CABSAT 2022 will be launched in Dubai next month, with the participation of the most prominent international bodies in the broadcasting, media and satellite sectors

Expectations to present the leading opportunity for passing 13 Thousands of people from across the Middle East and North Africa, and more than 280 casual company and120 Speakers and Thought Leaders

Dubai United Arab Emirates : The activities of the International Exhibition of Digital Media and Satellite Communications “Capsat 2022” will be launched in Dubai next month, with the participation of a group of global broadcasting, content and satellite experts, with the aim of highlighting the urgent need for sustainability initiatives . in the three sectors.

CABSAT 2022 will be launched under the slogan “Creative, Connected and Conscious”, in light of the expectation that more than 13,000 visitors will attend the premier annual event hosted by the Dubai World Trade Center from 17-19 next May .

More than 280 companies and reputable brands, including Arabsat, Nilesat, TECOM Group, Turksat, Vest Media, Ross Video, Evertz Microsystems and the Azerbaijan Space Agency, will take part in the event, as well as special pavilions for Bavaria, Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Participants represent the entire spectrum of the world of innovation and aim to showcase a wide range of the latest innovations related to all aspects of content, from its creation and production to its dissemination.

The exhibition’s agenda, supported by the most prominent experiences, includes many pressing topics, including changes in the landscape of geographical cooperation, the accumulation of orbital space and the waste crisis, and the growing demands for improved transparency on how to create the emerging space. management of the economy and the opportunities it offers.

During the three days of the exhibition, participants will be able to explore the huge options of opportunities in the field of broadcasting and content in the region at the present stage, especially with the rapid transformation of the Middle East and Africa from a market-eating content to a content creation center, with expectations that the value of the region’s productions will reach about $ 70 billion by 2026.

In turn, SatExpo Summit is one of the seven tracks scheduled on the CABSAT 2022 agenda, the most prominent exhibition and conference specializing in the satellite communications, broadcasting and content imaging sectors in the Middle East and Africa. The summit program addresses many important topics, such as the need for a set of clean-up and sustainability strategies to address the issue of debris in an already overcrowded orbital space landscape; the need for transparency and talent management for the emerging space economy; the provision of satellite security and insurance; operational innovations; and artificial intelligence and machine learning in satellite communications, as well as insurance and risk mitigation.

On this topic, Thomas Loeffler, Assistant Vice President, Exhibition Management, Dubai World Trade Center, said: “Satellite services will be the main driver for the satellite, broadcasting and media sectors and their subsidiaries, even if they face an unprecedented level of challenges since the advent of the internet. Satellite communications are a growing concern, with nearly 6,000 tons of space debris moving in LEO and potentially catastrophic collisions as the regulations governing efforts to orbit these satellites are outdated. The importance of adopting more. effective solutions in terms of designing better and more sustainable satellites and improving the management of their motion in space We expect, thanks to careful analyzes and solutions proposed by participants in our panel sessions of different nationalities, to launch ‘ see a number of innovative solutions. , as well as lots of brand new geographic collaboration paths.

The summit attracts participants from various nationalities, including a handful of prominent executive decision makers from Cosmic Apple from the United States; the World Association of Satellite Operators; Satellite Network Technologies Inc. and Ccom Satellite Systems Corporation of Canada; Israel’s Gilat satellite; Inmarsat, Satcoms Innovation Group, SES Networks, ETL Systems, Kratos and GIFF of the United Kingdom, as well as Arabsat of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The CABSAT 2022 conference tracks also include the content conference; The Next Stage Startups Platform, the new opportunity dedicated to technology startups in the media field; and digital hub, audiovisual technology, next-generation content, and other sessions dedicated to the African and Saudi Arabian markets. These activities highlight many issues in sectors that are undergoing a stage of widespread and fundamental transformation.

During the content conference, industry leaders are eager to explore the latest trends in metaverse, irreplaceable characters, social media content, webcast wars, podcasts, vlogs and music content. The list of conference participants includes some of the most well-known names in the industry, including Twitter, META, Rotana Media Group, MBC Group, STARZ PLAY, Dubai Media City, Creative Media Authority, Abu Dhabi Games and Esports, CNBC Arabia, Saudi Media Assessment Company, and the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture in Nigeria. and Disney Plus.

Loeffler added, “We are in a period of massive change, with content makers facing significant obstacles to creating interactive and engaging content using augmented and virtual reality technology, as well as content powered by artificial intelligence technology. Purpose and how to pay for this service In view of the forecasts that the global broadcasting and media technology market will grow from $ 41.4 billion in 2021 to $ 62 billion in 2027, it is important to ensure that appropriate strategies are in place. to take advantage of these emerging opportunities. ”

Effective next generation content: Watch is the best guide

Content creators are always looking for ideas that will enable them to produce the best movies and soundtracks. CABSAT 2022 celebrates the best talent in the Middle East and Africa region through the Next Generation Content Event, which is a gathering of content creators with content distributors and buyers. The Next Generation Content event will showcase some of the industry’s smartest minds and talent, as well as some of the best competitive film and digital content productions for review. The Next Generation Advisory Board, with its seven members, delivers more than 24 hours of content offering in TV, movies, dramas, children’s programs, documentaries and sports through pre-packaged content acquisition meetings and networking events dedicated to fostering business collaboration.


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