“For Death 2” … A lecture at mass and artistic levels

Reading the series “For Death 2” on two levels, we are presented with a result that will look unequal. Reach the commercial level required of it, after the first part of the case form. The second part had to confirm a presence that bet on “strength”, otherwise he would put himself in an embarrassment. The technical level has been flattened. Excessive pouring of oil on the fire to the extent of the escalation of the odor. In public, the work is at the height of the uproar, its presence on “Social Media” is dominated, and the adventures of its heroes are part of people’s diaries and the noise of websites. Technically, it is inevitable to admit of the “mistake”.

Randa Kadi and Wissam Sabbagh

Everything is expected in a series that his audience plays on their toes so they do not know head off their feet. Consistency in the text of Nadine Jaber is an impossible issue. What is based on a position suddenly changes into an opposite position. Chances of survival are almost non-existent, and the longing for a new beginning adds to the misery of the characters’ past. The war is the master of the fronts, and the armistice is to count the losses, and what happens in the poor neighborhoods is no less fierce than what rages in the hearts of the rich.

The scales fluctuate, the comparisons change, and nothing remains the same with the dissolution of the alliance of “Sahar” (Magi Bou Ghosn) and “Reem” (Daniela Rahma). Director Philip Asmar sees the door to hell wide open and portrays it with brilliance. Threatening to kill is like drinking water, and screaming is almost deafening. The snare of the series in the hair cut between enthusiasm and exaggeration. The truth is that he is waiting and his breathing ability is enormous. An episode does not pass without the viewer trembling, and there are shots that make him open his mouth in surprise. But exaggeration finds fertile ground in the middle of the minefield. Eliminating it would have added points to its technical level.

Lebanese actor Basem Mughniyeh

The structure is fed by shock, so it is not surprising that “Omar” (in the name of Mughniyeh) has returned from death to fire. The series is just as much “exposed” as it is loaded with heavy surprises. The reason for its “exposure” is because of its strengths, which make the viewer think outside the box. You can expect Omar to survive, and Sahar to use all her weapons to take revenge on “Reem” after the murder of “Amir” (Badi ‘Abu Shakra), but who would have waited for Amin’s plan (Fadi Abi Samra) to catch Sariya (Carol Abboud)) and rob her of her money? There is no surprise in his commonality and the ugliness of his heart before the ruler of money, but when matters reach the point of trade in his wife and her body, here are the questions related to deliberately going to the “extreme” in writing, they become legal.

In a battle that is open to all possibilities, woe to those who do not have long breaths. The vortex of revenge causes severe dizziness, and the head can no longer tolerate it. The cruelty of childhood in the streets, the conversion of people into numbers, and innocence into victims of the drug trade, another chapter in the burning lava flow. The ferocious role is presented by Lilian Nimri, with her professional bluntness, and here she is a bunch of inhuman reality and something out of the game of “extreme”, which is meant to put paws on the face of a viewer who does not know where not the battle comes from.

This part is not appropriate to show the abilities of a hardworking actor like Muhammad Al-Ahmad. His transition from being eaten in the first part, to a mafia man smuggling weapons, assassinations and shooting in cold blood, was not entirely in his interest. What saves him are the star’s keys, so they balance the confused situations between rush and silence and use appearance in the right place, instead of screaming.

In the balance of power “magic” will tilt. The role is “missile” in the case of Maguy Bou Ghosn, who is holding him by the neck. She did not let him down and he did not let her down. Barkane conflicting feelings, compassion and love in exchange for crime and punishment. A group of women in a woman, all masked. Her street life is a loser with her impossible desire to become a housewife and have a child. The text gives her something of extraordinary ability, so she plans, executes, and expects everyone to be at her mercy.

On the shore of the painful past Reem stretches with her wounds. The most difficult thing a woman faces is the limited choices, such as having to choose between her daughter and her lover. Daniela Rahma fills her place and no one competes with her in her yard. Motherhood stabbed her in the side, and the love born of a severed uterus infected her in her heart.

Syrian actor Mohammed Al-Ahmad

The question is raised about the possibility of thinking of a third part, based on the expansion of the Jamahiriya, and this requires consideration. “Omar” will not waste the rest of his life after surviving, and in his neck he will return the favor to his savior, “Jana” (Joel Dagher), who was emotionally deceived, and her father, Shafiq (Kamil) Salama), which is under the influence of “Sahar”. Basem Mughniyeh is an artist in personal management. It allows her to connect with people, despite her faults. It moves comfortably in the most difficult places.

In addition to the four heroes and their relentless fronts, diaries from the lives of the Lebanese. In the popular neighborhood, where electricity is cut off and generators are rationed, and where children die by candlelight, “Hanan” (Randa Kaaday) and “Umm Mahmoud” (Kitam al-Lahham) bear the brunt of suffering. A star at the top of a text that approaches Alzheimer’s disease with a sad aesthetic. Through the Almighty, Ahmed El-Zein, Lebanon regains the landmark and ancient glory. His love for “Hanan” is the nobility of the series.

Carol Abboud was laughing at work before taking another line. Here is the woman’s need for love and restraint, and from excessive thirst to a bosom she falls in love with the first man who shows interest. “For Death 2” is one of its twists and turns, with a character that has its own vocabulary and has become quite popular.

Randa Kadi is one of the most beautiful mothers in Lebanese drama, representing the kindness of her heart and the sweetness of her depths. Taleen Bou Rjeili embraces the difficult character “Kholoud” and slowly takes her out of her past. Her motherhood extends to Lamis and her problems. Ryan the movement with the bumps and shocks of adolescence, a balance between calm and storm. Wissam Sabbagh and Doga Hegazy remain. Life can not be fair with helpless people. “Ramona” dances to pay off debts her husband has involved her, and shines with sadness when her two sons burn. “Mahmoud” is the pain of a young man in a country that sends people to hell.

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