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If the people lived, they would not have many leaders, because the abundance of leaders means stupidity and divided loyalty
A friend of my older brother’s like me once told him (and I was a boy listening) that the donkey sees a bird in the air and likes to do the same. When he could not do that, he went to the fox, which he does not know, is smarter than he to teach him. : Look, do you see that high mountain? He said yes
He said, “Go jump from above to this valley, but do not forget to shake your hands and feet while falling like birds, for that is how you learned to fly.” The donkey believed and executed, and he tried and clapped and treated his hands and feet, but he fell on his head, and moments before his death he reproached the fox that stood above him in astonishment, and he says : Well, my brother, you (fox) you deceive me like this and take my life, the fox answers him
My brother, what would you expect from yourself to fly, your mother a partridge, your father a crow? You (Zamal Ibn Zamal).
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The Iraqi people have been plagued by corruption, and this is the scourge of our time and it has almost disappeared from the world abroad, but the disaster that no one shares with us is the dispute over leadership between parties that they are not worthy of. not and what are not his people, and they do not know the meaning of it except through videos of Saddam carrying (Al-Burnu) or reviewing the army or visiting the upper north to Lesos. Trying to imitate things, or by reading and recalling Baqir al-Sadr while thinking, writing, fixing things and trying to renew them.
The two groups know nothing about the characteristics of Saddam’s leadership or al-Sadr’s leadership. Improvisation and administrative leadership abilities and fateful decisions need a leadership nature through instinct, an understanding of the environment and its repercussions with talent, ‘ an impact on the common people with charisma and fear, and a youthful history full of effort and immersion in struggle that gives the leader confidence and pride (from his point of view and those around him). At least) push him forward, qualify for decision, protect him from hesitation and provide him with awe in the hearts of his enemies who know his history and present. And a correct reading of the local ocean and its terrifying and the global ocean and its directions. It’s artificial and is not supported by an equal ability The ordinary people, although they shout and clap for every hope, but in their subconscious they distinguish between the liar hybrid who claims the leadership personality that mimics moral slogans and the real one, and there is no real one among us.
Intellectual leadership qualifications, on the other hand, require an original mind that is not plagiarized, a deep culture that is not fabricated or pretentious, and a powerful mind in analysis, coupling, authorship, and conclusion to drive all this intellectual production. make what touches those around. It’s broad and philosophical, and it can not be bought by wearing a turban or wearing religion or wearing a few lines preserved from the belly of books or stolen from the paragraphs of articles that the one who say do not know. its content, and the listener also does not know its meaning. He looked like the intellectual, and if they are stumbled for those who speak, deceive people in depth and think, they know in their decisions that the one who spoke is a contender who has won by theft and imitation or by state make on people of thought who are close to him or support him, who are far from their talent and morals.
The disaster, after all, is that the mestisos of the two groups do not want to give in to the dysfunction of their minds or to their limited curiosity, they rather insisted on driving the leadership, and therefore they left their jobs in which they understood. of trade, medicine, cooking, or smuggling cigarettes and sheep, and they insisted that they work as leaders, by a people before they ride it Both hip and bear without discrimination or investigation.
So the gap came up and deepened the gap, so the case became like a group of travelers giving the plaintiff the leadership of the car they were transporting or the boat traveling with them in the deep sea. Just because he wore the captain’s clothes, or he swore his father was a driver in the old days.
Or that he and his colleague had fled to America or to the fox of Iran, and therefore she was forced – because of his need for agents – to teach him how to be a leader by descending from the top of the mountain jumping and fluttering with his hands and feet.
Here, Iraq has been plagued by men who have seen wearing a suit and talking on screen become free and no consideration for the rest of the qualifications, as long as the people have become tribal, regional and chaotic in their priorities , and they made sure that the wearing of turban and the wearing of religious clothes became available and did not pay attention to the rest of the conditions as long as the people were loyal and ideologically sectarian. The youth who went out in October sacrificed their blood, their parents and their families sold their bodies and achievements to an authoritarian group, they would have liked them if it were not for the failure of the people behind them and their lack of awareness of the naive movement that rectified the situation of corrupt politicians by replacing a bank robber with a weak-minded intelligence agent, weak in character, with the guise of reform, which led to price increases and chaos, worse.
There is no doubt that when the case is such a chaos and without standards, and the wave rides without investigation, and the plaintiffs accept without standardization, it will lead them to cling to opportunities of which they did not dream, and with privileges and positions they are not entitled to, and then to their conflict and non-acceptance of each other, they understand that the people are the “silent brute”, otherwise Because each of them knows that the other one is called to the leadership , and was not his mother. a partridge or his father a crow.
And wait to fall.

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