Emirates News Agency – Government Technology Award. An upgraded version and digital twins in NFT format

The UAE is developing the first experience of its kind worldwide at government level.


DUBAI, 28 April / WAM / An upgraded version and a digital twin in the format of non-swingable characters “NFT”, in the Government Technology Award, celebrated by the platform of the World Government Summit 2022, the best innovative technological solutions that governments could develop, adopt and circulate to meet the challenges of listing or in anticipation of the next.

A first of its kind precedent honoring government entities, initiatives and projects around the world with a government award that includes a non-replaceable symbol that links honor to its owners for life, adding a new dimension to Government. Technology Award introduced years ago by the UAE Government through the World Government Summit Platform, and overseen by its organization Emirates Program for Excellence in Governmental Service.

The developed version of the Governments Technology Award kept pace with the stage reached by man in the third decade of the twenty-first century, and the state of overlap and fusion between real and virtual reality, which led to the pandemic of the emerging Corona Virus “Covid-19” has accelerated its transformation into a comprehensive lifestyle and work, and it has turned into an innovative honor that combines the two elements in its features and details together in one award.

Non-exchangeable tokens are unique digital assets that are compatible with their real counterparts that use Blockchain technology as a reliable asset information validation system. Non-replaceable in the world.

In its seventh session, the award focused on honoring innovative technological and digital solutions for governments responding to major challenges and improving the government’s readiness for future challenges, and the government’s technological innovations in health and quality of life, education, refugees, climate honored. change, and government services based on artificial intelligence and creative innovations.

The award celebrates the contributions of technology pioneers in providing service solutions that anticipate future challenges and improve the quality of human life, and honors innovative technological and digital solutions developed by governments, designed to proactively address challenges that the government’s readiness for the future.

The UAE is the first government to award an award with NFT technology.

His Excellency Mohammed bin Taliah, Head of Government Services for the UAE Government, confirmed that the upgraded version of the award shield has kept pace with the rapid developments facing the world, driven by advanced technology, and pointed out that the UAE Government first government to award winners of government entities, projects and initiatives an award that adopts the technology of incompetent tokens. To replace “NFT”.

Ibn Taliah said that the continuous development of the Government Technology Award, and its continued presentation over seven consecutive sessions by the World Government Summit platform, reflects the acumen of the UAE government in motivating governments around the world to innovate solutions. and design initiatives and projects that enable them and improve their readiness, and reform the characteristics of government work in a way that contributes to building the new generation of future governments.

The summit adopted a new model in selecting innovative experiences and success stories in the award categories, as it worked in partnership with a number of global partners to bring together 250 experiences, from 65 countries, evaluated by an international jury of experts and specialists, to monitor and study. in the award categories, and has reached the final stage of the award.The evaluation, about 50 government experiments, was re-evaluated by the committee, to choose the best one to win the six categories of the award.

The review committees evaluated government experiences based on the standards of the level of innovation and creativity in ideas and solutions, and the degree of success in their design, implementation and application, using technology, its smart applications and digital solutions, and the extent and magnitude of its impact in the sectors in which it is applied.

The Government Technology Award embodies the World Government Summit’s efforts to stimulate innovation and continuous improvement in services and government work, and its zeal to encourage innovative initiatives and projects in the public and private sectors, and to play their role in shaping the future of institutional work. to strengthen. , consolidating innovation and shaping government trends in the sectors most related to human life.To meet current challenges and anticipate future challenges with widely applicable creative solutions that support the building of smart future societies based on knowledge and innovation , and creative technology solutions for sustainability in various sectors.

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