Zepia supports the digital transformation process in the Middle East

The IT consulting firm provides advanced services to help regional organizations maintain their competitive advantage

Governments, banks and airlines in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have used Zepia’s services because of its renowned software excellence.

The company’s employees and customers will double in the next 18 months

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Xebia, a leading global IT consulting firm, is expanding in the Middle East due to rapid demand in the region as more and more companies realize they need to undergo a digital transformation or ‘ facing an uncertain future.

With headquarters in the Netherlands, Xebia has had a presence in the region since opening an office in Dubai in 2016, but earlier this year the company announced ambitious growth plans, backed by an ever-growing clientele.

The company has experienced tremendous growth over the past six years in the Middle East and Africa region with more than 300 regional employees and 14 clients spread across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Egypt which in 2016 had only one local client and 14 employees has.

Zipia helps forward-thinking companies to undergo digital transformation in sectors as diverse as: airlines, real estate, government agencies, banking, financial services and insurance.

Shankar Garg, CEO of Zipia Middle East and Africa, said: “We are seeing a growing interest in our digital transformation advisory services and solutions as the region awakens to the incredible potential of a hyper-connected world. The dynamic transformation in the region towards more digital services.

To meet the growing demand for its range of services, which include data, artificial intelligence, cloud, DevOps, business acumen, software development and quality improvement, the company’s team in the region will expand to more than 450 by the end of the year. employees and to 750 employees by the end of 2023.

The main sector driving this rapid growth is the banking sector. Zipia works closely with three of the leading banks in Saudi Arabia. The roadmap helps banks eliminate paperwork, reduce risk in their core business and enables employees to spend less time serving customers and doing business Transactions and settlements.

Zipia has long been known for its coding expertise, which focuses on the principles of agile software development and DevOps development processes, but today the company sees a wave of interest in Low Code, which takes a highly visual and simpler approach to software development is what yields costs. efficiency and time saving.

Garg said: “The use of Low Code in our software development efforts means that companies can get customized solutions in a fraction of their typical development time, at better cost and are essential components in the fight to stay ahead of the hyper-digital world.” sees a great deal of interest in Low Code from Saudi entities eager to circumvent very complex legacy programs and benefit from the rapid implementation of digital initiatives.

Data warehouses, especially in the financial services sector, are a major regional problem, but Zybia also offers solutions in this area.

“Zipia sees a lot of interest in the number of companies that want to move their data to the cloud, as it offers a secure and always-available remote storage solution,” Garg said.

One of the largest regional airlines recently selected Zipia as its data partner and under this agreement, Zypia will move the airline’s data to the cloud via a foreign hub in India.

Zipia continues to help companies evolve rapidly to meet the challenges of the first digital age, from supporting regional governments to helping startups get their first customers.


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About Xebia:

Xebia is a global full-stack software engineering, IT strategies and digital consulting firm, enabling digital transformation of organizations using the latest technologies and methodologies.

The company has more than 3000 groups of pioneers and innovators spread all over the world with more than 500 customers. Xebia experts specialize in Data, AI, Cloud, DevOps, Business Skill, Security, Training and Learning, Software Development, Product Management and Quality Improvement. They promote digital transformation and bring IT solutions to the table.

Xebia’s services include work from start to finish, analyzing in-depth customer requirements and providing business leadership solutions. In addition, they provide advanced training tools and services to bring out the full potential of the business.

Xebia has a strong presence in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Nordic countries, Poland, UK, Middle East, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

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