Annabi Sudair … dominance, lead and brilliance in the first Asian look

Annabi Sudair … dominance, lead and brilliance in the first Asian look

Despite the great achievement, its members are locally engaged in “the ghost of relegation”.

Friday – 28 Ramadan 1443 AH – 29 April 2022 AD Issue No. [

Al-Faisaly players celebrate the top of their Asian group (Photo: Issa Al-Dubaisi) Marinos successfully led his team to the Asian round of 16 (Photo: Issa Al-Dubaisi)

Dammam: Ali Al-Qattan

Al-Faisaly Club recorded a historic and honorable presence in the first Asian appearance, after qualifying for the second round as the leader of the fifth group, which hosted it in Dammam, east of Saudi Arabia, Relegation to the first section.
The most optimistic did not expect the team to succeed in reaching the second round by taking first place in a group that includes teams that have a lot of abilities and experience, especially the Qatari Al-Sadd team, which is the first candidate was what did not cross. this group, but rather the strong competition to win the continental title.
Greek coach Marinos admitted that no one expected his team to be in this situation in this tournament, as he maintained the lead until the penultimate round before the attempts to qualify for first place, even if it was by the differs from direct confrontations with the Uzbek Nasaf team.
Marinos stressed that they were eager to crown the efforts of the players, especially in the first leg, in which Al-Faisaly scored “7” points out of the total, which did not exceed “9” points, which was the result of two wins, three draws and a loss in the last match against the Qatari Al-Sadd team.
Marinos managed to organize the ranks of Al-Faisaly in the short period in which he came before the continental participation, as he managed to strengthen the defense and play according to the technical abilities of the team, and points in recorded the three matches. before the period of suspension of the league, which allowed Al-Faisaly to progress well to the hotspots in the Saudi professional league.
Al-Faisaly’s goal with the participation in the continental championship for the first time was to get to know the coach more about the players’ abilities and work on the rotation policy in order to prepare them for the most important claim represented in the decisive confrontations in the Saudi Professional League, where only “5” rounds remain, during which the three teams that will be relegated to the league will be determined The first, although Al-Hazm lost his chances of survival by a large percentage, if the official announcement of his landing was not a matter of time.
Al-Faisaly does not move away from the “14” position, whose owner only relegates to the first league with “3” points, which means that the loss of a round and the winning of his rivals could possibly bring him back to the relegation positions.
Al-Faisaly will play its first match after its continental participation in a tough match against the Abha team, which has shown good levels this season and is relatively far from the relegation battle, after being away from the professional league minutes last season to leave. None of the remaining matches for Al-Faisaly will be easy in the remaining rounds, as he will face Al-Shabab, then Al-Ettifaq, and after him Al-Tai, before concluding his matches against Al-Hilal.
This requires the team to score at least 9 points, especially against the teams competing for relegation, as these matches are just as important as earning 6 points in the event of a victory.
The players will be given a short break before returning again in preparation for the decisive matches in the league, as the coach believes the most important thing has been achieved, but the most important remains.
Marinos was of the opinion that the brilliance that the team showed in a number of matches in the continental championship is the result of the great efforts of the players and their zeal to achieve an achievement for their club and before that for Saudi football achieved, and they deserve all praise and appreciation.
The coach took advantage of his team’s guarantee to officially advance to the second round of the Continental Championship before playing the final confrontation, and he included a number of names who did not get the full opportunity, while the most prominent stars, led by Dutchman Hisham Fayek and top scorer Tavares, the Cape Verdean national team player, after planning to play at full strength in the last match. To determine qualification, the results in the final groups have him however, given what he wanted and let him play against Al Sadd with a group of players losing experience with the aim of gaining confidence to face a strong team that includes players at a high technical level.
And the former captain of the team, Omar Abdel Aziz, believes that Al-Faisaly has finished the most important thing, and remains the most important.
He added, “Staying in the professional league is the most important merit. Crossing the second round of the Continental Championship will not have a taste unless its profits are maintained, of which the most important to stay in the Saudi professional league. “
And he indicated that he trusts the team’s ability to achieve that goal through the great work of the technical staff and the exploitation of all available capabilities, and that all players, especially foreigners, are at the level required of them in the decisive matches, because all the remaining matches will be difficult, and foreigners, specifically in the teams, will play the most important role in achieving the best results for their teams.
He expressed confidence in President Fahd Al-Medlej’s ability to manage the decisive matches optimally through motivation, strengthening the spirit and confidence of the players, and standing by the team to overcome the difficult stage.
He was of the opinion that continuation in the continental championship is possible in light of the resumption of competitions in the role of “16” after almost “8” months, during which much can be done in light of the summer and winter registration periods and the selection of the best elements to achieve a greater performance than achieved.

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