After US sanctions leaked documents reveal the UAE’s embrace of the most dangerous European gangs

After US sanctions leaked documents reveal the UAE’s embrace of the most dangerous European gangs

Leaked documents, published by the Irish newspaper “The Irish Times”, revealed details of the UAE housing the “Kinahan” gang, which is considered the most dangerous in Europe, days after the US Treasury imposed sanctions on its leaders, including “Daniel Kinahan”. “, who has been moving and working in Dubai since 2016.

The newspaper reported that after an unsuccessful attempt by the criminal “HTS” gang; For the murder of “Daniel Kinahan” at the Regency Hotel in Dublin on 5 February 2016, brothers Daniel (44) and Christopher (41) moved from southern Spain to Dubai, where their father Christopher Sr. (66) lived.

According to the documents, the Kinahan family obtained permission from the authorities in Dubai to establish an international company called Hazeem to export and import agricultural commodities in a special tax-exempt zone.

This came despite the fact that the UAE authorities knew that the shareholders included the brothers “Daniel” and “Christopher”, and the investigation and evaluation survey conducted by the Dubai authorities called the “Kinahan” brothers considered “low risk”.

The documents indicate that the two brothers paid for a full year, in advance, from 1 March 2016, a two-bedroom apartment (127 meters) on the 14th floor of the 33-storey luxury residential building “Iris Blue” in Dubai.

When Hazeem applied to open a branch office in the DMCC, officials in the government’s Compliance and Inspection Division conducted a screening and risk assessment, and records indicate that they conducted online searches on “Christopher” (son ) and his brother did. December 2016, that the proposed project is “low risk” and the documents show that they did not care to set up the project.

In October, two months before the assessment, the results of a cross-border investigation funded by Transcrime (Milan) in collaboration with An Garda Sicana and by the European Commission showed that the Kinahan organized crime gang set up more than 200 companies brought. 20 state as part of its criminal activities.

According to the aforementioned investigation, “Kinahan” adopted the “golden rule of the mafia” to use food companies as a front to transport drugs across the border.

The Irish newspaper reported that the Kinahan gang’s use of food companies to smuggle drugs is known to “Ann Garda Sichana”, after they were fined 10.5 million euros in marijuana in February 2008 at a number of places in County Kildare seized, investigations led to a chain of small food companies importing food from Spain.

In collaboration with police in other jurisdictions, Garda has discovered that an import network was used to export food to smuggle drugs to Ireland, the UK and elsewhere, culminating in a series of coordinated raids in 2010 involving the Kinahan group in countries around the world. Europe as well as in Brazil.

According to the Irish newspaper, in 2016 an application was submitted to the DMCC to open a branch of Hazeem in the tax-free zone by Sarfraz Ali Rayast Ali, a Pakistani citizen living in Dubai who obtained a power of attorney earlier that month by the Kinahan brothers to manage it on their behalf.

The request stated that Hazeem is engaged in trading in the agricultural commodity sector, and that the shareholders have many other supporting companies in the UAE, and that they are “eager to expand the volume of their operations in the coming year. “

The request stated that the aim of the establishment of the DMCC branch was to have an international sales office and to promote the business of Haizum and trade in agricultural commodities “all over the world”.

The request said that the source of the products will be Brazil, Thailand, India, China, East Africa and a port on the Black Sea, and this will be in markets such as India, West and East Africa and countries in the Golf is sold.

Hazeem General Trading does not have a website. The company states that its address is Suite 3005, X3 Tower, Jumeirah Bay, JLT, Dubai. The company is also traded as Hazeem for Trading.

Last week, the U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions on a Dubai-based company called Ducaccio World Trade, saying it was “directly or indirectly owned or controlled by Daniel Kinahan.”

While the leaked files show that a British citizen named “Rebecca Erin Brinkman”, 39 years old, has been working for “Docaccio” since 2017, the same as an Emirati citizen named “Khaled Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al Jasmi”.

Leaked documents show that Brinkman and Al Jasmi each own 25 shares in a business of a subsidiary of Ducacheo General Trading, which was established in the DMCC free zone in late 2017.

In a letter to the DMCC authority on November 15, 2017, Al Jasmi described himself as a partner in Ducachew and said he had no objection to Brinkmann becoming director of the new DMCC branch.

In a letter to DMCC dated 17 April 2018, signed by Brinkmann, she was described as the “General Manager of Docaccio”, and the office address given to Doccaccio was Office 3005, Tower X3, Cluster X, JLT, Dubai which the same office used by Hazeem.

The leaked documents showed that Brinkman also worked for Hazeem General Trading. In Hazeem’s contract of employment in 2017, the “officer in charge” is described as “Daniel Joseph Canhan and / or Rebecca Erin Brinkman.”

In a letter to the government dated March 11, 2018, signed by Brinkman, she was described as the “legal representative and signer of Human Resources” for Hazeem General Trading.

In her LinkedIn profile, it is clear that Brinkman grew up in Marbella, Spain before moving to Dubai, and is the Director of the Head Office of Operations at Ducaccio, but that profile no longer exists.

A few days ago, the Financial Times reported that the UAE had decided to freeze the assets of Irish drug trafficking gang Kinahan, after the United States allocated $ 5 million earlier this month for information leading to the arrest of the gang leaders.

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