How to clean the house before Eid

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can Deep cleaning for the house In the spring months, which prepare you for a cleaner and healthier home this season, as the month of Ramadan approaches, women tend to Clean the house to welcome Eid Al-FitrSince this type of cleaning usually involves packing winter clothes and taking off summer dresses, and hosts family and friends to meet on holidays, this means that the house needs to be clean and ready, as well as making it easier to pack and unpack. to combat. clothing. As the season changes, deep cleaning can prepare you for a cleaner home for spring, summer and beyond.

Step by step home cleaning schedule before Eid

Surface cleaning high during cleaning

Make time to clean up aloud. Ceilings and high-mounted appliances such as ceiling fans, chandeliers or air-conditioning units are among the most dusty due to improper height. Remove anything attached to the walls, picture frames or clocks, and clean the dust that has accumulated on the walls. Do not forget to clean the cracks of any fixed furniture, bookshelves and televisions.

Living room cleaning

Wall dust is removed with an advanced filtration vacuum cleaner to ensure that the dust you remove remains in the trash and is not ejected back into the house. Dust on certain types of walls can also contribute to mold growth.

Also do not forget your blinds and blinds, use a small, soft dust brush and vacuum the fabric before washing your blinds at 60-90 ° C to kill any germs and bacteria. Carpets are the perfect hiding place for dust mites, as they adhere deeply to the fibers. Use a vacuum cleaner to reduce the number of dust mites and remove the food source.

Bedroom cleaning

Handle bedrooms and textile furniture for the next few days, including mattresses, sofas and pet baskets. Vacuum the sides of your mattress to remove dust mites and skin flakes. Do not forget to wash any removable covers, sheets and pillowcases at 60-90 ° C to kill any germs and bacteria, if the bottom of the iron is covered with brown spots, once the lemon has cooled, cut it into the half and rub the juice on the marks, then wipe with a cloth to remove brown stains from clean clothes and prevent stains.

While your pet carefully licks its fur to clean and take care of itself, it actually transmits allergens from its saliva to your home. For pet beds in the bedroom, use a hairpin to remove pet hair and microscopic allergens from a dog bed that you could not wash. For those who can wash, remove the covers or pillows and wash them at 60-90 degrees.

Kitchen cleaning

Clean kitchen counters and cabinets for deep cleaning. Vacuum the top and bottom of appliances such as the fridge, scrub the sink and wipe off all kitchen utensils and stovetops to remove any accumulation, follow up by making sure all surfaces are dry. If you have an exfoliating kettle, cover the item with a layer of white vinegar, bring to a boil and leave overnight. Remember, let everyone in your home know so that it will not be a surprise when they bring them a cup of coffee in the morning..

Electric oven cleaning

Clean the oven at least a week before cooking Bring your family and friends together Because oven cleaning products often release harmful VOCs Use a filtered air purifier HEPA To reduce the number of aircraft in your home.

Vacuum cleaner

Take a short break to make sure your vacuum cleaner is up to the task of cleaning the rest of the house, maintain your vacuum by washing the filter in warm water and let it dry completely for 24 hours while recharging the battery meanwhile loading. Empty the container and clean the cleaning head of any excess residue.

bathroom cleaning

Clean your bathroom from top to bottom, not just the toilet bowl and sink. Bathroom tile joint can turn a bad orange due to mold growth in the moisture. Make a paste of baking soda and water and rub it on the grout with an old toothbrush to return it to its original color. Also try to ventilate the bathroom in the future to reduce mold growth.

Floor cleaning

Start by vacuuming all floors. Depending on the size of your home, divide it by rooms or floors, as it can be a difficult thing to clean your entire home at once..

Deep cleaning of the house

Vacuuming from top to bottom ensures that any dust that has fallen is collected. Make sure you clean all corners and cracks, as well as under and around furniture. And after you finish, enjoy a cup of lightly dusting and vacuuming floors regularly after your house parties. Note that if there is a slight spillage during assembly, do not let anything spoil your evening, pour some soft drink water into a bowl and clean any stains on the substrate or carpet as the excess liquid will be absorbed by ‘ put a towel over the spill and trample it.

And if leftover dinner is left in the bottom of the pan, add a tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of boiling water, let it work out its magic and the pan will look like new for your next specialty.

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