Comedies of the beautiful time .. Hala Fakher “Tamtam” Egyptian drama

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Comedy is a kind of beautiful diagnosis with a special character, in which the actor embodies certain characters in funny images and paradoxes, leading to performances written with the intention of entertaining in easy chapters that arise about paradoxes and timeless trials around a create state of joy and happiness for the audience.
Under the dome of the theater gathered all kinds of arts, and during his long journey he stood early on the stage of it; A group of pioneering women from their early stages to the present moment, providing an immortal legacy that will last forever.
Theater historian d. Amr Dawara “The Gate” with unpublished chapters from his new encyclopedia “Ladies of the Egyptian Theater”, which includes the biography and theater career of 150 pioneers, from the beginning of modern theater 1870 to 2020, accompanied by rare pictures, either personal or of their theatrical performances, and they have succeeded in contributing their creativity to Enrichment of the Egyptian Theatrical Procession.
And during the days of the blessed month, we will continue to publish 30 episodes of the biography of the pioneers of Baran in the interpretation of comic roles, after presenting a number of series on the pioneers of Egyptian theater in recent years .

Actress Hala Fakher

The artist, Hala Fakher, “June 8, 1948 -” has special skills, including the ability to improvise, and the tone of her voice and the way she performs change very quickly. She is credited with her intelligence and success in using those skills, whether it be in comics or some children’s cartoon series “double”, especially after they have been associated with her. Much since her starring role in the character “Tamtam” in the famous children’s series “Boogie and Tamtam”, which continued for several consecutive years.
She went to the St. Clair English School, and she is the daughter of artist Fakher Fakher. She started her art activity early as a child when director Hassan Al-Imam chose her in 1957 to take part in the movie “I Will Never Cry”, says Dr. Amr Dawara indicated that, adding that the “Imam” was The first sponsor for her artistic steps, and in honor of the memory of her father, a member of the “National Theater” group, she was included in the troupe ‘s membership, with which she performed a number of sober plays, which confirmed her talent and proved her worth and distinction.

Aura Theater
Since its inception, theater has been her favorite field and her main field of creativity, in which she has worked as a professional actress for more than half a century. She has participated in more than 60 plays, including nearly 15 performances in state theater groups.
She has performed the “National Theater” performances: “Food for Every Mouth” in 1964, “Three Nights” in 1966, “Al-Gharib, Halawet Zaman and Al-Zeer Salem” in 1967, “Offer Holders” in 1968, and ” Bleiacho “1969,” Zaki in the Ministry “2008; With the Comedy Theater Group, performances: “The Kings Enter the Village” 1970, “Sixes Are Forbidden to Enter” 1980, “Dr. Zaatar” 1987, “Al Marjeha” 1993, “People Love Like This” 2009; With the “Youth Theater” group, he presented “A Dime in a Million Dollars” in 1990.
As for the private sector troops, they presented the “Three Lights of the Stage” group performances: “Everyone has an imp” 1969, “The man who is married to his wife” 1970, and “If you never go away” 1985; And with the “United Artists” group, a play: “Shahd Ma Shafesh Haga” 1975; With the “Egyptian Artists” group, he performed two shows: “Lak Yom Yazorba” 1981, and “Embar Emad El Din” 1984; With the “Al-Rihani” group, a play: “The Delicious Horror” 1983; and with the “Egyptian Comedy Group” two plays: “Abu Zeid” 1988, and “Saadoun Al-Majnoun” 1992; With the “Comedy Show” group, he performed two shows: “Dalaa Al-Hawanam” 1991, and “Ala Kaifak Ya Qamar” 1999; and with the “Issam Emam” group, two plays: “Ballo” 1996, and “Shaboura” 1998; and with the “Comedy Flash” group, “Wesh Al-Saad” performance, 1984, and with the “Ahmed Shadi” group, the play “Saraya Al-Magnoin” 1986; With the “Oscar” Orchestra, “Meet Massa” was performed in 1989; with “Sami Amer” group, the play “We are the ones who kidnapped her” 1990; With the “Art Theater”, the show “You marry me, darling” 1992; and with the “Al-Nusour” group, the play “Dancing of the Cocks” in 1994; With the group “Studio 2000”, the show “Brain Pain” 1995; And with the “Ahmed Al-Abyari” group, the play “Rabbana Yakhali Jumaa” 2007.
This is in addition to some of the illustrated plays, including: “The Beautiful Explosion” in 1980, “Farewell to You, Fils, and Shaq Helou, Women Scientists” 1981, “The Wife is the First to Know, a Woman’s Lesson” 1982 , and “The Circus, The Chocolate Factory.” 1984, “Eight on the Air” 1985, “Saadoun in Press, Carnival” 1986, “The Earthquake” 1988, “Gossip over the Nile” 1990, “The Rioters in the Hospital, El Wad Shatara” 1992, “Flower of Love “2004, Soraya’s Boys 2014, and” Urgently Wanted, Oh I Am You, Lady of Dawn, the sweetest prank in my life. Also the vocal performance of the play “Sefrouth and Al-Mizmar” by the Cairo Puppet Troupe in 1979, with the theater group “Teatro Egypt” For the second generation – the second and fourth seasons in 2015, 2018.
During her theater career, she has collaborated with a group of senior directors who have represented different generations, including professors: Saad Radash, Jalal Al-Sharqawi, Hassan Abdel Salam, mr. Rady, Kamal Hussein, Samir Al-Asfoury, Mohamed Abdelaziz, Rashad Othman, Mahmoud Al-Alfi, Shaker Abdel-Latif, and Abdel-Ghani Zaki. , Fahmi Al-Khouli, Nabil Munib, gas Ahmed, Shaker Khudair, Saeed Madbouly, Jamal Mansour, Muhammad Abu Daoud, Mohsen Helmy, Essam Al-Sayed, Sayed Khater and Nabil Abdel-Azim.

