A version of aggression that mimics the development of information technology in a hundred years

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Amman – As part of the publications of the Ministry of Culture, on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Jordanian state, a book was published by Dr. Nael Al-Adwan entitled “The Journey from the Fixed to the Mobile – The Development of Communication and Information Technology in Jordan One Hundred Years of Achievement 1921-2021”, which deals with the most prominent stages of the development of the communication and information technology sector from 1921 to 2021.
The introduction to the book was written by the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Hanandeh, and the former Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Dr. Youssef Mansour; Mansour believes that the author made a great effort to trace a history of development that stretched over a hundred years of the life of Jordan, a history that has not been collected before in a reference book, but remained limited to be mentioned in local and international reports. or in unarchived articles, which is insufficient documentation for a sector considered The most important current development pillar and a horizon that will undoubtedly shape the future.
Mansour points out that this book is the first comprehensive scientific reference to the history, present and future of ICT in Jordan within a smooth narrative of the history and development of the ICT sector and its current state, and as a tool on which any Scientific effort is based on predicting what the sector will achieve in the future with the introduction of new technologies, challenges and opportunities It relies on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and computer science and its processing, making digital transformation a real support is for a broad and rooted digital economy that drives development in Jordan, and what the state needs to do is not only to deal with the coming smart technology, but also to localize its industry and its globalization in a fast to lead changing world.
Meanwhile, Ahmed Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, says, “The book is a complement to the scientific and economic library and is unique in its historical and analytical presentation on the occasion of the country’s centenary,” noting that Al-Adwan in his book a history we cherish of giving, development and outstanding performance of a sector that motivates and supports all other sectors, and it addresses in its most important place the stations that played a crucial role in its prosperity, development and access to what it is today.
It emphasizes the importance of the author’s efforts despite the scarcity of academic references to the history of this sector, what services are provided by operators in the telecommunications sector, the development of information technology companies, and the main objectives for which they operate, whether those related to artificial intelligence, software, electronic content or technology-enabled companies. Information, support and communication centers that can encourage Jordan to expand its business and investment, especially with its large capacity to employ large numbers of qualified people. graduates in the Jordanian labor market, and reduce the burden of unemployment.
Hanandeh points out that Jordan has entered a new phase of business technology represented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with its challenges and opportunities. All partners must work together as one team to accelerate the process of digital transformation and enable it in the essential and basic sectors in the Kingdom on which citizens depend in their daily lives, such as education, health, transport and other sectors. Produced products such as industry, agriculture, mining, etc., and this requires the presence of classified and analyzed data for easy decision making, in addition to the importance of its availability to increase productivity and competitiveness in the trade and services sector.
While the author, Dr. Nael Al-Adwan, says, “The history of communication in Jordan has not been accurately documented, and all the efforts I have been able to make as a researcher and student of history in the communications and information technology market have been modest and have not come down to a solid and thorough research effort, most of which deal with communication issues and information technology stories and their owners, Humbly, far from the strenuous efforts made during the last century to enrich the potential of communication and technology, with reports, research, sporadic articles and fragmentary evidence not gathered in one book, despite the state of wealth in history, which is a great legacy for Jordan and its great experts in communication and information technology, who have benefited the countries. with all of us. ”
Al-Adwan points out that the collection of available data and information on the telecommunications and information technology sector and its development in this book, with the certainty that what he has now written is a small part of history, the current living reality and will make up the older future. , and that this book is merely a simple attempt to frame the Jordanian experience.The pioneer in the communications and information technology sector, the first experience in the region, who was able to bring his expertise to the world through his qualified human resources, capable of managing digital transformation files and absorbing technology as a basic qualification for the advancement and advancement of human civilizations.
The author believes that information technology knows no limit or time, and its benefits and harms have become the living reality that people will rely on to ensure their progress or delay, and this is the crucial factor that will be associated with indicators of high or low employment, the level of poverty or an increase in the well-being of people, a necessity that can not be ignored.
He points out that this book documents a rich and contemporary history of the communications and information technology sector in Jordan in one hundred years after the founding of the state. a connected society, balanced infrastructure and technology available to all within government plans for digital transformation, automation of services and the facilitation of access to them.
Al-Adwan hopes that there will be books documenting the history and development of communications and information technology in Jordan, with the fourth industrial revolution taking place around the world, and we are witnessing that. It is essential that we prepare for it with all our preparation. knowledge, effort and will.

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