The good news came to him .. one is with the one he loves

We live in the atmosphere of the paradise of the world, ten nights, and through a journey in which hearts and souls wander in search of God’s transformation over them in His name of forgiveness, with their hope attached to the actual judgment that renews and favor renewal. continuity (you love forgiveness), and whose duration, breath and blessings still fill thoughts, souls and conscience with passion and wait for the good news of the night Al-Qadr is the night of emancipation, forgiveness and closeness to God. What will be the situation at that time, what will be the reception and acceptance of the servant and how will it affect him for the rest of his life, and therefore while we live this beauty and this pampering and this divine kindness that smells of the universe fills with hidden kindness to refer to the condition of the Companions, may God be pleased with them With the prophetic people and in how many ways did they behave and live for them with the genes of joy and pride good news? At the same time, you are living in a strange state. You marvel at the extremes of amazement, and the mind almost goes away, and the heart stops while you wonder about these honorable companions while living in this state. How did they get the good news and how did they get away from the Messenger of God and what kind of joy is that then the most important question is what would I be like if I were in their place and I live in an atmosphere (and the good news has came him) in the ten nights that creep in, and here is the first model, the model of our master Muadh bin Jabal.

How did Muadh bin Jabal sleep that night?

When the beloved, peace with him, said to him, “By God, Muadh, I love you.” Imagine that you are in his place, yes, you are? The Messenger of God comes to you in a dream on the Night of Decision and tells you that he loves you. These moments and words are more precious than gold. Live with your heart and conscience while you are in these nights, as our Master Muadh lived, and say to yourself, the Messenger of God loves me. Oh is that night?

When the beloved, peace with him, gave him his stick … and said to him, “With that I will know you in heaven.” Imagine that the messenger of God gave him his staff, and the gift would be the way. to know him in Heaven.

Perhaps our master Abdullah bin Uwais was known for this scene, and he received a blessing, and his hand was blessed with the place of the hand of the messenger of God on his staff, then he kept it in his grave to to meet loved one in Paradise The prophet in the mosque of our master Al-Hussein, then he tells you that the sword of the Messenger of God is an example for you, with which the Messenger of God will introduce you to you in Paradise . I leave the answer to you, because I do not know what language synonyms can describe the scene, then I will add a dig series to you to move you to another scene, the scene of Bilal, the muezzin of the Messenger, to to ask him.

How did you sleep, our Master Bilal, on that defining night? And how did you get the good news for that reason, and that’s another news that was just for you?

When the Beloved, peace be with him, said to you, “I hear the tambourine of your sandals in Paradise,” why then did you strike us, Bilal?

Yes, taste this word (with what we preceded) Yes, imagine before whom? You go before the Messenger of God and even hear the tambourine of your sandals, as if you were part of Paradise, while you hear the sound of your sandals, but for this a price has been set by our master Bilal, that is (I have did nothing but do ablution, and I did not perform washing except that I prayed two units of prayer to God.) Fate tells you in your sleep, I have your heartbeat and the glorification of your tongue in heaven audience, so how will you spend your night? I think all you have to say is (We have accepted the glad tidings), O Messenger of God. Let’s then go to the Minister of Truth in the life of a Messenger in the scene of mankind, and I ask how Khadija slept that night?

After the beloved, peace with him, said to her: “Gabriel..God give you peace and tell you that Khadija will be in a palace in Paradise from a cane in which there is no noise or monument.” She is good news that goes to sleep and revives the heart and fills the soul You are in your imagination in the details of this palace within Paradise, how is its size, what is its area, who are its servants and who is its result , so live the experience of the ten days so that the Messenger of God will tell you in the Night of Decision your place in heaven, for it is the indwelling salvation and the great king, we are now in the stage of places in heaven to reserve, you are in heaven When he came with me to a new glad tidings with Ubai bin Kaab, may God be pleased with him, to whom the messenger of God said: “My Lord commanded me to go up to you to say. ” The response of Ubayy bin Kaab to this good news. God reminded me of my name. The Messenger of God says to him: Yes. In the Most High, how will you be when you receive the good news of the Messenger of God at night? of Decide in your sleep that God boasts of you among the angels, and He wrote you among the disabled? To the special case unique rare case Virgin Love, let’s watch with you How did Abu Bakr sleep that night? Good night, and let’s imagine his condition

When the reliable revelation, Gabriel descended on the best of the desert and said to him, “God tells you to tell your friend that I am satisfied with him, is he satisfied with me?”

This is the virgin imprint that is unmatched in the universe. The genes of virgin love and virgin gratification are unmatched and unmatched, but he is Abu Bakr and he is enough, but do you believe that God will look at you with a glance of satisfaction in this Islam? You must believe, rejoice and worship as you pray until your Lord is pleased with you, but wait, the sentence (are you satisfied with me) is a purely kind sentence, and your search is all about good news and a glimpse of Satisfaction on the Night of Resolution with a prayer that the heart of the Messenger of God is pleased with you and yes, the mind remains Friday for the companions in accepting the good news Our Master Anas bin Malik, may God be pleased with him, says: “The Messenger of God rejoiced nothing more than their joy with the hadith” A person will be gathered with those he loved “because this hadith was the good news for the collective mind of the companions of the Messenger of God, and their love because the Messenger of God is the dowry of men and closeness to him on the Day of Resurrection and that the connection is in his presence. May God’s peace and blessings be upon him, forever and ever, as long as this love in them is valid., the flow of water in the roses, and here I ask and say

How did these honorable companions sleep ??

Tell me instead, for God’s sake.

How did they live after that ?? This is the season of people, analyzes and flavors

O God, just as our hearts were eager to hear such glad tidings, then give us, Lord, good tidings in the Night of Resolution of a skin that will never be miserable, when the greatest transfiguration and sight of glory of His Holiness, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, awake and asleep, so that the glad tidings may be of Him, and let us enjoy as the Companions enjoyed it, with a feeling and with us, outwardly and inwardly, and connects our heart to the heart of the Messenger of God. And after another encounter with prophetic humanity, but with the season of Hajj to the Holy House of God .. We ask God for complete facilitation, preparation and humanity.

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