“Break a leg” .. This is not Syria

Nabil Muhammed

Smuggling gangs, corruption at military checkpoints, human trafficking, drugs, AIDS, prostitution networks, interfaith marriages, corruption in courts, hospitals and universities, youth unemployment, honor killings and other thorny issues, “whips it in the blender” a Bone ”will be released. The Syrian series and perhaps the most famous and controversial Arab series in Ramadan 2022. A series that fills social media with photos and statements of its representatives, and those who have apologized for not playing roles in it not, as well as the voices of those who have objected to it, and they are many, from astrologer Mike Feghali to Khaled Al-Aboud, and to screenwriter Fouad. Humaira, who accused the staff of stealing the series of one. of his writings.

Undoubtedly, any critique that deals with the very famous work, aimed at success and striking content that contradicts the prevailing in Syrian drama, and deals with today’s topics in Syria that are realistically plagued by all the problems discussed in the dramatic series, undoubtedly looks. But the first thing that is taken at work is that it is not exceptional or even different. “Breaking a bone” is typical par excellence, and perhaps his characters are better than the rest of the characters from Ramadan works this year.

You can not imagine a typical corrupt official at the level of Fayez Qazak’s “Al-Hakam” character. He is the character of the absolute perfect villain, who if the makeup experts exaggerated and designed his fangs to appear out of his mouth, it would not be contrary to the dramatic vision of the character. He kills and declares the necessity of murder on the path to success, stealing and acknowledging that the stolen money is the basis of superiority.He oppresses his sons, wives, his employees and those who do not work for him.He gets drunk, strikes and causes chaos Any non-criminal behavior, maybe he will bite his hand while sleeping so that it will undoubtedly bleed.

On the other hand, you will find the complete victim represented by the character “Yara”, played by Walaa Azzam, as there is hardly a scene in which she appears, of her victim of an event. Also the girl of the night you will find exaggerations in her character, which was comical on the level of her directness and flatness, with her dress, chewing gum, movements and reactions.She even considers Mia Khalifa as her colleague.

Attempts to emulate international companies, which have been repeated in the majority of Syrian companies over the past few years, appear to have been cut short and incomplete, for which the dramatic justification in the interest of the tension industry has been canceled. The killing of heroes from the first episodes is not a feature of Syrian drama in general, and accordingly, the suicide of Rayan, played by Samer Ismail, seems completely unconvincing, especially since he carried it out after proving his resistance. can offer, after success. and not after failure. It showed signs of his ability to win over his father. Ryan’s weakness is incomplete, he is supported by a “clean and moral” officer with the rank of major general. The suicide was indeed surprising, but not out of a widespread narrative shock, but out of a lack of justification.

The work is not systematically examined during filming or production. There were errors described at the core of the scenario, some of which were from a beginner’s level, such as errors in repeating the same information between one scene and another, or the appearance of a photographer’s shadow due to an error in directing the lighting, leads to greater errors such as the knowledge of some heroes of what can not be logically known about other heroes, and the age differences The change between the two sisters during childhood (in flashback) and at the present stage, leading to errors that can only be described as total ignorance, such as the broker asking a percentage to transfer money from Syria to abroad before he knows the amount, that percentage was 25% for eight million dollars, which is a percentage is large and completely illogical, and perhaps such an amount that transfer offices operating on the black market inside and outside Syria can pass on at a much lower rate.

The series draws its alleged power from its appearance to break the taboos of politics and reveal the hidden truths in Syrian society, which is also a very incomplete perception. Corruption issues are a common commodity to the point of boredom in Syrian drama, if we do not say that the series is clearly reconciled with the literature of the Syrian regime. You will find three young men (loyal, gray and opposition) living in love in one house, with fragile structures of personalities, and direct, naive expressions, and you will find a political discourse in an innocent language that Turkey and its Ottoman history target. to occupy the land and plunder its resources.

Corrupt officers go through the work, and each of them is questioned by one or more honorable officers. Among those honorable officers is “Major Marwan,” played by Khaled Al-Qish, who speaks of the importance of implementing the “spirit of the law.” This same officer will be told by his manager that his “colleagues at Interpol” will handle the case, of which he has begun to disclose the details. How functional this sentence looked, as recently, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has reintegrated Syria into its information exchange system, after rejecting it since 2012. It should be noted here that this return seemed to political and human rights analysts as part of Interpol’s efforts to control the drug smuggling operations in the world, as Syria is a key country in these operations, as Captagon’s largest exporter in the world.

The identity difference between the honorable and the corrupt in the series, is in the pictures of “Siyadtu”, which is located only behind the appearance of the honorable, while the criminals are not behind them. Those who commit the crime in those countries that the series is talking about do not follow the example of its leader, so it is not Syria.

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