Luxembourg, art and exploration of the future

Expo 2020 Dubai: Maha Adel
Luxembourg is a European country that represents a meeting point between Germanic, Saxon and Latin cultures. Despite its small size and small population, it enjoys a great deal of progress and importance as the seat of a large number of international institutions. This is largely reflected in the unique design of its pavilion that shines at Expo 2020 Dubai, as the pavilion is characterized by a great deal of balance between high-end heritage and history and between looking forward to future prospects and hope for progress based on sustainability and clean and advanced technology, and the pavilion highlights human and natural resources and potential global technical, industrial and financial need to shape its future.

The 3-storey spiral pavilion lifts the slogan “Luxembourg is rich in resources”, and the designers of the pavilion were eager to give it an innovative architectural style, inspired by the shape of the Möbius strip, which is affiliated with the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius who lived in the middle of the 19th century, and embodies the form of an infinite, to highlight the degree of openness and dynamism that this country enjoys, while at the same time the country’s commitment to the circular economy. Its components are based on the nature and characteristics of Luxembourg, which does not exceed 2,500 square kilometers and has a population of about 600,000 people, which makes it seem limited in natural and human resources, but with a prosperous economy that makes that its population enjoys one of the highest levels of income in the world.

The general design of the pavilion provides an opportunity for visitors to learn about different types of future technologies in sustainability, recycling of primary elements and the efficient use of water resources. Employed to irrigate plants and green spaces throughout the pavilion.

innovative design

One of the most important elements of attraction and distinction by visiting the pavilion is that the innovative building design creates an atmosphere of fun and amazement.From the top floor to the bottom green area littered with plants and trees, it is the only pavilion that includes an innovative way to move inside the pavilion using the sloping slide similar to the children’s play areas, combining fun and childlike fun with a deep vision to shape the world through continuous serious work .

The sloping pavilion walkway represents stages that show the aspects that move the country, that review the daily lives of the inhabitants, and provide general information about the “Duchy of Luxembourg”, and the various main sectors in its booming economy that combine mining heavily. industry and high-tech industries, and the service sector, especially banks. , represents an important part of the economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in addition to the emphasis on the dependence of the economy in some aspects on tourism, given that the Duchy has many historical sites and landscapes in the middle of the European continent that well-deservedly and subtly expressed that attracts Expo visitors from around the world, while visitors at the top of the pavilion can choose between the stairs in a traditional way, or indulge in the desire for exciting pleasure by using the giant transparent driveway which transports them to a vast expanse of trees and smells of woody perfume, reminiscent of the lush European forests that once covered most of Luxembourg. .

The building is scheduled to remain permanent as part of the future city “District 2020” so that this amazing architectural work will always remain available to residents and visitors of the UAE at all times.

8 artists in 7 fields

The Luxembourg pavilion continues to attract the admiration of Expo visitors from different cultures with the characteristics of the building. A variety of artistic and cultural events that attract visitors from different cultures and tastes, as the pavilion recently presented an event that respects value hedging to connect minds, one of the main goals of the Expo, by inviting 8 artists representing 7 different art fields to display their art in the pavilion and participate together in the implementation of a series of collective works that enriching arts and culture, where their thoughts and ideas converge to produce collaborative works of art. These participating artists were selected by a specialized committee concerned with consolidating the role of arts and culture in shaping the future and improving human lives, which is the same committee responsible for organizing artistic and cultural events in the pavilion. , to embody the spirit of innovation. and the future vision of the world with the introduction and recovery of the spirit of history and originality. This artistic project included a screening of the film “A Full Memory” by Egyptian-Luxembourgish director Adolphe El-Assal, about the story of a Syrian young man in exile and the repercussions of the Syrian crisis on young people abroad .

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