I met a real person from Raqqa, and the alcohol and drugs were present in ISIS. Elham Shaheen’s house was besieged | Dialogue

He has excelled in many unusual works of art, including the series Every Week on Friday, which has been a huge success since the presentation, and the 60 Minutes series with Yasmine Al-Raees, which sheds light on postpartum depression and marital rape. Soul rises Despite the large number of works that have discussed the issue of terrorism, the spirit of its soul is distinguished in the feminine aspect and the exact details of the work, which made us feel that we are with a soul on its journey to escape from. the city of Raqqa.

Along with the last episode of “Blood of the Spirit”, Cairo 24 interviewed Mohamed Hisham Obeya to learn more about the scenes of the series and the psychological motives of the characters, in addition to talking about his future works speak … and the text of the dialogue:

In the beginning … Where did your interest in ISIS and the idea of ​​the series “Bloo ‘Al Soul” begin?

My interest started in 2013 and in 2014 the state ISIS became a real country and it is part of Syria and Iraq and since that time I follow and read investigations about ISIS and the lives of the people in it. In Ramadan, I read an investigation into the Roj camp, in which women lived after the collapse of ISIS, and was attracted to the story of a woman trying to escape and return to Egypt after being forced to ISIS to come, but she could not because her husband is a terrorist to live her whole life in the Roj camp, and from here the idea started and all the details were created.

Soul rises

How did you make sure to handle all the details in this way, such as the difference between martyrdom, al-Inghamisi, al-Khansa Brigade, al-Hisbah, and others?

I hired my research team, my friend and colleague Alaa Azmy; Especially since it’s a complete country with a lot of details, and we’ve used over 50 references and the last two episodes will be watching an important event, and it’s entirely based on an investigation we read before, and we were eager for every detail to be true.

Have you met a real person from the city of Raqqa?

Yes, I met a real person from Raqqa who escaped during the war and he was very helpful to us and helped us with information about the details of the lives of women in ISIS, and he was an eyewitness of what was happening has.

How do you respond to criticism at the scene of flogging, as some have indicated that flogging takes place while the person is sitting, and not the other way around?

It’s a drama, and we should not report all the details as it actually happened, but we convey the feeling and bloody behavior about what happened, but we are not talking about a documentary about the methods of flogging. Islam does not, and we are allowed to show the scene according to what we see and not as it happened.

The scene of the skin from the rise of the soul

The scene of alcohol caused a sensation, and many claimed it contradicted the principles of extremists. Is alcohol present in ISIS?

Alcohol is already present in ISIS, and my friend who met us from Raqqa told us about a car that overturned and they found in it a large quantity of liquor that was on its way to ISIS. His love for wine is still in him and he was about to die the next day. He thought of the thing he loved most, which is alcohol, and tenderness is a community in which all nationalities and cultures present, and there they drink Captagon pills, which fall under the category of drugs, but they did not ban them.

The scene of wine from the rise of the soul

Was the attack on the series before it was shown due to Ilham Shaheen?

The attack was necessary for Ilham Shaheen, because between her and the extremist groups an old vendetta and constant conflicts all the time. When she met me she told me that her house was besieged by the extremists and their wives during the rule of the groups, and therefore the attack was expected, but not as soon as the newspapers came down, and I saw a video of a man attacking the series of one. Me and the mosques did not understand its purpose, but the satisfying thing for me is that no one is currently saying that the series is offensive to Islam and everyone is commenting on the issue of alcohol and learning. Elham Shaheen’s choice is very appropriate because the role requires a veteran actor like her.

Ilham Shaheen from the Rise of the Soul

In the series we saw a strange situation … an attempt to arrest a soul for carrying a green bag Was this a real event?

– Yes, the scene of the suitcase is real, and it was a sneaky video clip of Al-Raqqa, and we took it in the series as it is, according to the heroine, and the series is a mixture of truth and fiction , and the terms are all real, like the term Prince of Raqqa and the Khansa Brigade, and others.

bag scene

What are your comments on Umm Jihad’s personal criticism, especially her controversial appeal with Sheikh Nassar? And he offered her to marry Omar before the waiting period was over.

– There are women like Umm Jihad in life .. and where is the problem in dealing with the man in return? As for the issue of the waiting period, Umm Jihad is a practical figure and her husband, Sheikh Nassar, deprived her of the blessing of motherhood and a natural thing to look for someone else after his death. Sheikh Nassar, and what she has done is normal because she is human and wants to make herself happy in the last moments.

