10 ideas to upgrade your home decor

If you want to renovate or upgrade your home decor, here are these valuable tips from Royal Furniture, the luxury furniture stores in the UAE.

1) Curved shapes

Upholstery with soft, rounded edges adds a touch of fun to any decor. The trend of round furniture makes a strong return to the 2022 interior design scene, reviving all elements with curved shapes, including contemporary beds and sofas.

2) Leather touch

No one will agree that leather, whether faux or genuine, can elevate any seating area, adding unparalleled appeal to any room, especially when covered in neutral colors. However, if you want to enhance the playfulness, we advise you to choose a piece of furniture in a bold color to be the main focus of the decor and do not hesitate to decorate the place with soft touches with throw pillows.

3) hot corners

Texture plays an important role in warming any corner, so expect very soft corners in 2022. There is nothing better than velvety textures, fluffy pillows and ottomans to add a touch of warmth to any space!

4) Multifunctional spaces

Single use spaces are a thing of the past. In light of advances in architecture and design, the 2022 design trends have been filled with ideas about multifunctional rooms. Make the most of every corner with creative and simple room zoning techniques to elevate space. To keep up with this trend, you can use hydraulic beds, footstools and ottomans with storage areas.

5) Layer by layer

Layers and textures are central to all areas of fashion, including interior design. Do not hesitate to add distinctive layers to the rooms to enhance the atmosphere of entertainment. How about covering the walls with attractive pattern papers, coloring in the edges and playing with the different patterns in the room with headpieces and metal decorations?

Remember that decorative details always start a good conversation when friends come.

6) Regency trend

Not surprisingly, the Bridgeton series, which was a resounding success on the Netflix platform, characterized by its massive and lavish production design, introduced the Regency’s luxurious trend in the world of interior design, where calm pastel shades contrasting with rich dark. colors, not to mention decorative details such as upholstery designs, upholstered furniture and trimmed edges. With the Regency trend, it’s the many details that make the difference. These details include mailbeds, draped furniture fabrics, traditional chandeliers and chandeliers, inlaid wooden tables, plasterwork, damask pattern paper, gold-painted chairs and antique mirrors.

7) Art in an inflated suit

No summer decor idea is complete without artwork. Know that a large work of art that extends from floor to ceiling in a lounge area or a large open entrance can steal the attention of visitors. One striking work of art is enough to spice up a minimalist décor.

8) Crying lashes

Who would have thought that fraiings would be the main decorative element for 2022? Tintels, blocks and other multilayer decorations are likely to be very popular in the interior design scene. Expect lots of brush cushions, fringe lamps and edging benches (luxury knotted edging).

9) Style manipulation

The time of white walls is over, and in its place is the time of spaces with prominent features! Coordinating different patterns may not be an easy task, but after a bit of experimentation, we quickly found the solution. You can adopt wallpaper, furniture and accessories that have unique patterns.

10) High-tech furniture

Technology has entered the world of home decor and furniture from its widest doors, as contemporary interior design is not complete without technology elements. Today, homeowners are looking for the luxury and peace of mind of controlling security settings, temperature and music through their smartphone. Here, for example, sofas are equipped with charging ports, wireless chargers, wardrobes with smart lights, and more. It is in addition to other high-tech appliances, including self-staining windows, induction stoves and heated floors.

11) Green scenery

Green dominates the interior designs for 2022, with its different shades, including mint, olive and gray, in different ways throughout the year to give unmatched elegance to sofas, beds, decorative elements, accessories and more!

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