Enough, Erbil | Ibrahim Al Zubaidi

Masoud Barzani said in an interview with Reuters on July 6, 2017, before saying the presidency of the Iraqi Kurdistan region to his cousin, Nechirvan Barzani, who also relinquished the presidency of the Erbil government to his cousin Masrour: ” There is no turning back “. back from the efforts to establish an independent Kurdish state. “

Then his son, Masrour Barzani, arrived a few days ago to announce during his recent visit to Britain that “the implementation of the confederation system will give the components greater power in Iraq.”

On the twenty-ninth of October 2016, the media adviser of the Speaker of the Kurdistan Region Parliament, Tariq Jawhar, said: “The relationship between Baghdad and Erbil needs to be reformulated, and a confederation between the region and the rest of the country must be formed. Northern Iraq “.

And Nechirvan Barzani, the current head of the region, said in a statement to the German magazine “Bild” in 2017, “once Mosul is liberated from ISIS, we will meet with our partners in Baghdad to discuss our independence.” “We waited a long time, and we thought that after 2003 there would be a new beginning for a new democratic Iraq, but this Iraq failed.”

It is unreasonable for those who call for confederation or independence to be serious in their calls, because they know that there are spirits, crocodiles and wolves hiding, trained in conspiracies, fraud, sabotage and revenge, around their Kurdistan, from his four sides, and tremble only when they hear someone talk about freedom, democracy, humanity and the right to self-determination. Fear the idea of ​​any form of independent Kurdish state in Iraq, Syria, Turkey or Iran.

Even if the real popular majority in the region wants to establish a state between Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria, so be it, but not with those leaders who are capable of stealing and working a foreigner.

Most likely it is a temporary tactical need aimed at first squeezing the center and “Qashmara” their Kurdish homeland, secondly, and selling it to birds on a tree that can not be caught, not today not and also not after a long life.

It seems that their strongest motive for inciting these empty balloons is the declining popularity of their parties and families, and for that they have found no better weapon than the nationalist sentiments trapped in their hearts.

And they, we and the whole world know that the decision to sneeze, dive and kick in the region is not in the hands of the one who rules Erbil or Sulaymaniyah, not even in the hands of the one who is Baghdad, Ankara does not rule, Tehran and Damascus. Rather, it is only in the hands of a very small handful of adults who rule the world and map the movement of its winds and ships. And set his family’s hours per minute and second. As for the one who does not acknowledge it, he is a mad man, a hypocrite or an orderly slave.

Although the Kurdish popular majority, despite its attachment to the hope of independence and its legitimate instinctive love for the idea of ​​a single Kurdish state bringing together the Kurds of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria, is more certain than its leaders that the Arab nation paid streams of the blood of its men, and sea of ​​tears of its wives, from the days of the Ottoman era, then the English, then the Nasserites, then the Ba’athists, then the Americans, and finally the Iranians, as a prize for the dreams of unity, then their philosophers, writers and theorists repented of it, and they died in sadness and regret over the mirage on which they had spent their lives.

It would have been possible and necessary for them to utter their separatist slogans if they had no more than at any other time repercussions and repercussions on the unity of the one demanding Iraqi people, especially in light of the Iranian occupation, sectarian, racist, usurper, aggressor, destructive, deceptive, opportunist, by uniting its ranks, rhetoric and struggle for the liberation of the homeland. All this is from the oppression of the external enemy, and from the corruption of its internal enemies who have been at the forefront of the region’s rulers, not just from the days of their alliance with the United States and Iran in previous Iraqi opposition conferences, but over the years, they have openly shared blackmail and extortion with the Shiite House parties and with the government’s Sunnis. fear or shame.

Those who gossip about independence and the confederation are the same ones who have accepted that Erbil is a Turkish province, and Sulaymaniyah an Iranian province

What state can be based on the hatred of the people of its neighbors before their governments? And any state that wants to establish the hypocrites with sticks and knives to subdue their neighbors in the Arab part of Iraq, then their brothers who are among them in Sulaymaniyah and Erbil themselves are enlightened sensible people who use their minds before their dreams, and believe that life in an Iraqi state, even if it is today, is not united and united Strong and unprofitable, better for their security, their dignity and the future of their future generations than to live in a state like a feather blown by the wind. .

It is not possible for these masses to go blind and no longer see what independence and the Confederacy have done and are doing with their freedom, dignity and livelihood, since their independence from the center of the Iraqi state after the 1991 uprising. , and after April 2003, to this day. Is it possible that the Kurdish masses have lost their memory to this extent? And I forgot that the politicians who today promise it a paradise of secession and independence are the same as the dream of abandoned a democratic Iraqi state. for which she fought Arabs and Kurds, and spoiled her life with their opportunistic conciliatory alliance with backward and corrupt sectarian religious parties governed by the intelligence from across the border.

If they plundered the world while subordinate to a state whose judiciary, constitution and laws do not allow them to sell any of its oil and gas without its permission and under its supervision, what will they do tomorrow, if they become the only ones who buy and sell without supervision or liability?

One more thing. Even if the truly popular majority in the region wants to establish a state between Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria, it should be so, but not with those leaders who are capable of stealing and working a foreigner.

Those who gossip about independence and the confederation are the same ones who have accepted that Erbil is a Turkish province, and Sulaymaniyah an Iranian province, and here we ask, will the Iraqi Kurdish citizen be in Erdogan’s arms or under the mantle of the Wali al- Faqih be safer, stronger and more dignified than that which is under the tent of a strong and precious Iraq liberated by the unity of its national forces. The benevolent democratic libertarian, because of the germs, worms and snakes stuck in it?

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