In the cinema
She was eager to diversify her roles through her film career, and her first participation was in the movie “I Will Never Cry” in 1957, and her last participation so far in the movie “In the Heart” 2022.
Some of her films are: “The Mute, Between Kasserine, My Woman is General Manager, Qasr Al-Shawq, My Woman’s Imp, Asrar Al-Banat, A Song on the Corridor, Badour, A Girl Named Mahmoud, Qamar Al-Zaman, The women police, a woman and five men, bad and his high brain, a fat splash, the seventh sense, a private lesson, the night of the fall of Baghdad, in Arabic, Cinderella, I think, when Maysara, Timor and Shafiqa, is chaos, cabaret, Hassan and Morcos, the dream of a lifetime, H wasp, Zamalek, Ezbet Adam, the three work it, an hour and a half, Miss Mami, and after The Flood, Pussy Cat, Yom Maloush Nezma, Captain Egypt, Antar Ibn Ibn Ibn Shada, The Most Dangerous Man, The Hour of Reda ..

The TV drama managed to take advantage of her talent and experience, which gave her the opportunity to participate in more than 250 series and dramatic evenings, including: “I am the one who deserves, Flavelo Station, Cairo and the People, Samman and Autumn, Saber, Uncle Saber, tomorrow the flowers will bloom, the journey of Mr. Abu El-Ela Al-Bishri. ” And destiny wanted, the secret of the earth, the stake, boys but, and you do what ?, Al-Attar and the seven daughters, the people in Kafr Askar, Ali Ya Wika, the slavery of a registered trademark, the thief and the book, the people of Cairo, a pinhole, the scorpion, the seven commandments, Ibn Halal The witch of the south, a state of love, I want a man, a slap (C1,2, 3,4), the cat’s lamei, a family bond, an escape from her, a quarter of my rummy .. ”
Among the religious series, such as: “Al-Muhajiroun, Farewell Cordoba, The Age of the Knights, Islam Come with Peace, Omar bin Abdul Aziz, Al-Arefi Allah, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the beacon of Islam, Islam Civilization , The Hour of the Son of Huda, There is no god but God (C2), in addition to a side Some of the Sitcom series, including: “In Our Home Harika, Beit Al Aila (C 1, 2), Tamiya with Caviar, Radio Star .. and also some TV nights, including: “Never Live Love, Reckless Wife, Baba Jay, Diary of a Working Woman ..”, as well as some of the puzzles, including: “The likes of what you like, the married in history, the word x ghanwa, the trio of stage lights and serialsico. ”
on the radio
“Hala” is distinguished in the art of performance, his sound pronunciations, his excellent sensitive voice, his skills in vocal color, his ability to express different feelings and human situations, his wonderful performance of various personalities and his mastery of the art of “reverberation”. Therefore, radio directors have managed to apply her talent and skills in a large number of plays, radio series and international plays that have been translated into the “currently cultural second program”, all of which are difficult to summarize, for example: “The Journey , Bright Hope, Black and White, Fire Dancers, The Six Fakiha Family, Hakim Al-Zaman, Aladdin’s Lamp, Umm Atris’ Office For Modern Marriage, The Prince Family.

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