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Eid is a joy between family and friends that comes together, especially since it is the first Eid that has passed after the stage of recovery from the pandemic, to enjoy and gather at dinner tables, and in the midst of this joy many of we look at some important things that can cause some digestive disorders due to wrong behavior while eating Some foods, fast food and sweets, which can take away the joy of Eid. Dubai Health has taken the necessary measures in all its hospitals and centers to deal with any emergency as it has identified the lists of medical teams that take turns working all day.

The problems of bloating, intestinal disorders, diarrhea and poisoning are among the most prominent health problems that occur in most of the cases that come to emergency departments and health centers due to getting used to a particular health system throughout the holy month, and as a result of overeating. , which was sweet on the morning of Eid and the first day, and they ended up in the emergency rooms and hospitals in the evening.

Despite the doctors’ stress about the gradual return to the eating system and not excessive eating of sweets and Eid cakes, forget the joy of breaking the fast after a month of fasting of their health problems, especially those with chronic diseases such as stress, diabetes, heart disease, etc., and complimenting family and friends and urging them to taste Eid cakes are considered One of the things to stay away from.

A number of doctors interviewed by Al-Bayan confirmed that the human body’s organs need to be prepared and warmed up after the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, as they received some rest and maintenance during the fasting period, and noted that it is the end of the month of fasting and a return to the usual diet Especially on the days of Eid, when many people suffer from indigestion and symptoms, and many suffer from indigestion, heartburn, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and other.

About this says dr. Magdy Abdel Aziz, an internal consultant and critical cases: “These digestive disorders that occur after the end of the fasting month are due to various reasons, including that the stomach, intestines and digestive system in general become accustomed to a certain system during fasting. in receiving food, other than the system He follows through the rest of the year, and after the end of the fasting month he must gradually return to his usual work regime.

Dr. Abdel Aziz pointed out that the working rate of the digestive system, especially the stomach and intestines, is slower during the month of fasting, including stomach and intestinal contractions, and after the end of Ramadan and the increase in the amount of food that the body consumes penetrating, these slow contractions do not succeed immediately by returning to their usual required speed. As a result, nutrients accumulate in the intestines for a longer period of time, leading to indigestion, excessive interaction with digestive bacteria, and increased symptoms of dyspepsia or intestinal disturbance.

He said: “The secretions of the stomach and intestines required for the digestive process are also different during the month of fasting, so their secretion is less and slower due to the lack of food that enters the body for long periods during the fasting hours, and at the end of the month and the days of Iftar, the body should gradually return to the secretion of these substances and enzymes Digestive system important for digestion.

wrong habits
For her part, dr. Amira Al-Mast, a nutritionist at Health Hub Dubai, said: “There are many wrong habits that people make in the first days of Eid Al-Fitr, such as excessive eating of Eid sweets stuffed with sugars, nuts, biryani dishes and rabbits, and many salts like herring, which the human body suffers from poor health and endangers it.

She added: “With the start of family visits and the exchange of congratulations with Eid al-Fitr, we see all kinds and kinds of sweets, juices and soft drinks as a greeting to the guests, then we find all the delicious foods filled with fats , grease and oils on the lunch and dinner tables, and these delicious items lead to weight gain, and destroy the benefit of fasting the blessed month of Ramadan, and it harms any diet that is followed, and it causes confusion in the digestive system, and the suffering returns. ”

light breakfast
Dr. Amira recommends eating 3 dates and drinking water before the Eid prayer, and then eating a light breakfast after the prayer, consisting of cheese or dairy products, or eggs with vegetables, or beans with a slice of brown bread, or oatmeal with a piece of fruit. She stressed that it is necessary to avoid coffee on an empty stomach so as not to cause irritation to the stomach and esophagus and high acidity, especially for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system.

In turn, dr. Syed Nader, Medical Director and Head of the Department of Medicine at Adam Vital Hospital: “Excessive consumption of foods rich in salt and oils during Eid will lead to a feeling of bloating and digestive problems. He believes that it is advisable to drink a glass of juice or drink a glass of warm water mixed with juice Lemon.

He stressed the need to avoid soft drinks and canned food, which can lead to digestive problems and cause bloating.

He added: “Among the wrong habits on Eid is disorganized sleep, especially for those who used to change their sleeping hours from sleeping through the night to all day during the month of Ramadan, then comes Eid and most people spend their day at the sleep, which affects the biological clock. They have, and cause a feeling of lethargy and laziness, “noting that the human body needs sufficient hours of sleep to feel energetic and energetic during the days of Eid.

Skip breakfast
Dr. Wael Anbar, a consultant and nutritionist, believes among the wrong habits on Eid al-Fitr is to skip breakfast after we get used to fasting through the month of Ramadan, as many of us skip breakfast without realizing its importance realize, and note that this increases the feeling of lethargy over time Time during the day and eating empty calorie foods to feel satiated.

He said: “Breakfast should be eaten because it gives a feeling of fullness and energy during the day, and reduces the feeling of craving for sweets and unhealthy foods.”

He added: “In the first days of Eid al-Fitr, people turn to hiking with their children, and mostly eat fast-calorie fast food, which causes weight gain and a feeling of satiety and laziness, so it is necessary to reduce consumption of these meals and focus on eating healthy foods. “

Mental health
Dr. Muhammad Ali Khairallah, a psychological expert in Dubai, in turn believes that it is necessary to prepare for the Eid holiday with an entertainment program for the family, given its impact on mental health, and therefore physical health, if going out . with family, children and friends to gardens and parks is very important.To bring joy and happiness to yourself.

He explained that Eid is one of the most beautiful opportunities, and the happiest moments that need to be exploited and extensively planned to exploit it and benefit from it, because it is an opportunity to get rid of routine and work pressure, recharge energy , and change daily habits Eid vacation to return to work positively.


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