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Beirut- Do you want to be quick to clean and tidy the house, with less effort and with a better result? Many housewives are worried that they will be overwhelmed with household chores while fasting, and they want to achieve all of these things in easy and simple ways without feeling hardship and confusion.

That’s why Al Jazeera Net met the housekeeping expert, Jamila Itani, because of her extensive experience in this field, to provide the most important tips and instructions for every housewife and every working woman, while drawing up an organizational schedule for all tasks around the tax and identify the necessary steps that you need to take effectively, without hesitation and with full pleasure.

Itani: Time must be organized, tasks must be defined, divided and scheduled (Al-Jazeera)

Ramadan is the month of piety

Itani begins her talk with Al Jazeera by saying that “cleaning the house is one of the things that keeps most women’s minds busy, and most of them have difficulty performing these tasks during the blessed month. of Ramadan, so they should not focus. too much on this issue. Almighty “.

The most important steps

Itani presents the most important steps to take during cleaning and arrangement during the month of Ramadan:

You have to get up early: This is one of the basic principles for the success of performing household chores as it gives extra time to make better use of the rest of the day. The sooner you get up and finish your work, the sooner you have the afternoon off to do other things.

Organization of time and assignment of tasks according to importance: Divide the tasks and set up a schedule in which there are daily and weekly tasks.

Before you start cleaning: It is necessary to take a comprehensive look at the whole house and get rid of the clutter that causes confusion for every woman, and try to arrange the goods in their appropriate place, whether it be clothes, toys or otherwise, since house arrangement leads to cleaning smoother and in less time.

To put everything in its place: It is necessary to maintain the neatness and elegance of the house in Ramadan in the simplest possible way, either by committing to the arrangement of items, clothes and shoes and placing them in the appropriate places, or by constantly setting down the tables remove livestock and dust from the floors, especially in the living room to maintain the cleanliness of the place, the cleanliness of the kitchen and the removal of grease from surfaces.

The process of house cleaning leads to cleaning more smoothly and in less time - (Pixels).
The organization of the house leads to the cleaning smoother and in less time (pixels)

daily tasks: It consists of cooking and arranging rooms, including bedrooms, arranging the beds so that the rooms have an elegant and complete look, organizing laundry and wiping the bathroom, in addition to arranging rubbish, removing unused items and cleaning of dust, while using the vacuum cleaner. and wipe surfaces, without forgetting the task of collecting garbage.

Cook: As for the cooking process, food can be prepared for two days so that the housewife does not feel overwhelmed.

Weekly tasks: This includes a complete cleaning of the bedrooms, for example, with a change of sheets, pillows and curtains, or a complete cleaning of the living rooms, with cleaning of the refrigerator, windows, doors and dirty walls.

After eating: During the month of Ramadan, after breakfast, the additional cleaning task must be completed, whether it is wiping the floor in the living room or the cleaning process with cleaning the sink, wiping the kitchen floor, wetting the oven and the table with a mop . with water, while cleaning the sofa and floor with a vacuum cleaner.

After breakfast, the task of grinding must be completed with the sink and mop of the oven and kitchen floor (Getty Images)

Family involvement in household chores: It is also desirable that there is participation in the homework to alleviate the burden on the mother and to get the children used to working together and giving a helping hand with the cleaning and furnishing of the home.

They should also get used to arranging their rooms and taking responsibility for cleaning them as well, as it helps a lot to get enough time for rest and worship during Ramadan.

a break: So that the housewife does not at the same time exhaust herself in multitasking while fasting, she should rest and know well how to organize her time, and devote a little time each day to these household chores to become part of the routine work, not to reach the stage of complaint and failure Desire to complete household chores.

shopping day: One day a week should be set aside for the purchase of the necessary household items, and it is preferable that this day be devoted to shopping, which means that the woman is exempted from housework and cooking during this day.

Cleaning the house is one of the things that most housewives worry about, especially during the month of Ramadan (Getty Images)

Pay attention to the prayer corner and the decoration of the house

Beautician Ainati confirms that it is nice to keep the house clean at all times, but during the month of Ramadan it is of great importance because it reflects the purity and purity of mind and spirit, and it will also reflect on the beauty and arrangement of the house.

Aynaty recommends dedicating a special corner in the house for spirituality and prayer. A special mat and a Koran are placed and equipped with daily incense, to add a Ramadan atmosphere and a beautiful fragrance. This angle will give psychological comfort to every woman who has felt tired, exhausted and stressed after a long and difficult day, and she will forget all worries and dedicate herself to worship while being clear of mind.

She added that the house can be decorated with Ramadan decorations, whether it is with lanterns, lights, banners or other “accessories”, because it adds joy to the family, especially children.

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