: a new study at the top of research indicators

Egypt Post has in recent hours issued search indicators, having recently succeeded in restructuring its services, in line with the needs of citizens on the one hand, and in line with the rapid progress in information technology on the other; This is in line with the national plan developed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and implemented by the National Postal Authority.

Objectives of the development of the Egyptian Post

It aimed to develop and mechanize work systems in all Egyptian post offices at the level of the Republic, and their number reached more than 4 thousand post offices, with an annual growth rate of 4.39%. : “Egypt Post .. a qualitative leap in terms of form and content.”

150 years of Egyptian Post

And the system, which has been in operation for more than 150 years, has experienced a great development process in the level of services provided to citizens, and has become very dependent on technology and the development of the performance of workers, adding that there are more than 40 thousand Egyptian workers working in the system, and they provide postal services to nearly one million citizens daily. .

Egypt Post profits

The study confirmed that the Postal Authority last year achieved EGP 3 billion and 183 million net profit, with a net profit growth rate of 51%, with a total service income of EGP 3 billion and 394 million, with a 5% growth rate in employment income, and savings fund deposits amounting to EGP 264 billion. The study monitored the main manifestations of the boom seen by the Egyptian Post as follows:

A number of achievements were achieved at administrative level, so that the senior management functions in the government were restructured with the introduction of new axes that would increase the organizational level of the government, and the pay system for employees of the National Postal Authority was developed. , with the introduction of a special incentive to distinguish jobs of a specialized nature and link income to production.

Pension payout processes were automated by the smart card, and the service of delivering pensions to homes for the elderly and people with special needs who wanted to do so without incurring additional costs.

Egypt Post is an outlet for Egypt’s digital services and financial inclusion services, and a mediator between the client and the companies that provide these services, which include consumer microfinance, microfinance and microinsurance, through which applications are received, applicants’ data is recorded , funding is paid out, and premiums are collected.

Introducing the new system for managing logistics operations and delivering consignments and parcels of all kinds, with the aim of developing e-commerce services, and promoting the principle of artificial intelligence and digital transformation of modern technology.

Expanding the branches of the Egyptian Post and providing them with devices that provide services with modern technologies through the deployment of post kiosks and the provision of mobile post offices equipped with postal employees, and an automatic teller machine for the purpose of working in post offices during peak hours , especially during the times of pension payments. The offices were indeed provided with 1,700 machines. Automatic teller machine, and the number of offices is increased successively, in coordination between the National Postal Authority and the Property Registration Authority.

The Postal Logistics Center was established at Cairo International Airport in accordance with the latest international standards, and the center contributes to the facilitation of the provision of e-commerce services to fraternal African countries. Within the framework of the conservation of the state’s assets and heritage buildings , a development plan has been implemented for the Egyptian Post Museum at Ataba; With the aim of reopening it to visitors after decades of closure; The development process relied on modern technologies in the display of collectibles, the use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality techniques.

Egypt Post provides many services to people of determination. Branches have been developed, rehabilitated and equipped for them, in addition to the use of modern technology, the creation of places designated for them and the registration of their data by employees in all branches.

Egypt Post’s launch of the points and rewards program comes within the framework of supporting the state’s plans aimed at implementing financial inclusion and digital transformation, and Egypt Post’s effort to motivate and encourage all customers to use non-cash payment methods, and after every transaction made by the customer using Egypt Postcards in direct purchases Or shopping online, points are added to the user’s account.

And he can later use it as a full or partial payment method when he buys any of the products and services provided by a network of merchants and service providers participating in the program, which counts more than 150 merchants across the Republic distributed.

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