Who now rules the world with money or weapons?

We have always mocked Russia’s military power, and we have always said that Russia is a military giant and an economic dwarf, and that, despite being the largest country in the world by territory, it is economically behind South Korea is. How much have we quoted the words of former US President Barack Obama, who said that Russia is not a superpower, but merely a regional power in the same way as Spain, the economically weakest of European countries. But were those who underestimated Russia’s military power, were they right, or did the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its defiance of the East and West now prove exactly the opposite? In order not to make definitive statements, let us compare the two views. world could destroy. Thirty-three times. He fell and scattered like dominoes, and his mighty nuclear arsenal did not save him from collapse, nor did he feed his crushed and plucked people bread.
Cynics from the Russian Federation now claim that Russia has fallen into the trap in which the Soviet Union previously fell in Afghanistan, and that the Ukrainian final would lead to the disintegration of the Russian Federation itself as the invasion of Afghanistan led to the subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union. But defenders of the Russian position react by saying that the comparison of the invasion of Soviet Afghanistan with the invasion of Putin’s Ukraine is completely wrong. The Russian Federation is now not the Soviet Union, and Ukraine is not Afghanistan, not to mention that this time the Red Army is approaching European capitals and threatening them not only with brute military power but also with the energy weapon, and Europe itself seems powerless and helpless.

No one in Europe is ready or able to get involved in confronting the Russian giant militarily. According to European peoples, they are nowadays complaining about the rise in prices, the deterioration of living conditions and the disruption of the prosperous lifestyle caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In fact, the Russian invasion of Ukraine did not expose Russia as much as it exposed Europe and the entire West, according to Russia’s defenders, as a rich and weak man who could not protect his wealth from thugs. It is true that Europe is economically, financially, industrially and technologically better than Russia, but it now appears in the face of the Russian bear crawling to its borders, in a desperate and unenviable situation, and that its economic and financial sanctions against Russia is just a cry of despair, nothing more, nothing less, and it can not be It absolutely affects the Russian bear who is willing to use all his claws, while the Europeans can do nothing but to military and provide financial support to Ukraine from afar. No one in Europe is ready or able to get involved in confronting the Russian giant militarily. According to the European peoples, they are nowadays complaining about the high prices, the deterioration of living conditions and the disruption of the affluent lifestyle caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In other words, Europe has forgotten the wars since World War II and does not want to resume them, investing most of its energy in the economy, industry, technology and luxury, while the Russians were building weapons and giants. to develop arsenals with which to one day threaten the East and West. This is exactly what is happening now. Perhaps the Russian-European confrontation now reminds us of France’s position against Germany in World War II, because while the Nazi regime was developing its deadly military capabilities, France enjoyed pleasure. And Hitler famously said during his invasion of France that “when France made perfume in Paris, we made bombs in Berlin.” What is tonight until yesterday, the Europeans now look like a lame duck in front of the Russian war machine, and they have no choice but to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine politically and in the media. Rather, they compete with the Arabs. in the ridiculous preamble of condemnation, condemnation and condemnation, which has become the subject of mockery and mockery.
And let us not forget that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not the first time that Russia has rudely threatened Europe. Some time ago, a French channel broadcast the details of the dangerous meeting many years ago between former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Russian President Putin in Moscow. Sarkozy at the time began his conversation with Putin in a challenging way. He criticized his atrocities in Chechnya, and demanded respect for human rights in Russia. Putin remained silent, and after the French president had completed his criticism and sermons for Russia, Putin told him: “I have listened well to you, and I now tell you that you have two options, if you will be like that with me again. speak, I will crush you to pieces, and if you behave, I can appoint you king of Europe. ” Note how contemptuous Putin is towards Europeans. Sarkozy stunned his meeting with Putin and left shaken, following the latter’s blatant threats against him and Europe. In his post-meeting press conference, Sarkozy looked confused, and some thought he was drunk, although he did not drink alcohol, but his shock at Putin’s threats made him look like a drunkard. It is now clear that Putin is dealing with Europe in the same way he did with Sarkozy, as his words to Sarkozy remind us of Hitler’s before the invasion of France.
Finally, who do you think has the correct opinion, who believes that Putin is leading Russia to collapse and that the West will defeat him as it previously defeated the Soviet Union and Nazism, and that it is too early to decide the fate of the current conflict between Russia and the West in the face of the unprecedented Western bloc in the face of the Russian bear The furious, or is it more correct, are those who believe that many postulates fell after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and that arms and military conquest this time could defeat economic, financial and technological superiority, which would reform the world, and that what now faces the danger is not Putin, the owner of the imperial Eurasia project, but rather The Fearful old Europe that has the art of war and now has nothing but clapping and crying?

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