Do not leave your job in search of illusion

Recently, messages have appeared on social media and some television programs, highlighting the amazing successes of young people leaving their prestigious jobs with excellent salaries after becoming involved in the field of self-employment, but this rosy picture painted by those media campaigns , call for amazement, as if they tend to rush Young people to lose their jobs and push them into the unknown.

Yes to the unknown, as it is not inevitable to succeed, and not every successful employee can be a successful trader, and it would have been more appropriate for these programs to support the idea of ​​how young people can become successful entrepreneurs by clarifying the plans, studies and possibilities that young people qualify for, and that The choice is left to the recipient to study the matter and its compatibility with his abilities and capabilities that can help him overcome the obstacles and problems he faces in facing overcoming. , and he may fall at the first failure or failure to which he is exposed, causing the loss of his future and the future of his dependents.

As these programs are supposed to house the stakeholders, the competent, the experienced and the academics to launch the mechanism and ways of launching entrepreneurship and the steps that need to be taken to start it, such as making feasibility studies for the specializations provided by the local market and the systems needed to start projects and the size of the institutional and operational expenditure that allows them to succeed, as well as to direct them to government institutions that can contribute to the support of their projects, rather than forcing them to make a fatal decision without enough thought and planning for it.

While acknowledging the great prospects for self-employment success, and the major role that small and medium enterprises play in the economies of developed countries, success can not be achieved in this easy way that these programs envisage, which many of those who became their target, and who should also have spoken of the pioneers of Businesses having to leave the market for various reasons and explaining the reasons for their failure so that the picture is more complete.

The viewer of these programs imagines that when he leaves the job, he will directly enjoy the desired luxury life through self-employment, and this is unrealistic. Entrepreneurship, like other fields of work, requires certain conditions and objective conditions that must be met in order to be successful. achieved, and there are common denominators that lead to its prosperity and development, However, it carries failure as well as success, and it is the kind of business that exists in all countries and societies.

Some people unfortunately believe that they can become the owner of a leading business, and start making a profit from day one. This is an impulsive view without a vision. Before starting a business, a person must consider himself a great question ask; Is he fit from the ground up to enter the world of commerce, does he have the financial capabilities and adequate academic qualifications?

It should be noted that a large percentage of start-up projects have failed; This is because its owners do not have a correct commercial vision that is inferred from the depths of reality. Many people just thought of calling themselves administrative titles. It calls itself the General Manager, and that the Executive Director, and the common denominator between them is that their projects that they have hastily implemented carry the elements of their failure since day one to open them.

Yes, there are undoubtedly promising commercial projects in which the market is plentiful, and there are opportunities for success, but whoever thinks of seizing these opportunities must have the elements of development, the ability to do business in the first place place is. realistic, be patient and not rush results, and provide capital The necessary, with sufficient experience and familiarity with all the details of the business activity involved.

Also, there is a need for administrative awareness through which the entrepreneur can communicate with his employees. If the way he manages the work is negative, it undoubtedly makes the lives of those who deal with him or work a living hell. Creativity and loss their passion and desire for mastery.

Even if the entrepreneur manages to start his project and his product goes out to the markets, there must be promotion at an appropriate level, then the role of the successful marketing device that the product delivers to the consumer, and then comes the process of collection, reducing the gap between income and expenditure, and setting aside a certain amount of profits for use in Emergencies that may occur due to the many fluctuations of the market and its many bumps. All these works are an interconnected chain. If any of its links are disrupted, failure will be the fate of the business owner.

What is happening now from loose messages is a trap – in my opinion – that could cause the loss of some dreamers who rushed to submit their resignations from work that would guarantee them a decent life for their families.

Here the need for more awareness emerges, so the focus is on how to make the young man a successful entrepreneur who can truly understand reality, by educating young people from a young age, just like curricula in public and higher education stages intended. to graduate young people who are able to meet the requirements of the labor market, it is necessary that those curricula are grafted with specialized educational materials in the world of economics, commerce and management to graduate successful entrepreneurs.

By doing so, we will ensure that our youth will not fall victim to ill-considered risks that deceive them into a world full of accumulated money waiting for them to enter, as they will return to the ranks of unemployment after waking up. has become. up from daydreams, and find that they have to start all over again, but after drowning in the cycle of guilt and surrounded by problems from all sides.

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