Zakat al-Fitr .. a cleansing for the fasting person and a relief for the poor

Zakat .. purification of the soul, growth and blessing of money, and social and economic solidarity. It is one of the components of Islamic society that elevates the individual in his society and a state of harmony and solidarity among the members of one creates society. With the impending farewell of the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims hurry around their zakat to pay in response to God’s commands, the Almighty and in fulfillment of the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet.
Zakat al-Fitr of Ramadan, also called “Sadaqa al-Fitr”, does not deviate from all these purposes. It is not only a legal duty, but one of the most beloved deeds to God, because it brings happiness in the hearts of Muslims .. Therefore, it was from the wisdom of this zakat that a Muslim does good to the poor. And the needy, and the humiliation of the question, are prevented from them on the day of Eid. is overloaded.
Zakat al-Fitr is legally defined as: “Charity obligatory for the poor and needy on every Muslim whose power is better than his needs and the needs of his family at the time of breaking the fast of Ramadan.” Eid al-Fitr prayer.
As for the wisdom to compel zakat al-Fitr, it is revealed in matters, the most important of which is that it, like the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “the fasting person cleanses from lazy talk and obscenity, “which means that what a Muslim may commit in Ramadan erases from the legal prohibition on his fasting, and that it” is a food for the poor. ” On the day of Eid, it saves them the question and expands their provision because it is a thank you for the many blessings of God Almighty on those who fast, including the blessing of reaching Ramadan and completing his fast.
This zakat was most likely enforced on the twenty-ninth of Ramadan in the second year of the Hijrah in Madinah. And the evidence for its necessity is the correct hadith on the authority of Abdullah bin Omar, may God be pleased with them: “The Messenger of God, may God give him blessing and peace, commanded zakat al-Fitr of Ramadan, a “Saa ‘of dates. Or a saa’ barley for the slave and free, man and woman, young and old among the Muslims.”
There are fundamental differences between zakat al-fitr and zakat-geld. The former are spent only on the poor and needy, and they are the ones who do not have enough on the day of Eid, unlike the eight zakat banks, and zakat on money is related to saved money. As for zakat al-fitr, it relates to the bodies, i.e. the people to whom a person spends, in addition to the fact that zakat on money is not required until the nisab is reached, which is the amount charged by Sharia be specified. .
Similarly, zakat on money does not have a specific time in which it is paid, but is rather linked to the course of a full year on the quorum. As for zakat al-Fitr, it is only in the month of Ramadan, and on the other hand, the amount of zakat on money is one-fourth of a tenth (i.e. 2.5 percent), while zakat al-Fitr is a saa ‘What people eat.
Regarding this ritual and its importance in spreading compassion and solidarity among the Muslim community, the Zakat Fund said in response to questions to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that zakat al-fitr is the zakat who was arrested during the arrest. Ramadan takes place. , and the wisdom of his legislation is: purify the fasting people of lazy talk and obscenity, and food For the needy you sing them on that day (the day of al-Fitr).
Regarding the amount of zakat al-fitr described in the hadith as a “saa” of dates, barley, raisins or pumpkin, the fund said that a saa ‘is estimated at 2.5 kilograms of rice at current weights .
Regarding the optimal time according to Islamic law, to pay zakat al-fitr, and whether it is permissible to pay it in advance, he mentioned that it is desirable for a Muslim to give it on the day of Eid before prayer . “It is permissible to accelerate it for the whole month of Ramadan (beginning, middle or end).”
Regarding the possibility of paying zakat al-fitr from items other than those provided for in sharia, he explained that it is permissible to take other than those items from most of the country’s food, such as rice and lentils. The Hanafis and some contemporary jurists also allowed it to be taken out in cash.
Regarding the value of zakat al-fitr in the current year (2022) in riyals and how this value is determined, the fund explained that its value in cash during the current year is 15 riyals, and it is determined by the value of 2.5 kilograms of rice because it is the majority of the country’s food.
And whether Zakat Al-Fitr is acquitted when the individual is unable to pay it, and what should the Muslim postpone to pay it until the Eid prayer ends, he said that this Zakat is acquitted as a human being can not pay …
Regarding whether the fetus in his mother’s womb is obliged to pay zakat al-fitr, the fund said zakat is not required to do so, but it is desirable for the act of the third caliph, Othman bin Affan, may God be pleased with him.
When asked if it is permissible for a father to give zakat al-fitr to his married daughter, knowing that her husband’s income is not sufficient for them, he said that it is not permissible, but he gives it to her husband.
And for someone who does not get someone around him who is entitled to zakat al-fitr to pay it to him, and the decision whether he leaves it until he finds someone who is worthy, the fund said that if he does not get it not. , he gives it to the zakat fund, and it is not permissible to leave it until he finds someone worthy, he rather takes the initiative to pay it.
And about whether it is acceptable to pay zakat al-Fitr to the category of workers, or in other words, they fall into the categories prescribed by Sharia, he stressed that the lesson is not with the names, but rather with those who deserve it of any category, provided they are described as poverty or misery.
In response to a question about who sends zakat al-fitr to his family in a country other than the one in which he lives, and whether this act is being considered legally, the Zakat Fund said: “Yes, it is being considered legally, provided that it is handed down to those who deserve it.It will be inhabited if he fasts during the month of Ramadan.

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