Emirates News Agency – SEHA: Information technology is the backbone of any modern organization

Van Huda Al Kubaisi.

ABU DHABI, 23 November / WAM / The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” has confirmed that it focuses on the future and attaches great importance to the issue of benefiting from modern technologies, in line with its vision to create high quality healthcare that increase the well-being of the UAE community, and in particular benefit from solutions supported by artificial intelligence. .

She said by increasing efficiency, digitizing healthcare and automating robotic processes, which help reduce waste and ensure maximum production across all departments, it will be able to ensure that excellent patient care is still delivered in line with the highest international standards.

Bader Al Qubaisi, Executive Director of Information at the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” emphasized that information technology is the backbone of any modern organization, that technology plays an important role in business operations and that technological infrastructure enhances the organization’s culture, efficiency and relationships.

In a statement to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, on the occasion of the UAE’s celebrations of the 50th anniversary of its founding, he said that the Corona pandemic undermines the strength and flexibility of the information technology infrastructure in the “SEHA” – company demonstrated, and demonstrated its ability to expand operations quickly and without high financial cost, as “SEHA” research finds Continuous solutions that increase organizational productivity that are sustainable and ultimately improve patient experience.

He added that SEHA is the largest healthcare network in the UAE, and complies with the decisions of the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, Health Information Standards and Cyber ​​Security in Abu Dhabi, in a way that ensures the provision of safe solutions to patients and medical staff. in SEHA of all strategic partners.

He explained that in its operations, SEHA gives priority to information security and the development of a cloud-based infrastructure that is scalable and adaptable. The development of SEHA’s technical infrastructure appeared during the Corona pandemic, as it could connect all its Covid-19 . examination centers within days and maintain Continuous communication, as the United Arab Emirates was the only country to provide booking appointments through mobile applications, in addition to smooth leadership and excellent management of health operations during the pandemic. Health ”provides a solid foundation for all patients and community-centered initiatives.

Bader Al Qubaisi stressed the importance of “SEHA” in dealing with global talent and the best standards to ensure the quality of its information technology, as it processes three times more data today than it did in 2019, since the Corona pandemic led to a significant increase in patient enrollment and hospital discharge data, and all these needs To be analyzed and through partnership with universities across the Emirates, SEHA was able to do a good job in the field of research and the results of the research were published and used by many organizations around the world with the aim of learning more about healthcare related topics and SEHA has become Today, integrated data warehouses are used with powerful business intelligence tools that help SEHA’s senior management team make quick and accurate decisions.

The Executive Director of Information at SEHA said that the scale of operations in SEHA requires that it should be flexible in its offerings and to ensure the ability to expand to provide the best services as the data center in SEHA (private cloud ) is provided with scalability and infrastructure. Transformation managed centrally across all of its facilities SEHA is proud to be at the forefront of adopting cloud technology as it helps healthcare facilities connect to different systems quickly and cost-effectively.

He added that SEHA’s main goal is to improve the patient experience, and this can be achieved by implementing solutions within the workflow and by completely redesigning the patient’s journey. SEHA, for example, has conducted some 1.4 million remote consultations since the start of the pandemic. and this service is now permanent.For patients who benefit from consultations in their homes, in addition to the service of home delivery of medicines and prescribing by telephone, work is currently underway to provide a service for requesting prescriptions for patients who has to do with “SEHA” through the “SEHA” application on the phone.

He pointed out that despite the importance of information technology, employees still remain the most important factor in the march of any institution, as “SEHA” company would not have developed and achieved what it achieved without the efforts of its medical, technical and administrative frameworks. who is on the front line of defense in the service of the United Arab Emirates and all staff The Emirati society deepens the sense of responsibility of all SEHA employees and makes more efforts to provide equitable and better health care.

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