You provoke the instinct of those around you .. you continue to insult Farouk’s prayer, and the latter responds strongly

The media, Doaa Farouk, was once attacked by one of her followers, after she appeared on Live Live, via Facebook, in a furniture store in the Fifth Settlement neighborhood.

At the beginning, the lady said in her comment to Farouk: “Do what you want, Professor Doaa, but not in the name of religion, the veil and the sheiks. Believe me, your debt to God is great!”

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Those who tried the believing men and women and then did not repent will have the torment of Hell and they will have the torment of burning, the poor of this world are the rich in the Hereafter !!!! And whoever gave you these millions who are watching you and you know for sure that they do not have the price of a set of clothes, do Islam and religious programs that incite obedience to God and asceticism in worldly life urge you to talk about the joys of worldly life and pure consumer life, and there is no life but the life of the world?

And she continued: “I am not against the elegant chic life, but I do not live for it and arouse the lust and saliva of those around me for obscene wealth and in the name of religion? Generally, consult your heart and ask people who truly know God and will be your support in the Hereafter and will not flee from you in the Hereafter.

In turn, Doaa Farouk said in her response: “I’ve never talked about religion in private work, but as long as you insist .. Present .. Oh, sorry. Religion urges us to work, to perfection in work, to do good, and to seek food. And the Holy Quran is in Surah Noah (I said to ask forgiveness from your Lord, that he was Gfara (10) send the air you Madrara (11) Amddkm funds and boys and make your gardens and make your rivers 12) Lord of the worlds more famous than people motivate their money before paradise If money and wealth are haram and religion from the point of view of Your Noble spot, why does the Lord of the worlds call it as a motivator for people in this world?

And she continued: “Glory to Him, and the Almighty said in Surat Al-Kahf (money and sons, the decoration of this worldly life.” And the rest of the righteous are better to your Lord, and you are the best of God The one we live in is not and will never clash with the fact that you live the joys of life as long as it is halal.

And she concluded: “Othman Ibn Affan was one of the ten missionaries of Paradise, and he was one of the rich companions and the rich, and did not curse the lands of people who pay zakat and alms, and those without the life is not right.I am proud and satisfied that I work and, oh Lord, I rather work for the last day of my life and never, ever.

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