The harvest of Ramadan series this year .. Ghamam Island is the best and Muhammad Ramadan let the viewers down | art

With the end of the Ramadan season approaching, and we have reached the final episodes of its series, the pioneers of communication platforms and critics are currently expressing their views on these artworks that they have been following since the beginning, and in an effort to limit opinions and impressions, we have gathered the harvest of the Ramadan drama season currently on display.

The series “The Big 6”

The comedy series “The Big 6” surprised even those who waited and bet on it, as the series distinguished Donna from the rest of the other comedies by writing well and cleverly, and with lots of “comics” and “trends”. identify even those that appear during the current Ramadan works.

On top of that, the series relied on the collective championship, which included stars from the old parts like Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Salam, and new faces with remarkable talent like Rahma Ahmed, Hatem Saleh and Mustafa Gharib, who discussed some contemporary issues in a funny and innovative way.

Shocking series

The Syrian series “Kasr Adam”, with its daring and shocking content, was one of the most watched works of art in Ramadan this year as it reflects the security and military reality in Syria and what is happening in the face of the great corruption system . .

There’s also the Golf series “From Al Haram Street to”, which received the highest number of viewers on MBC, and its hashtag views on Tik Tok exceeded one billion views.

According to the heroine of the work, Kuwaiti artist Hoda Hussein, the success of the series is due to the many controversies it causes, and the difference in its social content from the prevailing Arabic works, in addition to the complex plot and interesting method of presentation, which called on Lebanese producer Jamal Sinan to praise the work and bless its production.

The most controversial

The most controversial series, arguably, is “Faten Amal Harbi”, presented this year by Nelly Karim with the “Al-Adl Group” company, during which she discusses crucial issues related to divorced women in Egypt and their rights from maintenance, supervision, educational mandate and others.

Technically the best

Some may think that the most viewed works are necessarily the same as the best artistic or dramatic, but it has nothing to do with it, as the standards of judgment and artistic evaluations have other critical references.

The series “Ghamm Island”

At the head of the Ramadan drama, the best artistic series, is the series “Ghamm Island”, which the audience and critics like Tariq Al-Shennawi and Rami Al-Metwally, as well as the writer Muhammad Jalal Abdel, Qawi, agreed on. the producer of “Money and Children”, “Hazrat Al-Muthham Abi”, “Souk Al-Asr” and “Hala”. And the Derwish “and” The Night and Its End “.

The work is like a dramatic epic, combining philosophy and Sufism, and relied on a collective championship that doubled the success of the work due to the brilliance of all its elements of the writer, director and actors whose audience surprised this year is with their extensive roles, starting with Ahmed Amin and Tariq Lotfi by Fathi Abdel Wahab and Riyadh Al-Khouli, all the way to Mai Ezz El-Din and Abdel-Aziz Makhion. Of course, we can not forget the filming cadres that caught the eye and aroused admiration on the communication platforms, even those who did not follow the series in the first place.

The series “The Rising of the Soul”

Although the series “Baloo ‘al-Ruh” was only shown in the second half of Ramadan, and the number of episodes will not exceed 15, in addition to the fact that it is subjected to a serious attack once its “propaganda” poster ” released and its producers were accused of insulting Islam and Muslims, and then the call to boycott it.By showing its first episodes, it first became the most watched series, and then quickly joined the best.

The work is a homogeneous and integrated affair, directed by a leading and well-chosen and well-managed team by its director, Kamel Abu Zekry, and an excellent representation of the heroes led by Menna Shalaby, Ahmed Al-Saadani and Muhammad Hatem, and a highly exciting and intense rising dramatic narrative, and above all a soundtrack that complements the situation and increases the intensity of excitement and suspense From the first moment to the last in each episode.

“The Journey” disappointed me

Without a doubt, the series “Al Mishwar” sits on the throne of the Ramadan series that failed those who waited for it, a work that bears the stamp of a director as great as Muhammad Yassin, of whom we are just used to strong and exceptional drama, and a writer like Muhammad Farid with a technical staff led by Muhammad Ramadan and Dina El-Sherbiny, who all raised hopes The audience and let them bet on the series, even those not of Mohamed Ramadan ‘s previous series did not last, decided to give him a chance, believing that the director is able to enforce his control and strengthen his grip on all elements.

Despite the beauty of the picture, the subtlety of the soundtrack and the good acting of the heroes at the beginning, the rhythm of the very slow events quickly dropped and worked into the abyss of boredom, alienating the audience one by one. . Let’s find the work became under the supervision of Muhammad Yassin and Muhammad Farid and not entrusted to them in the first place.

Series that no one paid attention to

A busy drama season, the number of his series exceeded more than 30 dramatic works, but the series about which the audience gathered, and the news was most spread through the month of Ramadan, did not exceed ten, while the works of medium quality, although they have received some views and evaluations between positive and negative are less than The previous issue, such as the series “Al-Maddah”, starring Hamada Hilal, and the series “Tawbah” by Omar Saad , showing positive ratings and average views. It surpasses the number of series that no one has paid attention to, and many do not even intend to give them a chance to watch Ramadan.

For examples, but not limited to, we will find series:

“Ali Work” by Fifi Abdo and Sherine Reda, “Pablo” by Hassan El-Raddad and Arwa Gouda, “Rania and Sakina” by Ruby and Mai Omar, “The Return of the Prodigal Father” by Bayoumi Fouad, “A Perversion” by Rogina, “A Second World” by Laila Elwi, “The Secret” by Hussein Fahmy, “Another World” by Rania Youssef, “The Colloquial Point” by Aiten Amer, “House of Distress” by Wafa Amer, “Make It Amer ”By Nourhan,“ Auction of Evil ”by Kamal Abu Raya.

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