Akram is a successful person and his family is happy. Why would he give it all up and go to ISIS?

-This question is one of the goals of the series, and I asked myself earlier why someone like Akram leaves it all and joins ISIS? But I believe he’s trying to prove something that stems from child trauma and trying to prove that he’s a good person, perhaps because of a shame from his parents or a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and shortcomings in his life, and Omar was able to influence him in this case and in moments of weakness unexpected psychological transformations take place.

The characters of the rise of the soul are complex … from Akram to Umm Jihad. Have you sought the help of a psychiatrist?

I used the doctor, Nabil al-Qatt, whose activity is related to drama and I am also interested in psychology because I can only write a character when I infiltrate all his psychological conditions, and Akram’s motives are not clear and his personality is a discussion, and he is the main driver of events and when he withdraws his decision at the last minute, we do not see The series, and Akram always tries to convey a message to his family that he deserves attention.

Despite his marriage to Lina, Omar is still trying to get a soul. Are failed love stories one of the reasons why people have joined ISIS?

– Of course, most of the terrorists and extremist personalities like Sayed Qutb and others went through a failed love story, which was one of the reasons they joined a terrorist group, but they took revenge on the love story in all people and the world, and satisfying love takes place as Omar did with a soul, especially since he did it in his power when he became a prince and one of the leaders who killed ISIS and entered a war and his word has value .

How do you see the accusations of quoting him from foreign films and series?

– I did not see these movies, and these assumptions were made in the first 3 episodes because the worlds between them are similar because they turn in Raqqa and the motive is to escape, and it belongs to the prison drama because Raqqa a great jail, and this quality has been presented in many works before, but then it turns out that the series is different and is It is based on a true story and is therefore not processed in any case.

Have you received testimonials from people that confirm the reality of the series?

– Yes, and this is for me one of the most important reactions, although we did not mean propaganda and propaganda, but I received testimonies from people living in Iraq and Syria who emphasized the reality of the events and that what happened was more violent in stages, and one of the main reactions is also the audience watching the series on the boycott campaigns What Happened and making sure he does not offend Islam and does not discuss religions at all.

Many series have discussed terrorism. Why this attack on Soul Rising?

What is characteristic is that the first series that monitors the collapse of ISIS in the Arab world is the first series that monitors the collapse of ISIS in the Arab world, and of course we will not deny that part of the attack on Ilham Shaheen was not. , but it is a very suitable choice for the role.

As we watch the series, we get a sense of suffocation. Did you feel it while writing?

Yes, I felt the same way. Because there are painful scenes like the scene of the first episode, the flogging and the scenes of the guesthouse, all of which are heavy scenes, and the writing is generally an exhausting process, but the rise of the soul has a lot time, almost 8 months, as if it were more than a series, and it is a cumbersome project in all its details in writing, preparation and implementation, and the agreement from the beginning was 15 episodes, but it was It was supposed to to be shown at the beginning of Ramadan, but we could not because of the difficult circumstances we experienced, such as the injury of Ahmed Al-Saadani and Menna Shalaby with Corona and a gust of cold that descended on Lebanon.

What does a series on ISIS have to do with accusations of insulting Islam?

– I still do not know, because the series revolves around a conflict between instinct and brutality, so what is the relationship of religion, and the series did not address any religious discussion, and it was intended because it is a social series, and this is what made the audience watch the series afterwards, despite the boycott campaigns.

60 minutes and the soul rises .. Why are you attracted to women’s issues?

– I do not know, but most of my thoughts are women’s championships, because women’s dramas give impetus to events and it’s hard to write and I have a tendency for women based on emotion, and over the last few years I have felt it and understand their reactions and I can talk about women’s worlds, which is an involuntary trend.

She appeared in one scene in the series 60 Minutes. Where do you come from acting?

Acting broke the fear in me because writers often do not like to appear in front of the camera, but writing is the basis for me and I can only act one or two scenes, and I can repeat the experience, but I will not do not be a professional actor.

And finally … what’s new about you?

-I’m preparing to turn the novel Blood on a Chest, written by Ibrahim, into a short series with Wael Hamdi, and we have already started and come a long way, and there is another project, which Layali Al-Asfouriya is and is part of the biography of the author Mai Ziada, and it will be a short dramatic series.

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